6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Look @Announcements it’s another rad Shani’s Tutoring post about reading comprehension :smiley: @Bloggers come here and read


I’m always super grateful for reads! They help me out massively and (I hope) I have some good tips!

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Thank you for this Shani!!

Would you give the same advice for poetry? We’re reading 17 century poetry in English class.

For me it can be tricky because I’m not used to poetry and history; and applying it is not my strong suit. I’m also not religious and some of the poems are biblical and have references I don’t know or am not aware of.

Sorry I didn’t see this! Absolutely! I’d say that with poetry, you have to read one poem at least 3 times to really get to grips with it! Soon, I’ll be making a post on stories you need to know for your English studies and I’ll make sure to include some stuff for you! :smiley:

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I’m so glad! :smiley:

Thank you