About the Roleplays category

This category is for the role players among us! RP to your heart’s content!

We do have a few rules:

  • Please keep all roleplays PG13.
  • Please have a separate signup thread vs RP thread to keep things organised.
  • Make sure to be polite and cordial to everyone! Unless it’s part of the RP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If You’re New

If you’re new to the whole Roleplaying scene, don’t worry! There is a beginner-friendly tag in the works to ensure that people are as patient with you as possible in those RPs. Plus, we have a lovely group of @RP-Mentors who you can @ with any issues. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

We also have the @RP-Apprentices, who are mentors-in-training and are happy to answer your questions, too. When you feel like you’ve got enough experience, you’re more than welcome to request to become an Apprentice by PMing them!

I recommend having a look through this amazing advice to get started so you know a bit about how Roleplays work:

What’s Going on

We have a lovely Roleplay Event Calendar to let you know what events and holidays are going on in our amazing RP community. Feel free to check it out!

Looking for Adult Roleplays?

If you would like to have NSFW or adult Roleplays, we haven’t forgotten about you! There’s a Restricted Section which can be accessed via Patreon for $3 a month and it gives you the freedom to RP without an age rating restriction!

Some rules apply, but for the most part, you’re much freer than in post forums!


Thank you excellent guide to role play

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