A Weekly Photography Challenge

Hey @Artists!

This will be a quick photography competition each week. Anyone can enter and anyone can vote. So a little longer than the previous photography challenge.

Except this time the winner gets the amazing Photographer of the Month badge!

How this works:

  • The first 12-24 hours are to vote on the week’s challenge them from the 10 options
  • Then 4-5 days are to submit a photo/image
  • The next 24 hours are voting on the submissions
  • The winner is announced, and they get to choose the replacement challenge theme to add to the poll of 10.
  • Then it all repeats

Very simple rules:

  • Original work only
  • You must follow the theme of the week, which is open to interpretation.
  • One to two images per user for each challenge.
  • Please don’t reuse images that were submitted in previous challenges OR the Tri-daily challenge.
  • Any photos are accepted. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a phone or a camera.
  • You are allowed to edit, photoshop, and/or add filters to your entries.
  • You may vote for yourself.


Challenge One theme: Architecture & the winner was @astxrism
Challenge Two theme: City Streets & the winner was @idiot.exe
Challenge Three theme: Flowers & the winner was @DeliriumCroissant
Challenge Four theme: The Forest & the winner was @DeliriumCroissant
Challenge Five theme: Silhouettes & the winner was @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Six theme: Nature & the winner was @AS007
Challenge Seven theme: Monochrome & the winner was @Duckling & @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Eight theme: The Beach & the winner was @IzzieSilver
Challenge Nine theme: Food & the winner was @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Ten theme: Reflective & the winner was @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Eleven theme: Holidays & the winner was @Edelgard
Challenge Twelve theme: Sources of Light & the winner was @Divcp
Challenge Thirteen theme: Cloudy Skies & the winner was @Meekepeek
Challenge Fourteen theme: Hats & the winner was @Meekepeek
Challenge Fifteen theme: Colourful Contrast & the winner was @Meekepeek
Challenge Sixteen theme: Portraits & the winners was @Meekepeek & @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Seventeen theme: Rain & the winner was @GlitterFist
Challenge Eighteen theme: A Bug’s View & the winner was @CrazyCaliope
Challenge Nineteen theme: Depth of Field & the winner was @CerealKiller
Challenge Twenty theme: Fire & the winner was @DeliriumCroissant
Challenge Twenty-One theme: TBA & the winner was USER
Challenge Twenty-Two theme: TBA & the winner was USER
Challenge Twenty-Three theme: TBA & the winner was USER
Challenge Twenty-Four theme: TBA & the winner was USER
Challenge Twenty-Five theme: TBA & the winner was USER
Challenge Twenty-Six theme: TBA & the winner was USER

Good luck and have fun,
Caliope (wink)



Which theme would you like for the first challenge?

Closes in less than 12 hours.

  • Architecture
  • City Streets
  • Flowers
  • Hats
  • In Motion
  • Macro
  • Monochrome
  • Reflective
  • Silhouettes
  • Symmetry

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Yesss it’s back :star_struck:



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Yeah, sorry it took so long, guys.

But yes, it is back, and with a couple of little changes. (wink)

plz architecture :pleading_face: :pray:

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They’re not leaving the poll. So if it doesn’t get it this week then it stays as an option until it happens. (wink)

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Ooh good to know

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Challenge One theme: Architecture

Submit your entries below, @Artists! (wink)

Remember to check the rules first.


Finished making this cardboard house a few days ago . Which I eventually used for a 2 min puppet animation for class , here’s a screenshot of that. :eyes:




nooooo :sob:
another commitment

Any more submissions, @Artists?


Heres mine!



rip I can’t go outside


Oof okay let’s see…


Omg that looks so cool

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Thanks ! Loved making it as well :two_hearts: