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What is this?

Every second week, on Monday, I will create a new writing prompt to continue the story of (closing/stopping the last one)! I will try to change it up every second week and take your suggestions into consideration. You can write as much as you want, so long as it’s at least a sentence and follows the week’s story as it is, as well as continuing from users’ posts after that too. This is just a place to improvise together and practise your scene writing and building on what other people give you.
Have fun with it!

When posting:

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  • You can write however you want to; descriptively or in dialogue, a novella or a couple of lines, creating one character for you or writing for all the characters. The choice is yours.
  • Let’s also try not to post more than two posts in a row. Wait for at least two other users to add to the story after you before adding more, just so there’s more contribution from a larger number of users.
  • BUT PLEASE, write in the third person, let’s not make this personal!

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Each Week’s Prompts:

Week 1: Sci-fi
Week 2: Adventure
Week 3: Fantasy
Week 4: Action
Week 5: Romance
Week 6: Fairytale
Week 7: Thriller
Week 8: Mystery
Week 9: Horror
Week 10: Historical/Time Travel
Week 11: Superhero
Week 12: Historical

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Prompt One

[Static Noise]
“-ou read me? This is Commander Horten speaking to you now. Commander Johnson is exiting the shuttle now.”
[Radio Silence]
“Maybe they can’t hear you back on Earth, we could be on the wrong side to get signal,” Daryl Johnson suggested, holding in the button on the chest of his spacesuit.
Frank Horten grumbled inside his spacesuit, only to himself. Then began speaking into the radio he held, which was three times bigger than a 90’s cellphone, “This message is now recording whether you can hear me now or not.” He flicked a switch at the radio’s side. “This planet, Driri C514, seems isolated. There are signs of plant life, yet nothing else for now. We will take a look around.” He flicked off the switch again and then pressed the button on his spacesuit panel. “Close the shuttle door, Johnson, time to look around.”

Feel free for anyone to continue from here


<<<>>> The actual sealing process consisted of several layers of doors, one near the outside that would eventually lead to the foreign planet, several more inside that would slowly balance the pressure and environment. Horten stepped along with the mild annoyance of a man that had been doing this for a very long time, while Johnson was more cautions. The sheer amount of things that could go wrong was a very real thought. Contrary to popular ideology, Driri C514 was far enough from the known solar system that most ‘normal’ rules didn’t quite work here anymore. Even the known ‘rules’ were all that only applied to Earth. Ever since this mission was started, scientists had been rewriting the laws of science. Equations now worked on some planets, while not others.

Horten just gazed at the landscape, a bright pink and blue, something akin to a dream. There were orangish bubbles containing some type of liquid (if one could call it that) floating about in the air, lush forests filled with deep greens and blues with vines protruding everywhere, hovering. It was a binary star system, but both stars were far enough that aside from the yellow dots in the sky, there was still some kind of flora here.

“What are you doing!” Horten snapped.

Johnson looked up with a jagged half-smile, “Just examining this plant, sir.” Horten grumbled again before trudging forwards. Johnson lagged behind a little longer to watch the vines gently wrap around his glove before pulling away. If he was less focused on his partner, the vine almost seemed sad with the lost touch.

Horten pulled out the communication device again. “Commander Horten to headquarters, can you read me?”

“-aine receiving you-” was the static response. Eyes widening, Horton took a few steps forwards in some vain attempt to boost the signal.

“That’s not gonna work,” Johnson lamented.

“Major Blaine receiving you, loud and clear,” was the light, wispy, feminine voice from the communicator. Johnson chose to ignore that. Horton just snorted.

“Yes, yes, we’re on the planet,” he continued into the device, “and I suspect that the ‘life’ here could be in the-”

“Hey Witney,” Johnson said while snatching up the communicator, “look luv, the ground isn’t purple. Guess who owes me credits?” Major Blaine just laughed from the other end. “Boys, focus on your mission, please.”

“Nu-uh, credits ma’am.”

“Deryl! I said that the ground just had to be a colour not on the visible spectrum,” she clarified.

“Three days ago, Major Witney Blaine attested to a bet over a hundred credits for the environment of this planet-” Johnson started in a mock reporter voice.

“According to my data here, there is also a hint of infrared,” she continued, “and that means I’m correct.”

Horten decided to snatch back the communicator while Johnson just sulked in a stupor. They had this competition thing for a while now and Horten wanted none of that. Leave the frolicking to the young childish cadets, but he prefered the sticking to the mission.

“Can you get us a visual of the cave ahead? I may have detected a potential life form in there,” Commander Horten continued.

“Oh, Frank, you’re back. Uh, of course…lemme see…running diagnostics…” she muttered while faint sounds of a clacking keyboard echoed. Johnson occupied himself by going back to a few more plants, kneeling to examine them. They varied in colours and translucency, the one he was currently holding almost a see-through blue. Like the last plant, smaller tendrils extended out to wrap around his gloves, pulsing with a new light.

“Frank, how much do I have to pay you to bring this plant onboard?”

“Much more then you can afford and it’s against protocol to bring foreign organisms aboard,” was the immediate response.

“What if I start a mutiny?” Johnson replied.

“You can’t- wait, what? Say again?” Horten paled. Blaine just giggled from her end of the line.

“Oh, you know. It’s just that the rules are booooooaring and I think our ship could use a little greenery,” Johnson glanced at the colour of the vines he was holding, “er…some blueery.”

“This is ridiculous and not something to be joked about,” Horten continued.

“Nah, think about it, I just need the support. Witney, you’re with me, right? I promise to get you a plant as well, specifically a purple one.”

Major Blaine laughed once more, clearly muffled over her sleeves, “Heh, sure, but you still owe me credits.”

“Of course, luv,” Johnson said, winking out of habit though she wouldn’t have seen him, “I always love a good revolt. Now then, care to update us in the situation of the caves?”

@CrazyCaliope I really love this idea and what you are doing here. Definitely count me in for any future posts like this. I hope I didn’t stray too far from your original idea : )


More typing clicked through the reciever.
“Just getting the data through now” Major Blaine reported. “Oh it’s quite large… now there appears to be a… WATCH OUT!!!” She screamed in unison with Horten as the shimmery, pear shaped occupant of the cave came crashing out into the open and launched itself at Johnson. Johnson emitted a very high pitched squeal and flailed about uselessly as the thing attached itself to the back of his head. He pulled at it to no avail, Morten had his gun pointed at the creature put couldn’t risk a shot so close to his partner.

Slowly the panic melted off Johnson’s face and was replaced by a goofy, lopsided grin, quite unlike his normal lad ish smile. He turned to Morten and said in a slow, un inflected voice.
“Greetings Homo sapien. Do not be afraid. I am borrowing Johnson’s frontal cortex and vocal apparatus to communicate because my race has no way to produce an aural language. We communicate by rubbing our membranes together and you do not have the sensory apparatus to understand.

Welcome to Driri, on behalf of my race, the Gyplidz. We are one of two sentient species inhabiting this land mass. Beware of the others. They are the Muroy and they are not a peaceloving race. The vines your comrade befriended earlier are Diyoz and we have bred them for food. Now, please get away from our nest. We don’t know where you’ve been and we don’t want you so close to our breeding site.”


The major’s thermal-readings that the astronauts were currently sending back to her team on Earth were patchy and odd. She only saw the creature moving by some kind of cold blue-black movement racing towards Daryl Johnson. The only heat in the area seemed to radiate from the two blobs that were the Daryl and Frank. Daryl managed to scream after the creature finished speaking through him.
Major Blaine noticed something worrying. Daryl’s heat was dimming, the creature was making him colder and the heart monitor in his suit was slowing down. “Horten, help him!”, Witney yelled out of the radio. “He’s losing heat. It’s killing him.”
With his gun still raised, Horten yelled, threatening the creature, “Leave him now, Get out. Or… Or… Or I will walk into you cave right now.” It wasn’t much of threat but it was all he could think of.


Prompt Two

6 March 1951 (1300) - Arlo Sherman

As with all of the previous journal entries, one would have read that this party has been only three for the past 34 hours. The other larger group split off to find the bird of plenty, known in these parts for an obnoxious mating call and its turquoise-coloured plumage. While the three in this party are looking to find one of the hidden villages of the Jamai people. The natives to this rainforests, so elusive that only three separate sightings and one photograph have been made.
Arlo Sherman, the man writing this entry this afternoon, logs this morning’s happenings. After packing up and setting off at 0700 from this morning’s campsite, the trio had not made it 800 metres before finding quicksand. It was the adorable Inge Bernhardt, who stepped into in, sinking down to her waist in mere seconds. If it weren’t for her stabbing her knife into the ground for steadiness and the hand of one, Arlo Sherman, to pull her out, she may have been under the Earth a minute later.
Nearly 2km later, the party are now very watchful of the ground, as a lunch of unrecognisable bugs and flora are served up by the native guide. A rather eventful entry.

Thanks @BlueInferno for the name suggestions and anonymous for the genre.

Feel free for anyone to continue from here, either by creating another journal for him or someone else, a narrative piece, flash forward or back, or any other way you picture the story!

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Inge Bernhardt has noticed something strange. As the party forged deeper into the forest, the quicksand became easier to spot as the open spaces were more distinct when compared with the dense brush all around. It was treacherously inviting. Also there seemed to be a vine species that only liked to grow out of the quick sand. The last 3 pits they had passed had the same twisted, thick vine emerging from one end. On an impulse she signaled the others to stop and carefully manouvered her way around the edge of the sand pit they had just come to. She examined the vine. How could it be? It looked… woven. She gave the vine a tentative pull and was astonished to hear a clanging sound from below. Suddenly the vine snapped tight, Inge let go of it in surprise and jumped backwards away from it. A man appeared from the depths of the quick sand, climbing the vine swiftly and effortlessly.


“They got lost again…” She muttered to herself, wandering off in what was obviously the right direction. Gods, how could they get lost so easily, the two of them really were so useless sometimes. It was only when Nina chopped aside a large vine with her machete did she notice the campsite. The campsite they had packed up and moved on from the previous night.

“How did I…” She said to herself, brow furrowed and eyes narrowed. This must have been a trick. That Inge liked to laugh, she must have been pulling a prank on her again. Or there was some strange enchantment on the forest around them. Some dark curse placed on the wilderness by the tribes they were looking for. What were they called again? Nina thought for a moment. It didn’t matter, she would remember when she saw them. But this dark spell, yes. She couldn’t possibly have gotten lost, she knew exactly where she was going. But the others weren’t as in-tune with their senses as she was, which meant they were probably in danger…

Nina turned and strode off in the other direction, machete up and ready to cut down any vines that got in her way. She would save her friends

I’m aware this probably isn’t a fantasy, she just can’t handle her lack of directional sense :joy:


Prompt Three

Two bored dwarfs, Héloïse Paraclete and Silvers Darkmayne, guard a castle’s entrance. Dressed in the Royal purple cloth and knightly metal and chainmail, while their husbands were working in the kitchens in their usual job. The king of the castle was doing his annual accounts, as he called them. What he was really doing was counting all his money and wealth. This left his wife alone to rule the kingdom on that one day a year. But as she didn’t enjoy bread and honey, she implemented a national holiday; Role-Reversal Day. That is why Héloïse and Silvers stood outside the kingdom walls in their husband’s uniforms.
Silvers twisted her wrist and aimed the pebble in her hand toward the cave in the mountain across the river. The pebble soared over the river, bouncing off the mountain right next to the cave entrance.
“That was pretty close,” Héloïse gushed over the throw and fiddling with her own pebble between in her fingers. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get anyway near it.” She paused to throw her pebble, overarm. She was right, it landed in the river. “Do you think this is what the guys do every day of the year?”
Silvers let out an abrupt laugh, almost cold. “Knowing mine, probably not. He’s never been the fittest of individuals. Don’t know about your hubby though.” She swung her arm down to grab another pebble. “As for you…” She threw the pebble and it went straight into the cave. “…you just need to practice. I’m really just a secret athlete,” Silvers said smugly.

ROAR!, came the sound from the cave. The stone had hit the sleeping giant, waking it up a little too early. Immediately, Silvers reached for her husband’s Jewel-Encrusted Dagger, while Héloïse picked up her crossbow from the ground.

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Héloïse and Silvers shrunk back instinctively. Despite being the one day of the year where this sort of action was allowed, it’s not like they ever got actual training. Defending the castle was one thing, but facing a giant?

The giant, in question, just barreled out of the cave, knocking aside rocks this way and that. The two dwarves only held their daggers closer to their chest. Of course, Silver knew better, she was trained, it just seemed a lot harder at the moment.

“Call backup,” Silvers whispered, just in case. Héloïse couldn’t have run from there faster.
The giant just marched toward the gates dragging a club behind him, “Who dares disturb me!”

Silvers still held the dagger out and knew perfectly well that this wasn’t how knights were supposed to behave. In addition, the giant just hollered out one of the most generic threatening lines at the moment. She hated it, being frozen with fear, yet knowing what to do.

"Yoo-hoo, that-that was actually me, I threw the rock, " she boldly announced. The giant just frowned and turned toward her. “A-and, good sir, It’s actually opposite day if you haven’t heard,” she continued.

“You will be my next meal!” the giant roared. Silvers just threw an arm over her eyes to dissuade the excessive spit. Typical. All giants thought because they were tall, they were scary. Well, alright, she was terrified, but at least she could think for herself.

“Who goes hunting usually!” she called out again, and this time, she could have sworn the giant actually looked confused for a second. Maybe this would work after all.

“I do!” the giant roared out again, still overly dramatic in her opinion.

“Well, it’s opposite day. Whatever you do, your significant other does,” Silvers reasoned. The giant still looked rather confused but as time went on, the meaning started to hit him.

“Stay right there,” he mumbled, “I’ll go get my partner.” And then proceeded to lumber away. Silvers just stood there, in a crooked smile, remembering how to breathe because holy crap, she just defended the kingdom. By talking. None of the knights Swinging Swords™ stuff.

Héloïse returned with Sabine, another temporary guard for the day. Both of them just stared st Silver’s dumb smile before Héloïse cleared her throat. “The giant?” she asked, in a matter of fact way. Silvers took this chance to glance at her nails and flip her hair out of the way.

“I got the giant to go away,” no biggie or anything. Silvers continued examining her nails pretending to ignore the dumbfounded faces on the other two guards.

Eventually, Sabine just shook her head and pulled out a parchment. “Well, I’ll let her majesty know of you achievements,” she said in a squeaky voice, “but she also sends a strange message.” With that, she handed the note to Silvers.


Back inside the cave, down the long, rough and rounded passage, the giant scuffed his weathered sandals on the ground. Too many night had he spent outside of the cave because the missus had kicked him out in one of her foul moods. Well, that’s what he liked to tell others, when what really happens is that he does some stupid to make her really mad.
Now was different. He had news to tell her, which may make her happy. What those creatures from the kingdom across the river had said was that it was her turn to work. This made him happy. The missus could go do his work while he could babysit… OR laze on their rokfa (rock sofa) and sleep.
Standing at the edge of their main room of the cave, the missus was cradling Gianna. He opened his widely and bellowed out, “ROAR!”


Prompt Four

The “Olive Branch” hospital was in flames. On the 9th floor, nurses Drake Jones and Iris Quintzel tried to save the babies of the premature ward. With two little ones in each arm, Drake froze up as he saw that the way downstairs was already blocked by flames, and there is only one way left: Up! His pulse accelerated and his breath got faster with ever step Iris made toward him.
“This is not a time to panic!”, she growled aggressively at him, blowing her thick black fringe out of her eyes as she came to a halt besides. Taking a second to hush the babies, she then bolted for the stairwell.

They are on the rooftop with the babies, and Iris saw a table and a chainsaw before them. What to do now? Could these items help? They heard the flames rising higher.

Thanks to all the users for the many suggestions.

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Drake peered over the edge of the roof, paling as he realized just how far down the ground was. Ten stories were a long way to go, especially for someone like him who was not good with heights. He broke into a cold sweat at even the mere thought of having to jump. His breaths were coming quicker and it wasn’t until Iris grabbed a hold of his shoulder that he was able to break away from his racing thoughts.

“Jones! For once, could you make yourself useful?!” She snapped at him, her eyes blazing with a sharp annoyance. She stalked away from him, towards the table that was placed in the center of the roof. A meter or two away from the table, Iris had placed the four babies she had been holding on the pebbled ground of the roof. Drake hurried over, resting the babies besides the others, before joining Iris at the table.

“Jones, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re gonna take the swaddling cloth off the babies and we’re gonna make a rope out of it.” Iris pulled a small bottle of Gorilla Glue out of her front pocket, tossing it to Drake who nearly dropped it. “Luckily enough, I bought this earlier today so that I wouldn’t forget to get one before I went home. So, we can even cut the table with the chainsaw and use pieces of the table as part of the rope, and hopefully, that’ll get us far enough to jump the rest of the way down.”

Hopefully?!” Drake sputtered.

Iris simply tossed him a cutting glare and he wisely shut up. “Don’t think you have any better ideas, huh? Didn’t think so.” She rolled her eyes, taking the chainsaw off of the table so she could flip the table upside down. “Of course I have to have the balls in this situation,” she muttered. “I’ll cut the pieces of wood, you collect the blankets.”

A bang on the door to the roof startled both of them. They had gotten onto the roof with a key that Drake had nabbed from the janitor’s office; it wasn’t like the roof was open to everyone. Just as they were starting to believe they were hearing things, the banging increased in volume and in frequency. Accompanied by some screams for help, Drake and Iris were now positive that there was someone behind that door.

However, that door was fireproof and it was the only protection they had against the flames. Neither two knew just how close the fire was to that door, and if they opened it to save the person who was trapped, it might backfire on them entirely.


‘Jones get the damned blankets!’ she yelled at him. In order for them to save themselves and the person behind the door they had to hurry up. Cutting the table into neat pieces was difficult but she managed to cut them into almost even pieces.

While Iris was cutting the table, Drake had gone to get the blankets from the children. For babies they were handling the situation far better than he could or was handling it. After taking the blankets he just stood uselessly, his gaze moving between the door and Iris. ‘Iris I think we should hurry up,’ he said trembling ‘I don’t know how long I’m going to stay upright,’ he said, sweat already beading over his top lip, his nose and forhead. He was a mess and the soot from the fire just made him worse for wear.

‘Be quiet! Do you know how hard it is to cut these things under pressure? No! Then shut up and let me do something,’ she snapped. Realising she wasn’t helping the situation, she took deep calming breaths and sighed audibly when she was done with the table. ‘I’m sorry about how I reacted earlier but I want to survive this and the person behind the door needs help so I need to help them to, ok?’

She gave her hand out in clear demand for the blankets and glue. He understood and without hesitation he passed everything to her. She dropped her self into the floor and started tying intricate knots with the blankets and had intertwined the pieces of wood into it. She applied glue all around it for good measure.


There was still the matter of the door, and as a medical worker, it was quite blatant that it was an issue to be settled. There was just the sheen difference between knowing what to do and Drake couldn’t have been more terrified at the moment. It was one thing to save someone in an operation, another for a burning building. This wasn’t even their fault, because who in the right bloody mind would ever target a hospital?

Iris tossed the knotted rope over the roof and began her slow descent down, carrying the newborn with her. There was enough delay as there was. Drake was above watching the strain of the rope. She took a deep breath. The fires were still roaring, but at least the sounds of sirens wailed in the distance.

She kept going, another floor out of the way, and the newborns in less of a crying mess. Several times she heard jumped when the rope knots frayed, but everyone knew that whatever being that made baby cloths, they lat’s through the apocope. Unfortunately, her own resolve wouldn’t. There was also the matter of simply leaving the newborns on the ground below. Iris could only carry two, there were two more at the top, persistent, and definitely nearing a dangerous level of smoke inhalation. Already the air from the ground was a relief compared to the claustrophobia from above.

“Hey you!” she shouted across the street once her feet were planted on solid ground, “git’ over.” It was a younger kid, ripper leather jacket, a backwards baseball cap with a phone out recording the burning building. Iris shoved him the two babies and sent him a death glare. “I will be back,” she enunciated.

On the roof, Drake continued running in between wedging the door open and cooing ad the newborns to pacify them, even once trying to offer them, spare dummies. The pounding at the door grew relentless in its beats before slowly withering, and that’s when Drake mildly panicked. On the next heave, the door gave out, and another figure slumped forwards, Drake catching him before the fall. The fire roaring from inside the building only increased.

This was bad. Of course, it was, he knew that altering with the door would let in more fire into the roof, but there was a life to be saved and…

Drake just threaded tired fingers through his hair because this was how he was going to die, out of compassion, his last deed doing what was right and God was going to punish him for that.

“Jones! For goodness sake, make yourself useful!” Iris called out from the roof ledge. Perking up, Drake spun before hacking as the smoke in his way. “Iris!” She just pulled her self over and picked up the other two newborns. He could see her somewhat eyeing the unconscious figure that laid next to Drake before just slipping from the roof again. At least the babies were safe.

“Hey buddy,” Drake attempted while nudging the other figure, “we’re kinda in a fire. You know, might want to skip or else you’ll die.” The other guy was unconscious so Drake just laughed bitterly to himself. “Guess you aren’t responsive, lemme just-” Drake made a move to haul the body over toward the eyed to better see him.

It was a younger guy, black jeans, singed red sweatshirt, and surprisingly dazzling earrings for the reflection of the nearby flames. All an all, probably some visit kid to see a relative or a friend at this hospital. It made sense, plenty of visitors were present here.

And then Drake caught sight of the small tattoo, a Celtic based insignia wrapped in fire. Suddenly, everything made sense. The city had been torn apart between powerful rival gangs for a long time, this kid had to be a member of the eastern faction. Fire was their element, the burning of this hospital had to be some sort of cruel message and reckless display of power. Normal civilians would be caught in the crossfire just for sheer revenge.

This kid in Drake’s arms was part of it, probably the whole reason everything was on fire.


The kid had probably been the one to set the fire on behalf of his gang and now Drake was apprehensive. Should he help this kid even though he’s probably killed hundreds in this fire. He was having a major moral dilemma, all the while that Iris had been scaling back up the building via their makeshift rope and was now collecting the other two babies. She had fashioned a sling out of her jacket, securing it around her as safely as she could. Though it was a little squishy, both of the tiny babies last time, as well as this time, were able to fit into the jacket sling. She looked over at the makeshift rope before snapping her head around at Drake to bark, “Jones! What are you doing? Stop sitting and help that kid out!” She walked over to the rope and swung her leg over the edge, preparing to descend again.
“Yeah,” Drake croaked back, it was barely audible. Staring at the kid, he was still unsure of what to do as he became increasingly aware of the crackling flames and thick smoke beginning to engulf the roof he knelt on.


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“Crap,” he muttered to himself, raking a hand through his hair. Glancing back at the entrance to the roof, he could see that it was ablaze. It was safe to assume the flames had reached the floor just beneath him by now and he knew that the longer he waited, the more the possibility of the roof caving in increased. Although it’d be so easy for him to just leave the boy here to his fate, Drake knew he couldn’t do that. His responsibility as a nurse was to care for everyone—even if they set a fire on a hospital and killed dozens of innocent people.

Drake put two fingers to the boy’s neck, taking in a breath as he realized the boy’s heart was still beating, albeit faintly. He put a finger to the boy’s nose, feeling the air coming out of it. Opening the boy’s mouth slightly, he brought his ear close to it, listening to the ragged breaths he was taking in. He pulled the boy into his arms, gauging his weight as he was on the floor, then slowly stood up. The boy’s slender frame proved to be an advantage to Drake; he was just light enough for Drake to carry him without his muscles straining too much.

He approached the roof’s edge, gulping as he looked over the edge. In the distance, he could see the flashing lights of the fire trucks, but with the traffic bumper-to-bumper on the highway, the emergency vehicles weren’t getting much closer to the burning hospital, even with the loud honks and sirens. There was simply no place for the cars to move to allow passage for the fire trucks. At least for now, Drake and Iris were on their own.

Drake looked down the rope, then back at the boy in his arms. How exactly am I going to do this? He worked out between shifts when he could, but he still didn’t have the upper body strength necessary to haul himself down and hold the boy with the other arm. He shook the boy, trying to make him regain consciousness, but his eyelids remained closed. Darke groaned in frustration, just as a loud crash came from inside of the hospital. It sounded disturbingly close to where he was, and Drake knew that he was running out of time.

It was at this time that Iris climbed back over the building, grabbing the final two babies and placing them in her makeshift sling. She eyed Drake and the boy, wiping the sweat off of her forehead. “He won’t wake up? Pulse?”

“It’s faint, but there,” he reported. “Breathing’s not so good. Definitely got smoke inhalation.”

“Well, get him down to the ground then. He needs medical attention.”

“How am I supposed to do that—”

“Just go underneath him, tie his feet and hands together on the rope. Here, use my scrunchies,” she took one out of her ponytail, letting her black hair fall to her shoulders and pulling another off her wrist, then handing them to him. “It’ll be pretty difficult, but don’t die, Jones, because then you’re useless to this teen.” With that, she slid down the roof with the remaining babies.

He inhaled sharply, waiting a few seconds as Iris climbed further down the rope. Then waited a few seconds more. He probably would’ve waited for a few more if it wasn’t for the sudden collapse of the roof a few meters away from him. He jumped, his eyes widening with fear. “Holy sh**!” This lit a fire (pun totally intended) under his butt but and he started moving, placing the boy carefully on the roof before slowly climbing down to the closest window ledge. He kicked the window, shattering the glass, so he could sit there and reach up to fasten the boy to the rope. He got the boy’s feet around the rope, then tied his hands, which proved to be much more difficult. With the boy leaning against the wall of the building, he placed his hands underneath the boy’s butt and pushed off the window ledge.

He swung dangerously in the air for a few seconds and his heart practically stopped beating. He was fairly quick to get himself in control again, steadying his feet against the wall. He paused for a moment, collecting his bearings, before slowly continuing down, walking down the side of the building. The only thing stopping him from being paralyzed with fear was looking to see how far up he was. So instead, he kept his eyes trained on the wall of the building, trying to go down as fast but as carefully as possible.

With few mishaps, he finally made it to the ground and he breathed a sigh of relief as his feet touched the soft grass. He took the boy back into his arms and backed away from the building to stand where Iris stood with another kid who was helping her hold babies. As he looked up at the burning building, the unmistakable sound of the roof caving in on itself could be heard and he breathed a sigh of relief to know that he’d escaped that.

The sounds of sirens came closer to them, and as Drake started to run towards them with the boy in his arms, he was pulled behind the corner of the hospital. A brief yelp escaped his mouth before a hand roughly covered his mouth. Drake inhaled sharply as he felt the cold barrel of a gun press against the back of his head.

A deep, gravelly voice spoke right into his ear, sending shivers up his spine. “Give me my brother, and no one gets hurt.”


Prompt Five

On the night before his marriage to Joanne Arches, soon to be Joanne Wiles, Kenneth got a visit. It was Kaya, the girl that grew up next door and has been his best friend ever since. They had always pushed back any feelings for each other, telling the world and themselves that, “we are just friends.” She should in the doorway of his parents’ home, holding a teapot, which was lilac in colour. Kenneth didn’t know what was the matter, but she had been crying, that was more than obvious.
“Is everything-”, he started to ask.
But Kaya pushed her way into the house, walking in through the entrance way and into the lounge, plonking herself down on the couch. “I…”, she choked, tears streaming from her eyes. “…There’s this. Do you remember when we… And now tomorrow you’ll be…”

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So for the next few moments, Kenneth just stood there in silence holding Kaya. It was rather serene, nothing more. Just the two of them, on the couch, leaning against the other for support in this much-needed silence. It was mostly in that moment that it felt like the world was actually slow enough to finally wrap his head around everything. The wedding jitters - that’s what everyone else called them and it was quite common. Kenneth would think nothing of them until now.

But suddenly with Kaya there, all those childhood memories seemed to resurface, then the lilac teapot-

He barely flinched when Kaya sniffled and fell into a hug with him, more so for support. He naturally reciprocated.

“All these years…and now you’ll be finally…” she continued.

“Kaya, if you have anything on your mind, I will be here for you. It up to you to tell me everything or nothing. I just want you to know that I will support you.”

Kaya choked back another tea before sitting up, blowing her nose on a napkin before running her fingers through her messy locks. “I- I don’t know. It’s just been so long, so long and you know, I haven’t seen you and thought that maybe one day we’d get back together…” She then broke into a new fit of tears.

Kenneth just grimaced before forcing a neutral smile again because he had the sinking feeling of what this conversation was about, he heavily wanted to deny it. Now he actually knew and everything just seemed more real. Whatever he said was going to hurt someone in the end.

“Kaya, I love Joanne-” he started

“I know,” she whispered back, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this is inappropriate, but I just had to see you. I’m happy for you, you finally got everything…”

“But you still harbour certain feelings for me…?”

She just nodded before slipping her face back into her hands, sniffing and wiping away tears. Kenneth continued to just hold her looking for some sort of response.

“I at least want you to have this,” she said suddenly, before holding out the teapot.


Kenneth looked down at the teapot, he couldn’t take it. Not right now, not like this. Kaya’s arms stayed extended outwards, her hands cupping the teapot’s base. No words came to mind. The moment became tenser the longer no one spoke.

Two minutes passed. The silence was becoming so deafening for Kenneth that he couldn’t hear himself think. with his lips slightly parted, the corners dried. He felt the need to lick his lips but stopped himself before he did.
Another minute passed, then Kaya broke the awkwardness, sobbing, “Please take-”
“James!”, Kenneth cut her off suddenly. “What about James? Your boyfriend. The one you live with. The one who was also on double date two days ago. What about him?”
Kaya paused, lowering her arms and looking down at her lap ashamedly. “…He’s at home, but…”

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