27 Ways to say I love you

opposite to 27 ways to say I hate you 27 Ways to say I hate you

  1. “You’re the gods gift to humanity”

  2. “Before I met you. I-i”
    “You what?”
    “I loved you”

  3. “You’re the best thing to ever happen to me”

  4. “You are the best thing, that’s ever been mine” - (taken from Taylor swift “mine’ lyrics”)

  5. “And you’ve got a smile, That can light up this whole town” Taken from You belong with me by Taylor swift

  6. “Your smile is brighter than my future.”

  7. “Why are you with him/her/them? You’re just so wow and they are just so, meh”

“They are the only person who could ever make me see heaven by being near them.”

  1. “When our eyes met, I could feel our souls touching. It was magical”

  2. “A-are you an angel?”

  3. “The best moment of my life? That’s being with you. I love each moment we spent together, I love the memory of the first time our lips met, I love every memory of our hands touching and I love the memory of you.”

  4. “Do” They paused “D-do you, care about me?” They asked, an expression of sadness rested on their face. I was hurt that they could think I didn’t care about them, they were the sun to my moon, the feather to my bird and the ketchup to my fries. I grabbed their hands and looked at their beautiful (eye color) “I don’t only care about you Cariad, if you died I would die and hope we could meet again in the after life. If the world was against you, I would be against the world. You’re my favorite person.” *They stared at the ground, I saw a tear fall from their cheeks “Why are you crying?” I asked taken aback, “Nothing” they cleaned their tears “You’re my favorite person too”

  5. “Where do you see yourself in (insert years)?”

    “With you”

  6. “What would I do without you?”

  7. “All of me loves all of you”

  8. “I love your perfect imperfections” inspired by “All of me” by John Legend

  9. “Meet me tonight, please.”
    “At our spot”

  10. “I would go through hell for you.”

  11. “You’re beautiful.”
    “Thank you.”
    “No, you don’t get it do you?”
    “You’re so breathtaking I sometimes forget you’re human, you’re like a god to me. Your smile could be the cure for sadness. When I say you’re beautiful I mean it cariad.”

  12. “I thought of you as perfect so I liked you, I discovered you were imperfect and I fell in love with you.”

  13. “You’re stupid, I like that in a man.”

  14. "I like the type of person who can kick my @ss:

  15. “Love is such a funny thing.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Like just think about it. The fact that there is one person who you would be willing to die for and even the worst people can fall in love.”
    “Well you’re that person to me.”
    “You’re willing to die for me?”
    “I am.”

  16. “I want to be with you forever”

  17. “I love you, you’re my best friend after all.”

  18. “Family is the best thing ever, isn’t it?”

  19. “I don’t like your surname.”
    “Ok and what do you want me to about it?”
    “Change it to mine.”

  20. “1 2 3; I love you. 4 5 6 do you love me too?”





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