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An Adventure Story

Hey, so this will be based on the old adventure stories, where you get to choose your own path. It will be an SG, though posts/chapters will be shorter so that I can ask you for more input and have you more involved. You will all be a “hero” character and work together on the adventure. With the other RPers, you can talk through decisions and with each other, and use each others’ skills to work together. Please read all the information before creating your character.

Please read all the information and if still unclear then feel free to PM me.

Skill, Stamina, Luck

You will give a score for each one, but they change constantly during the adventure. However, totals may never exceed your initial scores, except on rare occasions.

This score reflects how well you can fight and use a weapon. This is the only score that can stay relatively unaffected.

This score reflects your well-being, your determination and overall fitness. When a stamina score reaches zero, the result is death.

This score reflects how lucky you are. You can use luck at various times. In battle or in other situations, but be aware that you can be lucky or unlucky. If you are lucky, great, but if you are unlucky then the results can disastrous. When using luck in battles, you can use it to inflict a more serious wound on the creature you have wounded or to minimise the effects of a wound inflicted on you.

I will be making sure luck is fair when you use it and be rolling dice to determine the outcome. If you have a higher luck score, the higher your chance to be lucky! Though each time you test your luck, you will subtract on point from your score.


You will often come across creatures on your travels. Some may be friendly and others may not. At times, you may be given the option of either being sneaky or to flee. Although, if not, or if you choose not to, you will battle the creature.

During a battle, you will be given the creature’s stamina and skill score. Depending on your attacks, movement, and other choices, will depend on the damage you cause and how much is caused to you. Getting damaged will make your stamina (and possibly skill) level to decrease, meaning you will be weaker in the battle unless you manage to restore it. You may have to fight more than one monster at a time, but you will be told how to deal with it when it happens.

If you decide to flee during a battle, then it should be noted that the creature automatically gets one wound on you.

Equipment & Potions

You will start with the bare minimum of equipment, but you can find or buy more during your travels. You are armed with your weapon of choice and dressed in leather armour. You will have a backpack for your Provisions and any treasures you come across.

In addition, you may take one bottle of magic potion to help aid you in your quest. These can be taken at any time during the quest, except when engaged in battle. Each potion may only be used once.

Here are the choices:
A potion of skill - restores your skill points
A potion of strength - restores your stamina points
A potion of fortune - restores your luck points and adds one to your initial score.

Adventure One (complete):

The town of Stonebridge is in danger. An ancient doom is coming and only one object can be used to fight against it, to protect the town. Unfortunately, it’s the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. The missing pieces of the hammer can be found within the threatening shadows of Darkwood Forest, where all the deadliest creatures live.
You must work together, or alone, to find the Hammer of Stonebridge. You will start your, adventure with weapons, gold, potions, and provisions. Not to mention, you will have a number for each of the following: Skill, Stamina, and luck, which can decrease during battles. So you decide what you do while trying to race through the dangers to find the Hammer and save lives, without dying yourself. Yes, you can fail, and you can die. Many dangers lie ahead of you and your success is by no means certain.
Are you up for the adventure?

Adventure Two:

Death, Traps and Dungeons You have all decided to enter Baron Sukumvit’s “Trial of Champions”. Competing against other adventurers, you must defeat monsters, navigate the labyrinth of dungeons, and collect certain gems, which are the key to escaping and winning the Trial. Can you be the first to return? The first to survive the trial?


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Okaaay… So I’ll copy and post the SG thread posts later today (or sort of tomorrow for me).
But I was just wondering if there were any other users who’d like to be part of this. I was looking for a small group, though size doesn’t really matter, who can just vote on the decisions for four of the old characters. They are Aelric, Desiree, Julian, and Samantha. It only involves reading along and voting on a poll and/or answering a question every so often. (Not for those with a living character)
Do you want to be part of this group for me, please?

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Hey guys, sorry that I’ve taken sooo long to get back onto reposting the story here on this forum. I promise to try to be better now.

Just to help motivate me to do this, I was just wondering if there was anyone who has been reading or rereading through the story and what your thoughts were on it? Well, if you had any on it… that’s all…

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