A Golden Flame by Badass Saasha

I am going to do a little shameless promotion of myself here!

Title: A Golden Flame.
Genre: Action.


“She wears her scars like an attire. A stunning dress made of Hellfire.”

Bella Raven has come back to where it all started two years ago. And she is ready to gain back whatever she lost.

But she isn’t the kind, sweet girl that everyone thinks she is.

With the start of gang wars in Sylvian Falls, the lines between right and wrong get blurred, lives are lost and the hero becomes the villain, everyone must decide what sides they want to fight from.

Five gangs.

Four battles.

Three villains.

Two contenders.

One heart.

“It is not so easy to defeat them,” He says, “They are on top of the world.”

I smirk, “Then I will turn it upside down.”

Link: https://my.w.tt/OYzjLck9GV

While the language ain’t fancy because I am really really new to writing and English is not my first language, I have tried my best and am open to constructive criticism.


I love the cover :heart_eyes: I’m currently really busy right now, but I’m definitely going to read your story

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Thank you! :purple_heart: I got the cover made from a friend on wattpad.

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Does that mean I can give you a review?

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If you’d like to, I would be greatful. I want to improve in any way I can before entering the Wattys.

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Closed because the story is now on hold. :grin: