Animal Crossing Tutorial

This is going to be a broad tutorial over the Animal Crossing Series. Since I have only played Animal Crossing Wild World it will mostly be over that game. I will link videos about the other games plus Wild World. So, let’s get started!

Start of the game:

Before you start out the game, you can customize your character and name them. You start out in a town with no bells(in-game money) so you make a deal with The Tanuki, Tom Nook. He gives you a mortgage you have to pay off over time. There is no set time for paying the mortgage. Each tier of the mortgage is different when you pay it off. You will interact with the animals that live in the town with you. They will give you items or even talk to you about the information that they have picked up. You can keep the items for your home in order to furnish your home. You can buy clothing from Able Sister’s which also allows you to design your own clothes. Harriet, the salon hairstylist, can change the color of your hair depending on what answers you answer her prompts she asks.

Ways to get bells to pay Tom Nook off:

  • Fossils - they will be marked by stars on the ground. You can dig them up with a shovel in the game. These fossils can be taken to the museum where you can showcase them off after the curator Blathers identifies them. If you already have the pieces you find in the museum then you can take them to Tom Nook’s store to sell them to Tom for bells. Fossils can bring in a lot of money. They generate randomly throughout the game at random times.

  • Selling items you find - There is a multitude of items you can sell throughout the game. These items are shells, fish, clothes, furniture, and some weird dance instruments as well. There is supposedly a set collection of them to find in the game. You can take your items to Tom Nook, who is in charge of the general store in the game. He sells plants, carpet, tools, and many more items. If you get far enough into the game you can meet his nephews who sell furniture on the second floor of the store.

  • Fish - Fish can be caught with the fishing pole in the game. You can take your fish to the museum for them to go into the aquarium there. If you already have a certain species of fish in the aquarium then you can sell any extra fish from that species to Tom or you can keep the fish as pets.

  • Fruit From Trees & Flowers - You can plant certain trees and plants in your town. The trees will grow fruit every day which you can sell to Tom Nook for bells. Flowers can be sold to Tom Nook for bells as well. There are many plants, trees, and fossils in the game to find.

How to pay off your Mortgage?

  • You can go to the town hall at the top of the town. Once inside, head to the second window then ask to make a payment. The Morning character is the nicer one of the two animals that work in the town hall. The Night character is snarky with everything you ask. Once, they open up to see how much mortgage you have left to pay. They will ask you how much to pay which a little number pad will pop up to type the amount in.

How many mortgage tiers are there?

  • First Tier - 19,800 Bells just for the house.
  • Second Tier - 120,000 Bells for the first house expansion.
  • Third Tier - 298,000 Bells for the second house expansion.
  • Fourth Tier - 598,000 Bells for the upstairs room.
  • Fifth Tier - 798,000 Bells for the left room.
  • Sixth Tier - 848,000 Bells for the right room.
  • Seventh Tier - 948,000 Bells for the back room.

In Total: 3,559,800 Bells for the whole house over the course of the game.

Here is a video that goes over Animal Crossing: Wild World which can be played on 3DS as of today.

Animal Crossing; Wild World - Video Tutorial

Animal Crossing: City Folk - Video Tutorial

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Video Tutorial

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Video Tutorial



I have only played animal crossing new horizons. I love it, though I did downloade pocket camp. but havent open it

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Everyone is playing it, I wish I could :pleading_face:

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Selling bugs is great too! Scorpions, tarantulas and beetles can sometimes sell for around 8-10k bells each. Filling your inventory with them and selling them to Tom Nook/Timmy and Tommy can get you over 200k bells. If you’re playing New Horizons, keep them and sell them to Flick. He gives you 1.5x the normal amount of bells. He turns up every 1-2 weeks in your town.

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Good to know! Sadly I can’t play New Horizons since I do not have a switch. I do not trust the computer hack version.

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I wish I had the new one :sob:

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Yeah, it would be fun to play! I’m going to try to buy New Leaf and City Folk for my 3DS.

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That’s awesome!! I hope you get them.

I only have New Leaf.

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Yep, I’m excited for them!

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Is New Leaf fun?

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Yea, it’s pretty fun! They have things that the new one doesn’t I think. In New Leaf you can go to this island called “Tortimer Island” where you can catch huge fish and sharks and sell them for lots of money. You can also play games there. But for the most part, it’s the same as the new one (Although the new one does has some cool new features that New Leaf does not have).


Good to know! Maybe I will eventually buy a switch.

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idk but tom nook seems like a crook :sob:

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Yeah, he does come off that way to me also.

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This is super helpful for people who just started playing! :smiley_cat: I wish I had Animal Crossing New Horizons

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I got it last fall and I’m so obsessed!
I watch a lot of people on yt to see how they’re designing their islands and it’s so entertaining. There are a lot of tutorials on terraforming, decorating…

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:leaves: Added a tag :leaves:

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