Anime & Manga merch!

Do you buy any anime/manga merch?
What kind of merch did you buy?
And from what anime/manga?
Where did you buy it from?
Did the product(s) meet your expectations, or were you disappointed?
Was the product(s) expensive?

Personally, I don’t buy any merch because I’m broke. :disappointed_relieved:

Bought a naruto headband years ago. Such a disappointment. It was chunkier than I was expecting. For a 12 year using what little money I could find around the house, it was expensive.

Haven’t bought any merch from anime or manga since then

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I found a bunch of shirts on Hot Topic’s website. I’m planning to buy some, but I need help deciding which.

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No but I’m planning on getting some sooner or later.

Prolly all of the anime’s I’ve watched… Which there are a lot of.

Don’t know yet, gotta buy them first.

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