Animal Writing Prompts (Monthly)

This thread is going to be bi-weekly animal prompts. I will post a prompt that users will continue off of with their twist to the prompt. We will try to write a story with the prompts during the allotted time. This will help you if you want to learn how to write animal characters. Check the link below for tips on how to write about animals. I will be using the proper terms of what genders naturally call the animals. This does require research when writing about animals.

Prompt #1

The gold grass swayed slowly back in forth from the breeze that cut through the searing heat of the day. A tanned body slid through the grass with ease as she moved towards her prey. Tiva was tired from the heat but still had enough energy to bring home dinner. She kept her head low as she crouched closer to the ground. The ungainly brunette gazelle could barely see her in the grass. Tiva had the advantage since the wind blew towards her, which kept her under the little horned animal’s sense of smell. She gracefully slid forward as the little gazelle kept eating unbeknownst of its surroundings. Tive froze at the sound of paws treading across the ground. Her temper started to sear with every second the steps came closer. She would kill anything that got in the way of this succulent cow that she had her sights set on. The gazelle’s head snapped up at the sound that was coming closer. She cocked her ears in each direction, but they were a ways away from her. She lowered her head back down so she could resume eating. She still felt like something was wrong, but there weren’t any alerting noises other than the paw steps from before.

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I want to write something but I’m actually struggling with where to go, 'cause my first thought is to kill the gazelle. Maybe I should come back to this later.


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Tawny fur blended with the dry grass, which crushed slightly under Tiva's paws. The only things that separated her from her surroundings were her large amber eyes, shining with the cold hunger of a big cat. She was only a few feet away now. She could see how the fur rippled as the gazelle bent over for another bite of grass, hear its rhythmic heartbeat. Her deadly claws slid out of her paws. She waited for it to lower its head, to be completely unsuspecting, before pouncing in a blur of fur and muscle.

Tiva was fast.

The gazelle was faster.

It darted out of the way, still holding onto the clump of grass in its mouth, leaving Tiva scrambling on the ground. She got up, shock partially dissipated, but the gazelle was already miles ahead of her. She roared in frustration, probably scaring off most of the prey in a five-mile radius. She hung her head and retracted her claws, padding back to the kopje.

She arrived after a few minutes of walking, the hill lit by the setting sun casting wide shadows across the grasslands. An older lioness sat at the base, greying golden fur shining in the evening sunlight. “Elder Eshe,” Tiva greeted, bowing her head as she approached.

“Young Tiva,” Eshe replied. Eshe looked her up and down, disappointment clouding her eyes. “You’ve failed to bring in prey yet again, it seems.”

Tiva looked away in shame. “Prey is far too sparse lately.”

Eshe shook her head. “Which is exactly the reason we need strong hunters like you to do their jobs. You need to learn how to control your temper. We can’t have you scaring away every animal in our territory whenever you get frustrated!”

Tiva snarled, more angry at herself than the elder lioness.

“You’re almost fully grown, Tiva,” Eshe continued. “You’re one of the strongest lionesses in the pride already. It would be a waste to have you cooped up raising cubs for the rest of your life.”

Tiva paused. “Goodnight, Eshe,” she said finally, before leaping up and climbing the boulders to the small outcropping where her family was. Her mother had given birth to another litter only a week earlier, right at the beginning of the dry season. Tiva wasn’t sure they would make it, but her mother was holding onto hope.

She peeked her head into the den. Her mother was laying down, resting as the cubs played nearby. There were two females, as well as the male runt, Dakari. He was Tiva’s favorite. She padded up to her mother and lied down, watching the cubs.

“No prey again, Tiva?” She asked warily.

Tiva rested her head on her paws. “No, mother. I’m sorry.”

Her mother sighed, shutting her eyes.The pregnancy had been hard on her. Not only had the drought started a few weeks before the normal dry season, leaving her with barely anything to eat, but her pregnancy had been large- six cubs. Two had died, leaving the three females and sole male.

Tiva stared out at the night sky. She didn’t want to disappoint her pride. She knew she could be a good huntress, she just wasn’t sure… how.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw three silhouettes moving against the night. It was strange- Tiva had sworn everyone was already in the kopje. As they got closer, Tiva could see that it was three young males. The hair on her back stood up. A sole male meant one thing.

The pride was going to be challenged.

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The males trotted closer to the kopje until they were upon it, where Tiva could see the alpha male of her pride—who was also her father—slowly getting closer to them. By his side was her uncle Kwame, the two of them looking fierce in the glow of the moon. Usually, the sight of the two males of her pride gave her a sense of safety, but looking at the new lions, all she felt was a sense of dread.

Tiva turned to look at her mother, whose eyes remained closed. She was tired, and Tiva couldn’t blame her. However, she was in no condition to fight for the lives of her cubs who would likely be killed if the takeover was successful. Tiva may have failed to bring prey home again, but she would not fail to keep her siblings alive. As they curled up to her mother to suckle, she moved to the mouth of the den, watching the confrontation from a distance.

She could hear her father and uncle’s roars booming through the night, but the young males wouldn’t back down. She could see that they were fit and strong; while her father and uncle had always been a fearsome sight, she could tell these new lions packed a lot in their bite. It was still for a moment, nobody moving. Suddenly, the lion in the middle leaped for her uncle, teeth bared and claws out. Kwame didn’t react fast enough, and the lions’ claws sliced him in the face. He roared in anger, but in a flash of golden fur, Kwame suddenly had two lions on him. They tackled him to the ground, biting and scratching him as Tiva watched in horror.

The remaining lion, the biggest of the two, ran at her father, the two of them engaging in a series of slices at each other with their claws. Their roars were loud and jarring, one so much so that her mother abruptly rose from her nap. Tiva glanced back at her, seeing her mother’s tired expression and the cubs that had snuggled up against her, scared.

She had to help, she had to do something. She wasn’t just going to let her pride be taken over so easily. Tiva pawed the ground, anger building in her. With a sudden burst of energy, she bounded from the den, roaring and jumping at the lion who had been attacking her father. “Get away from him!” she bellowed as she slashed at the lion’s face. The lion sneered, assessing her with a single glance and seeming to find no threat.

“Little girl, go back home. This is for the adults,” he said, his voice taut with determination. Her father pushed her back with his feet, tossing her a glare that made her feel chastised. “Go home Tiva. This isn’t your fight.”

She growled, throwing her father a sharp gaze. She jumped at the lion, balancing on two paws and she used her front paws to battle with the lion. He suddenly sliced at her face, and she fell, wounded. The lion scoffed as her dad let out a roar so loud she felt the ground quake beneath her, a roar full of rage. He raced at the lion with newfound vigour, and the lion dedicated his full attention to dealing with Tiva’s father. Tiva, on the ground, rolled her head and saw her uncle also on the ground, being bit over and over again by one of the lions. Despite all the bites, Kwame didn’t move.

Tears sprung to her eyes, but she didn’t dwell on her uncle’s death—there was no time to. She needed to save her pride. Where is that other lion? She furtively looked around, scanning the landscape until she finally saw the gold tuft of a tail slipping into the den—her den.

She leaped to her feet, racing into the den where her family resided. Inside the den, her mother was on her paws, weakly roaring at the intruder as two of the cubs cowered behind her. Tiva noted that these two cubs were Asha and Lulu, the two females, which meant Dakari was… where? Her eyes shot to the lion, and the golden body of fur in his jaws. The lion turned slightly upon hearing her entry, and that confirmed it. In his mouth, limp, was Dakari, her brother.


The male through Dakari towards the wall which aroused Dakari enough cry out in pain. Tiva shaking in anger from seeing her limp brother’s body let out a heavy sigh of relief when he cried out. Tiva used that burning relieved anger as she darted for the male with fury. The male lion spun around in shock before he felt Tiva’s full weight hit him hard onto the ground. She wasn’t about to let this shameless excuse for a lion to hurt anymore of her family. She roared into his then in a flurry started slashing at him with her claws. He cried out in shock from Tiva’s sudden attack but that didn’t deter him from pushing off the ground with his full strength which threw Tiva a few feet away near Dakari. Tiva looked behind her at her dazed brother for a second before whipping back around snarling as the lion stalked over to her with burning furry in his eyes. “Tiva, you foolish brat, this isn’t your fight!” he snarled at her while standing a few inches away from her. She hissed “Right, because going after defenless pups is honourable, Ekon! Touch my family again and I will kill you!” With that Tiva slashed out at Ekon forcing him to back up into the den wall. She rammed him into the as fast as she could when the opportunity opened. Tiva swiveled her ear around in mid fight as she her pawsteps behind her. Her mother had seemed to gotten enough energy to run over to Dakari. As she was picking him up, Ekon roared up at Tiva who slammed him down on the ground again. She didn’t waste time as she lunged for his throat with quick speed Tiva killed Ekon.

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The steps approached faster as if they were running. Tiva immediately raised her head to see her parents standing in front of her backs turned hairs on end. “Whats going on?” She asked fearfully. An echo of a shot rang out and birds scattered around. Another shot rang out and much larger footsteps echoed. Tivas legs became weak as two humans stood in the distance holding some sort of long nosed device. It was the source of the noise that caused birds to scatter. “Get out of here.” Her mother commanded pushing her away. “And leave you two?” She cried out afraid. Before Tiva could protest the shots came closer as the humans crept nearer. The gazelle was suddenly pushed away from her parents by her father who urged her to run. The two humans had approached much closer than they were. All Tiva could hear were the same loud pops as she her feet carried her away. Tears filled her eyes blurring her vision as a hazy vison of her mother running beside her was seen. The two continued together as far as their legs would go until Tivas mother suddenly fell out. The gazelle ran over to her side seeing a circular injury gush blood. “Mom!?” She cried out. A shallow breath came from the elder followed by a strained “get out of here.” Tiva sniffed at her mother urging her to get up only to see the light drain from her eyes.

The creature let out a blood curdling cry which only alerted humans to where they made their kill. Tiva kissed her mother goodbye only to run off again into the deep brush completely hidden. Day turned to night and vice versa as she fed on the grasses around her. Rage and sorrow built inside as she mourned every single moment. Many moons passed when humans showed up again rifles in hand. A small gazelle no more than eight stood grazing. The hunters loaded their guns pointing at it. Before they could take a shot a much larger gazelle pierced one hunter in the eye with her horns and ate out the vocal cords of the other. The baby gazelle stared at the now bloodied one an eye hanging on its horn. “You shouldn’t stray from your parents.” A much older Tiva spoke. The gazelle stared sadly. “They’re gone?” She asked. A sheepish nodd was given before her hardened gaze softened. “Come on.” She spoke.

Tiva and the little one walked together in a large hollowed out tree as they entered creatures of all sizes and species were together happily. The elder showed the newborn around “This is where the everyone whos family were taken by hunters stays now…We look out for each other.” She explained. The shy creature nodded. A few birds flew down from the tree. “I saw you take care of those humans that was awesome.” He tweeted. “It had to be done.” Tiva spoke. “Still cool.” The bird flew around. “Yeah…it was thanks to your calls I got to her in time.” The gazelle said revealing the newest member. “Show her around?” She smiled. “Sure.” The bird tweeted. “Yeah nothing says come join my totally safe community like being covered in blood with an eye on your antler.” A lioness smiled. Tiva tried to tackle her only to fail. “Shut up.” She laughed as the lioness and bird showed the new born to her found family.


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