(1x1) Kaede’s Adventure

Kaede Mercia is the “hero” of the story and is hired to basically stop an impending war, not that he knows this… yet. Kaede is a hired-adventurer, known only for the tasks he does and not for who he was before this chosen career path. He soon receives this “mission” or “quest” and undergoes many challenges in order to complete it. Something is missing or was it stolen and he has to get it back in time before war breaks out. @unsungcheerio chooses the path for Kaede, as well as his weapon, clothing, and even how he interacts and battles. Will he be successful or die trying?

Chid’s character, Kaede’s FC!

Additional info:

Skill, Stamina, Luck

You will give a score for each one, but they change constantly during the adventure. However, totals may never exceed your initial scores, except on rare occasions.

This score reflects how well you can fight and use a weapon. This is the only score that can stay relatively unaffected.

This score reflects your well-being, your determination and overall fitness. When a stamina score reaches zero, the result is death.

This score reflects how lucky you are. You can use luck at various times. In battle or in other situations, but be aware that you can be lucky or unlucky. If you are lucky, great, but if you are unlucky then the results can disastrous. When using luck in battles, you can use it to inflict a more serious wound on the creature you have wounded or to minimise the effects of a wound inflicted on you.

I will be making sure luck fair when you use it and be rolling dice to determine the outcome. If you have a higher luck score, the higher your chance to be lucky! Though each time you test your luck, you will subtract on point from your score.


You will often come across creatures on your travels. Some may be friendly and others may not. At times, you may be given the option of either being sneaky or to flee. Although, if not, or if you choose not to, you will battle the creature.

During a battle, you will be given the creature’s stamina and skill score. Depending on your attacks, movement, and other choices, will depend on the damage you cause and how much is caused to you. Getting damaged will make your stamina (and possibly skill) level to decrease, meaning you will be weaker in the battle unless you manage to restore it. You may have to fight more than one monster at a time, but you will be told how to deal with it when it happens.

If you decide to flee during a battle, then it should be noted that the creature automatically gets one wound on you.

Equipment & Potions

You will start with the bare minimum of equipment, but you can find or buy more during your travels. You are armed with two weapons of choice and your own choice of dress. You will have a backpack for your Provisions and any treasures you come across.

In addition, you may take one bottle of magic potion to help aid you in your quest. These can be taken at any time during the quest, except when engaged in battle. Each potion may only be used once.

Here are the choices:
A potion of skill - restores your skill points
A potion of strength - restores your stamina points
A potion of fortune - restores your luck points and adds one to your initial score.

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Kaede’s modernised ranch-style was located on barren desert terrain, just under two hours drive from the nearest town that had a population of 5000+. Yet, he heard no engines come anywhere near the house that night while he slept, and still, that same knock at the door and thin envelope under the mat had woken him. 5am and no one else was anywhere to be seen. Looking into the envelope, Kaede found only a small piece of paper with “6am. Black Sedan. Pack,” written in messy scrawl.

Kaede had an hour to be ready and with the stuff he needed to get do, one of those things was to pack a backpack that wasn’t too heavy on his pack. Of course, his weapons, he carried, along with the clothing he was going to wearing. But what goes inside his pack?

  • One change of clothes
  • Some kind of bottled drink
  • 5 items of food
  • Potion of stamina
  • Something that can be used a blanket (a blanket is fine)
  • And two smaller items of Sage’s choosing

Once Kaede (and @unsungcheerio) chooses what to put in his pack, he must go out to the waiting car.


Last night had been incredibly fun for Kaede. He’d gone out to a tavern for a few drinks—enough to make him tipsy but not enough for him to feel major effects in the morning—and ended up going home with a random guy he had met there. Long story short, Kaede had a wonderful time and he was filled with a sense of regret as he snuck out of the guy’s house since he likely wouldn’t see him again. It was too bad since he would’ve loved to experience another mind-blowing night like that one.

He stumbled through his doorway just after three in the morning, collapsing onto his bed and falling asleep almost immediately. Unfortunately, he only slept for a couple of hours before he was wakened by a knock on his door. He opened the door and saw nothing, just a messily written note. Looks like it’s time for another adventure, he thought, stifling a yawn before turning to get ready.

Kaede got dressed into this outfit, packing another outfit away for later use. He filled a bottle with water, putting that into his backpack as well. For food, he packed some beef jerky, homemade trail mix, canned beans, canned tuna and canned soup. He stuffed the potion of stamina he had acquired into his bag as well as a warm grey blanket he loved. Kaede also decided to pack a flask of alcohol that could double as a disinfectant and a drink after a long day as well as a lockpick.

It was nearly six by the time he gathered all of his stuff together, so when he went outside, he saw the car waiting for him. He walked towards the car, greeting the driver with a friendly smile and wave. He knocked on the driver’s window, gesturing him to roll the window down. “Good morning,” he chirped, feeling more awake from the cup of coffee he’d downed. “So, where exactly is this car going to?”

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The window on the driver’s opened a slither, just enough for Kaede to see dark sunglasses staring back at him. At least, he thought they were. There was no gesture reciprocated to his warm smile and greeting, nothing but a slight nod the head to the backseat and click, followed by the back door opening. The driver’s window wound up again.

Inside the car’s backseat (area) was neither special nor out of the ordinary. Except that the centre armrest was down with something inviting perched atop of it. It was a slice of lemon, a salt shaker, and shot glass with what could be presumed to be tequila.

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The driver offered nothing more to Kaede’s pleasant greeting than a nod to the backseat, which was offputting to Kaede, but he didn’t have to think about it much since the driver rolled his window back up almost immediately. He blinked, slightly surprised, before moving to the backseat.

The centre armrest had a shot glass of tequila on it, which Kaede regarded with light laughter. “It’s just after six in the morning, isn’t it a bit early for tequila?” He remarked out loud, the sentence meant as a conversation starter to his companion, the driver, although Kaede seriously doubted he would reply. It did get him thinking though; why the tequila? Was the final destination something that would require a little liquid courage? Hm…

He figured it was best to be as clear-headed as possible for whatever awaited him, so he didn’t drink the tequila. Instead, Kaede took the slice of lemon and ate it, enjoying the sour twang of its juice. Nothing like a good lemon to really wake yourself up.

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Once the lemon touched his tongue, he began sucking out its juice, along with the almost invisible traces of something else that it was laced with. Squeezed his eyes tight just as he sucked the last of the juice out and ripped away most of the pulp as pulled the empty rind out of his mouth with his index and thumb. Then dropped it next to the shot glass. Kaede blinked slowly. His eyelids were heavier and his vision was blurred. All in ten seconds. Just ten seconds and his head rolled back on the seat; Kaede wasn’t conscious.

When Kaede awoke, the car was stationary and his bag was now seated on the opposite side of him. He was in a different car, which was nothing unusual. The sun was beaming down from above, it can’t have been much after 10am. The car was parked on a range of hills that half-circled a forest valley. Not 40 metres away, downhill, was an overgrown dirt path into the trees.

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Did you mean nothing unusual?

Also, is the driver still in the car with him?

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Yes, the driver is still there, as he has to get out before the driver can do something leave.

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Kaede had placed the rind of the lemon back on the center armrest before he began to feel the effects of the drug on him. His eyelids began to feel heavier and the feeling of sleepiness washed over him. He’d had a full cup of coffee before he’d left so he was having trouble gathering why he was feeling so tired… until it hit him within the nanoseconds before he lost consciousness. They drugged him. *ssholes, he thought, angrily, but then the drug kicked into gear and Kaede lost consciousness.

When he came to, he awoke slowly, his eyes fluttering open as he replayed his memories as he tried to figure out where he was and why he was there. His eyes danced around his surroundings, which seemed to be an unfamiliar car… and the memories leading up to this moment hit him like a freight truck. Well, not right up to this moment, as there was a significant time gap between the memories since he hadn’t been awake. “F*cking hell,” he muttered to himself, rubbing the back of his neck. Despite being drugged, he seemed relatively okay, if you ignored the bruised ego.

In retrospect, it was hella suspicious there was just a glass of tequila resting on the armrest, especially considering how rude the driver had been. What, had he really expected that they wanted to gift him for his compliance? Speaking of the driver… who did he think he was?! Kaede had been so nice to him, despite it being way too early for friendly conversation, and he was repaid with a laced lemon? The f*cking audacity. This driver was about to get a piece of his mind.

Grabbing his bag, Kaede got out of the car, a bitter frown littering his face. He walked to the drivers’ side of the car, banging angrily on the window. “You… you drugged me!” He said, waving an accusatory finger at the driver. “What is with people nowadays, always thinking the worst of others. I was nice to you! And you drugged me! I could’ve just sat my @ss there and enjoyed the drug but nooo you had to f*cking drug me.” His eyes danced around the new environment he was in. “And, gods above, where the hell even are we?!”

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The driver’s window remained closed until he had finished yelling. Waiting 10 long seconds, then wound the window just an envelope out the window. It landed on the ground the window wound back up. The car drove off. The envelope was weighted with a small rock. Along with the rock was a typed letter.

The letter:

Dear Kaede,

Here is another task for you to undertake. Apologies for the secrecy in getting to this location, the inhabitants of this valley aren’t too keen on newcomers, so precautions were made. By now, we have become aware of just how far your expertise ranges. We know that the following task will not be difficult for someone of your talents.
Your aim is to stop an impending war between the Pixies and the Púcas. The Pixie prince has been taken by the Púca, and if he is not returned within THREE DAYS, then war will break out. War will be more devastating to this land than the last time, and no one wants that. So we’ve arranged with them to prolong the attack for three days. So make sure you can return the boy before the dawn of day four.
As per normal, your payment will be paid out and waiting for you at after the task is complete.

Good Luck.

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Is the letter and rock inside the envelope or were they on the outside? Like, if he were to open the envelope, he’d just find the letter right? Or is the envelope still closed?

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Nah, the envelope is tied around the rock.

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The driver didn’t even say anything in response to Kaede’s long rant, just rolled the window down far enough to drop an envelope out the window before he rolled it back up and drove away, leaving without another word. Kaede glared after the car as it left, but didn’t say anything more, bending down to pick up the envelope and letter.

After reading it, he felt slightly guilty for going off on the driver like that, but also not because, in his defence, his silence was quite irritating. The letter itself was pretty startling to read, as he could hear the urgency in the words but he also saw that he had a deadline of three days, which wasn’t a lot of time at all. He wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to manage to accomplish this task, but he had a feeling that he was gonna end up successful. Probably.

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Kaede headed downhill toward the path. As he reached the trees, he removed his daggers from his belt, striking the first vine in front of him. Thick with vines, branches, and overgrown foliage that made it hard to follow the dirt path. Hacking away with his daggers, attempting to clear the way. Fortunately for Kaede, he was careful enough for his hands not to be ripped to shreds, nor was he tripped by any roots underfoot.

After about 30 minutes, the vines and branches thinned and it was easier to push his way through. The path turned left ahead, and when Kaede reached, he noticed something he hadn’t seen until he was about to turn. Not something, but someone, sitting on a fallen tree trunk on the other side of the path’s corner.
A man, with dark skin that was made darker by the shadows of the trees. He had mid-length dreads that were well-kept for someone sitting in the forest. He wore leather, head to toe, and flashed Kaede a smile. “Hello, fair traveller.”

How will he proceed?

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The dirt path was hard for him to traverse through, but Kaede managed to clear the vegetation in front of him with his daggers without getting scraped by branches and thorns or tripping on any exposed roots. It was a small fortune, but he took it to mean that this trip was starting out with a good omen, and he would definitely need all the good omens he could get if he meant to be successful.

He came across a dark-skinned man some thirty minutes later. He found it odd that the man was just sitting on a tree trunk in the middle of the path, and as he was still smarting from being drugged, he approached the man with caution, his defences up. “Hello sir,” he replied with a small smile, keeping his distance. “What are you doing out here in the middle of the forest?” Perhaps the man would give him a hint on where he should go next to complete the mission—either way, he hadn’t done anything (yet) to warrant an attack or fight, so Kaede so no reason to initiate one. Maybe this man held valuable information.

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The man didn’t seem bothered by Kaede in the slightest. It was as if he posed no threat to the man whatsoever. The man simply gave Kaede a reassuring smile and spoke with a rough voice but soothing tone, “No need to be sceptical of me but fair do’s. My name is Marquise, and who might you be?”

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While he knew looks could be deceiving, this Marquise fellow genuinely seemed like a nice guy. He didn’t answer Kaede’s question though, which he mentally noted. It was possible that he hadn’t heard it, or had forgotten to respond but it was also equally possible that he was trying to avoid the question. So he decided he’d ask the question again. “You can call me Kay,” he responded with a crooked smile, giving him a polite nod. “Nice to meet you Marquise. What are you doing out here in the forest, a nice man like you?”

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The smile never left Marquise’s lips. “It is nice to meet you too, Kay. Not many venture here,” he mused. “I’m not planning to trap you if that’s what you think. If I was, would I really have replied to you?” Marquise’s Gaze wandered off to a passing bird that dropped a twig off to its nest and then flew off. “Odd, isn’t it?”, he continued as if continuing a conversation he must have had in his head.

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He laughed slightly, shrugging. “Well, I’m not like many,” he said, the smile pulling into a smirk. Even though he refused to answer Kaede’s question, this Marquise fellow really seemed like a nice guy. He did raise a good point, anyway; if he was planning on trapping him, wouldn’t he have done so already? “What’s odd?” Kaede inquired, glancing curiously at Marquise. He followed his gaze to the bird that had flown by, peering at him. He hesitated for maybe half a second before turning to Marquise. “Hey, do you know anything about the pixies or pucas?”

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