Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ok, sorry

That was me getting my anger out. I’ve had the week from hell, and it’s only my first week in college.


curls up in ball


Let’s go punch walls

@rozie, I can see you liking my posts. Get over here.

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I’d break my hand, then I’d feel even worse.

Let’s punch weak walls

busts through wall Koolaid man style

americans smh

holds up mini American flag

At least bring cheezits with you

With me where?

To punching walls

Something with koolaid

I lost attention

Jonestown flashbacks

Anyway, my week sucked.

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Anyone know what I’m talking about? Koolaid?


Koolaid is delish

Update on my current state: Welp, had another breakdown and am eating ramen because the cafeteria closed.

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Go to the favorite lyrics thread if you need a cry.

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