About the Request Services category

This is the perfect place for you to make all of your writing-related requests!

Request Services Guidelines

As always, there are some particular guidelines to keep the forums clutter-free and easy to navigate for everyone.

  • You are welcome to set up “shops” in the Request Servies category if the work is yours.
  • Please post requests in the right subcategory.
  • Please be as detailed as possible when you’re posting.
  • If you are looking for payment for your services, please make that clear in your post.
  • Please be polite and courteous!

To avoid confusion, here is a list of the subcategories on offer here and what they’re for:

Art Feedback

This section is to request art feedback from other users. It’s a place to discuss your artwork and help people to improve. So, you can post your own artwork for people to give their opinions and tips for you to improve. Please do not take commissions from this section.

Writing Feedback

Like the Art Feedback section, this is a place to request feedback from other users. This time it’s for your writing, though! You can post sentences or paragraphs from your work and ask others what they think about it. Please do not advertise editing services here.

Art Commissions

This is the place for all budding artists to set up shop! Here, you can advertise for paid art commissions or unpaid art requests (as long as you make it clear in the post if you expect some form of payment). You’re also free to set up threads asking for an artist, too!

Editing Services

Here is the place for our story and grammar experts to set up shop. This is a subcategory for all of your editing, translation and proofreading needs. Editors, translators and proofreaders can provide paid or unpaid services, but please make sure you make it clear in your post if you want payment. You can also set up threads to request editing help, too!

Find a Writing Partner

This subcategory is exactly what you’d expect: a chance to find yourself a writing partner if you would like to work with someone. It’s also the place to advertise writing groups (I would have put it in the title, but “find a writing partner or writing group” just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Request ShanniiWrites Posts

This is where I come in. This is a forum for ShanniiWrites, after all! If you’re struggling with your writing and you need a blog post or story prompt to give you a little extra inspiration, this is the place to post! Also, it’s a great place to find posts if there’s something already out there that you’re looking for. If you think of an idea for a blog post you’d love to write, add it to this subcategory and we could work something out! Get creative!

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