3 Weird Ways to Improve Your Characters

Need some help character writing? This has some great suggestions… like the Sims.

Which weird way helped you the most?


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This is awesome!
I’m taking the 16 personalities test for the main characters of my new story.
I don’t have The Sims (only the mobile version but it isn’t as fun as the other versions are described to be), but as far as outfits and facial features, I make those on Episode. It really gets you thinking about your character’s personal style. What’s their color scheme? Do they dress modestly? Do they prefer comfort, or do they dress to impress? What accessory do they wear the most?


These methods can also help with RPing.

Especially taking the personality test as your characters. I’ve only done personality tests for a few characters (mainly the ones I revamped for Camp Half Blood). Doing one of these tests can help you develop their personality on paper. Sometimes, for me personally but I am sure I’m not the only one, you can have how the character acts all in your head, but you can’t put it into words for writing out the personality. Other time you may have a personality written, but you want to develop it more or can’t decide on strengths and weaknesses. One of these personality tests really helps with that by giving you questions to think about for the character and then an in depth look at ways the personality type can be described with common strengths and weaknesses.

For making them on the sims, that doesn’t necessarily have the same effect but it can be helpful for some I believe.
When creating the character you have to find an image of how they look (also known as a faceclaim because you are “claiming the face”) so that gives you their facial features and depending on what can be seen in the faceclaim, their body type as well. A lot of RPs will also ask for their height and if they have notable features such as tattoos or piercings.
Then there are many RPers I know of that will commonly attach an image of the character’s outfit in their post as well.

Then the writing exercise is a good way to get into the mindset of the character.

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