8 Tips to Write Stories Like a Pro

Originally published at: https://shanniiwrites.com/2019/01/01/8-tips-to-write-stories-like-a-pro/

8 amazing tips to start your writing year off right. Trust me: you won’t regret it!


Added a blogs tag, also this is one of my favourite blog posts :eyes:


I’m glad you like it! :eyes: It was probably one of my favourites to write


I actually really liked this post, because it provides some questions that I think are also important for RPing.

  • Why are they there?

  • How do they feel about the location?

  • What’s going on in their personal lives?

  • How do they feel about the other people in the scene?

  • Do they know something important?

  • Do they want to find something out?

  • What is their personality like?

  • Is there anything they want to happen?

  • Is there anything they don’t want to happen?

  • What are they expecting to happen?

  • Do their motivations clash with anyone else’s?

  • Do their motivations align with anyone else’s?

  • What do they say?

  • How do they say it?

  • Why do they say it?

  • What do they react to?

  • How do they react?

  • Why do they react like that?

  • Do their lines have double meanings?

  • Do they get what they want?

  • How do they react to their success/failure?

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