A magic piano second season on wattpad

A Magic piano second season is coming to wattpad. It may be a going towards a horror version. To get her ideas from horror movie and ghost stories on YouTube. She does this with her imagination.

On the description of the second season is below

Many years later, Anna knew something wasn’t right. She now have bullies after her. The bullies are telling her the her piano isn’t magic but fortunately Anna unlock her two more power and one of it good and the other one bad. You never know what will happen.

It will be coming out between late April and early May of this year.

Also make sure you read the main story on A Magic Piano to get catch up to date. The main story is still being like every two day.


I just read the A Magic Piano story early yesterday and it amazing how well she did it. Also it up to 86 read from today.

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Added some tags!

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Yep, I saw that but I hope she does get creepy as the unholy movie.
I make my horror story towards Halloween on Wattpad.

Anyone want to send her ideas is welcome to check out her website is link on her Instagram a_magicpiano and Wattpad.

Make sure you follow her on there as well as giving her followers a sneak peek of A Magic Piano second season story currently being working on.

I’m going to a Halloween story soon but right now I’m eating dinner late again.

The first chapter is coming out 2 am on Friday eastern time and you don’t want to miss out what going to happen.

If you check out A Magic Piano second story only on Wattpad and it going to be really scary as a urban legend.

I just read the first page she did well.

I have a Halloween story coming out soon

A Magic Piano second season is on hold for now due she have a argument with her mother said that she was stubborn but she told her her mom that she didn’t want to see that play.

As she calm herself down for now, do you have any ideas about what you want to see in the story? Comments below.

She made a new cover for A Magic Piano second season but just check out Wattpad tonight at and if you want cover from her follow her on Instagram or send her a message on her Instagram.

She did my A bullying Story cover on Wattpad. It a good thing I did a improvement from episode app. Now I’m going to watch some YouTuber now.

Ask below if you want a cover made.