Anonymous Confessions 🤐

Dude. Sameeee.

Me. Oof.

I feel Ur pain. I’m in similar situations.


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eee rrr


Sexual attraction is feeling attraction sexually towards someone else. Being asexual means you don’t experience sexual attraction. You can still have sex as an ace, it’s different from abstinence. Sex drive means how often you want to have sex. :thinking::white_heart:


I think he’ll be fine.

:frowning:! That is a CRIME against HUMANITY.

I dunno. They are scared?


I know it’s hard, but you will get through it… if you hadn’t already.

bang your head against the wall that should help

You are none.

This passed so I have nothing much to say…

Sometimes I feel that way… talk :sweat_smile:





If you don’t like him… you don’t have to be with him…


Are there any new confessions @fcukforcookies ? :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Who did you think it was? You can message me privately if you want.


There are. Sorry Cookie is trying to do everything at the same time and failing.


Don’t worry about it


Oh no. I just remembered my humiliating confession. :shushing_face::white_heart:





Im posting this annoymously because I feel really ashamed by it. But. In response to #583

When I was told my aunt died I had to leave the room because I was trying not to laugh. I was crying, slot, but then I had the urge to laugh so I left so I didnt upset my dad.



My feelings are seriously hurt right now. The people that mean the most to me have been acting distant for about a month and a half towards me, and they wont tell me what I did wrong. Lets call them Person A, B, and C. Today, I asked Person A if I could help them with something, to which they replied, "No, because Person B doesnt want you to come over since your smell stays in our house." Person C got mad at Person A for saying that. So, I told Person B to tell me the truth, that if they dont like my perfume, I wont wear it around them. Person B said its really nothing, that Person A took it out of context. No one has ever told me I smell strange, and I have a good sense of smell so I always notice smells that are kind of... off. But Person C for some reason doesnt seem happy to see me anymore like they used to. I seriously feel awful and dont know if I should talk to Person B in private, or what. I dont want to lose them because I love these people.



Ive decided to appreciate the forum staff and bring back some positivity to these anonymous threads. If I forget someone, Im eating a moth.

@shanniiwrites, youre amazing at debating and discussions, and this forum is awesome. @chaoticdeluge, your art is wonderful, and youre really cool. @chococaramela, youre a great music addict and I love your taste in music. @eleanor_w15 (I hope I spelled your username right), youre a spectacular mod, and you have a great music taste too. @jass, youre a very friendly person, and you seem really nice.

Now time for the leaders. @hanna1, youre very funny, and make great polls. @meghanwrites, youre an awesome leader, and youre also quite funny. @caticorn, I love your username, and youre a great leader. @stargazer54, every time theres a frantic situation the staff have to deal with, you always manage to stay calm, and youre a wonderful leader. @alissagrace, by the time you read this, Im
not sure if youre still one of the forum staff (Ill miss ya), but youre really friendly and cool. @fcukforcookies, I love your art, and this thread is amazing.

Some days, I enjoy coming to the ShanniiWrites forums, while enjoying some salty coke. It makes me feel wonderful




Its 579 responding, I like talking about sex in general, and learning more about how it works. I dont mind watching sex scenes, but any close up, detailed picture of genitals makes me uncomfortable. I dont like talking/thinking about myself having sex, and I dont experience sexual attraction, but if other people were to have sex in the same room as me (as long as it isnt my bedroom), I wouldnt care. I mostly just enjoy learning about what sex actually feels like.



Ok, i have a major question right now. So i have been friends with this girl since the beginning of the school year and we have been really good friends. But she happens to have PE class at the same period as i have and she doesnt like PE while i do and i like playing sports with my classmates but she wants to go somewhere else and hang out. And its not only that, also when the bell rings and we wait outside of our class for the teachers to come she wants me to keep her company outside her class and wait for my teacher but i have to look out for when the teachers enter the classroom. Is that friendship toxic?

It depends. If you don’t say what’s bothering you…Then not really. You have to communicate with the other person. If they dunno what they are doing wrong then what can they do? If you did say what’s bothering you, and they didn’t care then…



Sometimes life can be so boring. Maybe we should have a zombie apocalypse to spice it up.

you mean YOUR life can be boring. You know, if you are bored, find something fun to do, don’t wish majority of the planet died for your entertainment.



I wish I could express myself without worrying that people will judge me.

Well just do it.



So when I am role playing with someone...and they go offline...I stalk their profile for a while u til they come online...



I confess that I really want to have a forum wedding but I dont want to forum marry myself :joy: