A new badge for people who answer the question posted on Twitter correctly!


@WolfGamerGirl37 is providing me with trivia questions which I will post daily on our Twitter! If you answer it correctly I will award you a badge! Please answer the question by replying to the Tweet then letting me know on here what you answered with, you will not be awarded the badge if you don’t answer on Twitter I don’t care if you google it, I can’t monitor that.

The first question will be posted shortly!


Here is our first question! Remember to answer it on Twitter or you won’t get a badge regardless of if you’re right!


The winners of our badge yesterday were @RainbowCat @unsungcheerio and @DeliriumCroissant

The next question has been posted remember to answer on Twitter



Yay, more badges :partying_face:

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I have a feeling like you’re gonna end up with alot of this badge :joy:

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I was a bit surprised when I got it yesterday and didn’t know what it was for :joy: But yes, I’m active on Twitter :sunglasses:

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yes yes

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Added some tags.