A Fear Of Flagging- When Do We Flag?

I would PM you about this @ShanniiWrites but, I feel like this is hanging in the air for all of us.

I don’t like to flag, and I’ve never been a big flagger. But there are times on here where I do see minors things (not currently but I have seen some things) but I never flagged them because, well, this isn’t the Episode forum where lots of flagging is encouraged.

I know what we flag, but when do we flag, and what will happen when someone flags you, will the mods talk to that person, or immediately seek out punishment?

Are there any aspects of the Episode Forums flagging system that you’ve kept, and what are the new things being done? I don’t want to be afraid to flag, but I also want to know when to flag the right things.


So the way we’re thinking of having it work here (we haven’t had to deal with flags yet thankfully) is definitely within adherence to the rules and guidelines Shannii has set up. You should feel encouraged to flag that’s absolutely fair. Just not unfairly. We always make sure to encourage people to read up on the forum guidelines just to keep on top of everything.

Generally it’s okay to flag if you feel someone is being genuinely out of line and against guidelines. Attacking a person instead of ideas and concepts is one example. This is perfectly okay to flag. How the mods deal with flags will probably be a case-by-case basis. If someone is being very rude or attacking others in a malicious way the punishment may be harsher than a simple misunderstanding or first-time breaking of the forum guidelines.

We’ll see how this goes as time goes on, and we’ll definitely be aware of unfair flagging and abuse of the system. I won’t let that slide


Thanks for clarifying this, @ChaoticDeluge! Maybe pin this so everyone knows when to flag so we don’t turn into another Episode Forums?

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For the new users:


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