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Welcome to the Forums! 1073 14 October 2019
Forums Event Calendar

Hi, all! We have lots of lovely events coming up throughout the month! Pub quiz, user of the month, lots of other stuff! So, for my forgetful brain to keep track of it and so you can make sure that you’re online when you…

60 13 October 2019
Being Transparent: Who Can See Your Private Messages?

So there’s been a big issue with the Episode Forums recently viewing people’s private messages. And since we run on the same software, it’s been affecting how people see and interact with these forums, too. So I think it…

40 30 September 2019
New Users: Why Did I Get Silenced When I Tried to Post?

Hiya everyone! I want to apologise profusely for one of the biggest problems we’ve been having on these Forums at the moment and explain what’s going on just a little bit. If you’re new and you’ve never posted before, …

10 18 August 2019
Post Category Guide

So the forums are getting slowly bigger and it’s important that we keep things as tidy as possible. As per the General Forum Guidelines, it is your responsibility when you’re starting a topic to make sure that it goes i…

2 19 June 2019
General Forum Guidelines 2 29 May 2019
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