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This be how they want the thread

“Oh you have a face…NEXT”


If the forums don’t start paying for themselves soon, I’ll have to shut them down! More users means more chances for the Forums to pay for themselves (sponsorship opportunities etc).

We also have 500 users. Most of the new people who join aren’t active after the 1st day, and most of the staff members have 500 other things that we need to do to keep the activity up.

People seem to forget: this place is costing me over $100 a month to run and I make $30 back from it. That’s over $70 loss each month! It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that I can’t afford to give everything I want to, and if I stopped caring about gaining new users, a lot of people would lose their safe space.

Though I’m the owner and it seems like we’re really successful, this place is currently bleeding money. I’m a volunteer forking out quite a lot of my minimum wage salary to make a place that people can make new friends and discuss what they want. I would love to spend all my time talking to you guys and making you feel welcome, but I work two jobs and then I come on here and see that the activity has dropped and I start to freak out because I put a lot of work into this place and in over a year since this place has been opened, I’ve spent over $1000 to keep it up. It’s hard. Plus, the mental health isn’t great right now :crazy_face:

I really don’t mind people spending time on the Episode forums. It’s not my concern, really. I don’t see why someone would want to spend their time and resources on trying to get the Episode RP section back when they don’t want you, though. You have a place here that is begging for active RPers and does everything it can to make this place a fun one to RP.

I just don’t have the time, and the staff members who actually spend their time on here either have to pick up the slack because there are some staff members who don’t do much. They don’t have time to reach out to people, either, with all the flags and games and things they do for the Forums. I wish I could produce more time and money out of my ass for this place, but it’s hard right now.

There are many reasons why the Forums are struggling. We lost adsense. We don’t have enough people who want to join the Restricted Section. We have a lot of users who don’t actually use their accounts once they make them.

The thing is, activity isn’t the thing that stops us from struggling. It’s just a start.


What if I don’t have a face :sob:


We have a slenderman thread


We do?:eyes:


Of course


I can give you a bunch of reasons why the Forums are failing, actually:

  • AdSense bye bye
  • Not enough people old enough to get the Restricted Section
  • More users actually means more expensive forums.
  • Some of the users we have are spreading misinformation. I mean, I’m a lot of things, but a tyrant isn’t one of them. I set up the staff as a way to get away from the discipline side of things. I’m not involved in that, but when something goes wrong or someone is upset, despite the fact that I do everything I can, people still act like I’m out to get them. I’m starting to lose faith, tbh. I really think I might as well close this place down.
  • Some staff members don’t put in the work.

This place is a safe space for a lot of people. If I can’t run it anymore, it’s not just me who suffers. In fact, it’s a load of my pocket.


Oh and also, all we can do is extend a hand. We can’t make people take it. Many of the staff members and awesome veteran users let people know that they can message them if they need anything. I know @Duckling for example tells people that she is always open if people want to find new friends.

In the future, we will make some more meeting and matchmaking type events to help people make friends, but that’s what we need the new staff for!


… Yeah time to mute this thread


I’m so sorry, honestly, it sounds like she’s got a Thorne in her side and is taking it out on you. I doubt you’ve done anything.

Reminds me of my granddad…

That’s good. I still don’t see how you offended her tho.

I understand that, but on the flip side, I find it difficult to talk to people I don’t know.

I’m here for you.


Son, beauty is subjective. If you find everyone ugly/unattractive then I don’t know what to tell you.


This is true, if you ever want to be turned into a duck friends with me just message me :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

Ooo, sounds rad :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


The Announcements tag has been changed so that only Mods and Admins can use it :+1:

If you’d like to have it on your thread, tag the Mods and we’ll have a read over your thread and deem whether or not it should be there


Phew :sweat_smile:
I was kind of getting tired of being tagged on the same thread more than once.


Knowing that words alone won’t change anything I did make a little donation on the altar of Shanos. Sadly, my life keeps falling apart lately, but I hope to be more talkative and useful as soon as things are settled. :pensive:


Thank you so much :sob: I did get it! It is seriously appreciated! I didn’t mean to make people donate haha :sweat_smile: More just explain the issues


I wanted to say that we only started to think of ways to help this place when life came in the way, it’s not like I thought that I did my dues and am done now. :sweat_smile:


Why, don’t you know? I am so offended you forgot your favourite enemy. :joy: lol, just kidding! Whoever you are, sir, we are not “on outs with each other” thank you. :kissing_heart: I’m a total delight to be friends with, shhhh.

Yep! I can second that. I left because I needed time to focus on my studies and other stuff and no kidding, it was an awesome experience in itself to be a mod even for a few months.



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