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Welcome to the Forums! 2011 24 February 2020
Your Forum Questions Answered!

Do you have any questions about the ShanniiWrites forums? Ask them and @ChaoticDeluge @PensiveShadow @SenchaStories and I will do our best to answer them. I’ve also listed a few of the FAQs, including how to turn on dar…

344 21 February 2020
A Friendly Reminder About Abusing the Flagging System

Hi all! So recently, we have had an influx of new people. That is great! We love seeing you all and I am glad that you’ve decided to spend some time here. However, we have also seen a huge rise in the number of unfair …

39 19 February 2020
Forums Event Calendar

Hi, all! We have lots of lovely events coming up throughout the month! Pub quiz, user of the month, lots of other stuff! So, for my forgetful brain to keep track of it and so you can make sure that you’re online when you…

171 28 January 2020
A Useful List of Definitions

Are you new to the forums? Ever stumbled across a conversation and have no clue what we were talking about? We’ve all been there! Joining a new community can be difficult when its members are using abbreviations like “MC…

8 24 January 2020
General Forum Guidelines 4 23 January 2020
New Users: Why Did I Get Silenced When I Tried to Post?

Hiya everyone! I want to apologise profusely for one of the biggest problems we’ve been having on these Forums at the moment and explain what’s going on just a little bit. If you’re new and you’ve never posted before, …

15 13 January 2020
A Warm Welcome From ShanniiWrites

Hi! Welcome to the ShanniiWrites Forums! I’m the owner and I’m glad to have you here. The ShanniiWrites Forums are here for you to chat about creative writing, roleplay to your heart’s content, enjoy yourself and make…

7 7 January 2020
FAQ: answers to the most asked questions!

Considering we get lot of questions that have been asked a lot before I decided to make a short overview of the most asked questions so you don’t have to go on a search for the answers but you can just find them here :pu…

3 23 February 2020
Getting your thread Re-opened! 1 22 February 2020
Announcement tag guide

As many of you know we have an @Announcements tag. This tag is for the people who want to be there when important things are happening. You can join and leave the tag as you please! But there is a few questions that nee…

4 22 February 2020
Forums Dark Mode Tutorial 30 22 February 2020
A No-Nonsense Guide to What We Flag 7 22 February 2020
Quick guide on Text Effects 60 22 February 2020
Navigating to Your Profile 4 22 February 2020
Being Transparent: Who Can See Your Private Messages? 44 18 February 2020
The Staff Are Here to Help, People! 25 11 February 2020
Meet the Forum Staff! 56 9 February 2020
What Do You Want from the Shanniiwrites Forums? 62 7 February 2020
Post Category Guide

So the forums are getting slowly bigger and it’s important that we keep things as tidy as possible. As per the General Forum Guidelines, it is your responsibility when you’re starting a topic to make sure that it goes i…

7 5 February 2020
Organizing a forum event 18 1 February 2020
Friendlings plz 👸 40 24 January 2020
Reiterating All the Things You Can Do! 15 13 January 2020
What Are Pronouns and Why do We Need Them? 4 5 January 2020
Upping Your Trust Level 101 14 November 2019
A Quick Reminder 5 24 October 2019