Abandoned Story Ideas

What’s the story behind your abandoned stories?

At the start of 2019, I wanted to write a family sitcom type of story. I had my main character and her family. But I didn’t really have a plot. I changed it constantly and re-wrote the first episode about ten times or more, until finally deciding on having her be a writer for an online magazine, and each chapter would be based on an article she had to write. The chapters would be stand-alone episodes, like in a sitcom, where that situation would be solved at the end of each chapter.
However, the MC was dull. Pretty much a Mary-Sue, but not even as ‘special’ as a Mary-Sue is supposed to be. Just an average, slightly quirky, boring girl. I couldn’t continue writing about someone who sparked… nothing.

I also had an idea to rewrite a story I wrote years ago that was set in 1895. But I wanted to combine in with another old story, and… it just got too complicated. So I ditched that idea, too.

Share your ideas, complaints, unused plot lines, and advice for people who have abandoned stories here!


I have so many unused plotlines :woman_facepalming: I come up with all these great ideas but never have the patience to develop them. If anyone needs prompts feel free to message me :v:
One that I really loved but didn’t end up doing was a story where the main character wished they weren’t in their family/life, and then kind of got to see what life would be like without them. But the thing was that in the universe everyone who is close to dying (or not existing in the world as we know it) gets a choice to see what the world would be like without them and then decide if they want to come back or not. So like, the MC met someone who was on life support and wasn’t planning on returning to life, but they both kind of explore the world together, talk to some other “ghosts” or whatever, and both eventually decide that continuing with life is worth it for them. I really wanted to write that one, but I’m not good enough at Episode coding to do all the complex point systems and directing I think the story would have needed.


That is so good! Personally I think you should definitely write that storyline, it’s very original and unique in my opinion and it could easily blow up. I would start planning the story first, like on Google docs or something then I would start writing bc it would be easier to just look at the script and write from there since you won’t forget anything.

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I have so many omds.

The heartless.

So this story was going to be about a virus that destroyed the world and turned people into something non human and everyone who survived minds were enhanced.

This was inspired by the maze runner but then i lost inspiration for it.
I may write it in the future but rn its a nahhh.

Unknown dreams

This one was going to be about the mc sees the same person in her dreams every night and one day they show up at her school.

Again i lost inspiration.

Dead or Alive

I made it up to chapter 2 before i lost inspiration so progress.

It was about the mc sees ghosts her entire life but one day she sees her own ghost and it was going to be about her trying to prevent her death.


This one was going to be about 8 misbehaving kids get sent to a strict boarding school. Will they find redemption or create more chaos?
Trust no one.

It was fun writing but then it went :-1:t3: :-1:t3:

Devil or Angel

Yall cant blame me for not continuing this coz it was so baddd.
It was basically one of those cliche mafia stories.

I wrote it years ago okay dont judge.

The one I am currently writing:

Dead or Alive

This is a thriller kinda story so i decided to keep the name of my other horror story.

Because then i didn’t have to make a new intro lol smort.

Basically about a group of 4 best friends get harassed by a stalking psychopathic killer and it turns them into psychopaths too.


A couple of months ago I published a story called Reaper’s Property. It was about a girl who started a huge gang after her mother died in order to find her killer, but got sidetracked with money and power. The LI was a police officer.
I had a quit working on it because a friend of mine was murdered, and I feel like writing about a person who is looking for her mother’s killer while killing people would be a little triggering for me :woman_shrugging: Well, that and I had no motivation to work on it and I didn’t know where it would go.


That’s awful! :disappointed_relieved:
Sometimes I struggle to find motivation to write, especially now… but I can totally understand how a traumatizing event like that would turn you off from writing about that subject.


I’ve definitely overcome lack of motivation, but I just can’t work on that story. I’m working on a new story, but I’m taking my time to write it so I don’t give up on it. I like the story, and my ideas for the ending are super exciting to work towards!


I’ve abandoned most of my story ideas because they turned out to be either cliche or the MC was a Mary Sue. I don’t mind those points but I don’t want to face the bad reviews just because of that :sweat_smile:

I lose interest in my stories for a while or get busy, and then when I come back I realize there was pretty much nothing there anyways, so… Not like there was much to the story idea anyways (especially not remembering it)