Anonymous letters to the deceased

It’s not uncommon for someone to lose a person to death. And it’s not uncommon for someone to want to talk to them again, or see them.

If you want it to remain private under your name, but still want it validated through a post in general, here is a form for you. Make sure to say if you don’t want it posted as well, if you don’t, I won’t. :black_heart:

Also it can be a famous dead person too as well! Those are welcomed. And can also be posted yourself on this thread.


Letter #1

TW: Suicide

Hey C,

I hope you’re happy now. No matter how angry it makes me that you decided to take your own life, I wish you the best. I wish that you are no longer suffering the way you did behind closed doors. I wish you would have came to someone so maybe we could have prevented such a horrible thing like your suicide. Please be happy there, please in the name of f!cking jesus, be happy wherever you are, you deserve it.


This is so amazing for you to make this thread.
I’m sure a lot of people appreciate it.
Thank you


Oh shoot, I didn’t think I’d get responses and I did.

I’ll post them now!


Letter #2


I wish I got to know you. I wish you were in my life for a little longer. I’ll never know how you act. My parents say you are a great person, but they are sucky people. I hope that you at least experienced a tad of modern life.

I wish you the best. Or the worst. I still don’t know you.

~someone who doesn’t know you~


Letter #3

I miss you every day.
If I could just hug you again I would, having you hug me and greet me all those times I came to your house made me feel safe.
I’m sorry I didn’t sit by you when you were in the hospital, I know you got out a few days later, but I was scared I would harm you. Seeing your body lie in the hospital bed always made me cry, I thought I’d make it worse.
You were the only person who treated me with kindness.
When my grandmother told me you passed, my heart broke. I miss you, I tried to brush it off but when I saw you laying down in that casket I cried, I had to hold my cousin while she patted my back.
You were so skinny, so fragile I just thought You’d open your eyes.
I wanted a glimmer of hope, knowing you’d wake up from death but no.
I can’t hug you anymore.
I know when I visited you, when you were still at home in your sons care, you got Alzheimer’s.
My grandmother asked you if you knew who I was and you said a different name.
I really think that broke me.
I hope you’re with your husband now, I miss you.
I love you.
You make me so happy.
I know you’d be proud of me, you were the only person to truly love me. I miss you so much.
I miss talking to you at night, hugging you, you teaching me to sew, us reading picture books.
You were always there for me, even though you were in a wheelchair.
If I could see you again I would set back time to 2013
It was a better time for me, and our family
You were such an amazing aunt.

Lifes so unfair, I miss you everyday.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Letter #4

Hey. I don’t really know what to say yo someone who you never met, but…I’m doing ok. I’m in college, and it pains me that you’re not alongside me for this wild ride. Do you resent me for being the surviving twin? We both know it should’ve been me cradled in grandma’s arms as she sang to my body…instead, it was you. I don’t understand. I was so much sicker, and my heart stopped a couple times…I’m angry at the world, and, I hate to say it, I’m angry at you for leaving me here alone. I love you more than you know. The fact that you died one month after our birth hurts, but the fact you died on Mother’s Day destroys me. You know, I cried over a poem about twin loss for about ten minutes. Yeah, pretty embarrassing, huh? Anyway, I’m sorry it ended before it even began, but know we’re always connected. Whenever I see a white butterfly, I’ll think of you.
I love you,

It’s not your fault you survived love. It is not your fault.


@Discussions maybe this thread can become more active? Losses aren’t uncommon. And grieving by writing down your thoughts and feelings in general, or writing to them is a healthy way to cope and feel close to them after all the time you’ve been without them.


Letter #5

I wish I got the chance to say goodbye. I miss you everyday.

Letter #6

TW: This deals with illness and the sudden passing of a young person, so just to be safe.

Hi Ben, this is coming in a bit late. I’ve been thinking about these things from time to time, and maybe this is the right way to handle it. We weren’t good friends, nothing close, but we did know each other. In fact, one of my childhood friends had told me about you when you and I applied to the same university. She said “this guy and I aren’t close, but he’s so friendly. He’s going to be in university with you, so you should definitely talk to him!” Turned out we shared a seminar, so it made talking to you even easier. When I first saw you, I thought, “what a strange looking kid”. You looked very reserved, and I didn’t know if you would be comfortable with a random stranger walking up to you out of nowhere. But at the end of the day, you were the one to approach me, and you were even friendlier than what I had been told. A couple of classes later, you offered that we grab a coffee together. I had a busy schedule around that time, so I told you we’d figure something out. But weeks went by, and I got even busier with work. I spent my free time with other people, and I always told myself “it’s okay, I’ll take the time to hand out with Ben another time”. By the January exams, I still hadn’t taken the time to get to know you, even though you had offered to make time for that coffee a few more times. And then my friend called one night, during dinner. She said “hey, remember Ben?” And I thought ‘sure! I just take the time to go something with him after the exams.’ That’s when she told me you had passed away. She didn’t know the details -just that his close friends had mentioned thyroid problems, and that she had noticed a sudden change in his weight a while ago.

So, Ben, I don’t want to detail much more about the story. But this is to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you to my friends in the seminar, or offered for you to sit with us even though you were always alone. I’m sorry I didn’t make time for that coffee -I wish I had. Because I always thought we had all the time in the world, being eighteen in a renowned university in such an incredible city. But what I didn’t realise was that it wasn’t the case for you. You didn’t have all the time in the world, and you hadn’t found a group of people to live your best life with in the city -I suspected as much from something you told me once, and still I didn’t stop to reflect on it. I’d also like to write this for you, because even though we didn’t know each other, you taught me one of the most important things in my life as a student and as an adult: that it’s important to take a break and not miss out on the people around you. You seemed like an amazing person, and I wish I hadn’t missed out on you.

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Letter #7

Hi einstein ur smart sm bye


Letter #8

Hi Fall and Falleen,

This is your fellow human-friend-slash-anonymous-caretaker. I hope you both are in a better place now. I miss you both. A lot. You have no idea.

But before I start my long a** boring monologue, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SNOW WHITE FURBALL BUDDIES OK!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

It has been around 12 years since I lost you both… and it has been hard to go through this journey all alone. Fall, I miss your cute face and how you used to meow whenever I used to bring you cream biscuits. Falleen, I miss your clever antics and… even though I hated that time when you used to come over my bed and sleep your lazy butt off on my books (and refused to get up even if I screamed the whole apartment down :star_struck: )… guess, I just miss you guys a lot.

You guys are the best pair of twins I have ever encountered ok. I saw a pair of white cats yesterday walking down the road and they immediately reminded me of you… and trust me, I cried coming back home.

I told myself to move on by adopting another cat but… the apartment where I live is a b*tchy Karen and doesn’t allow their tenants to have pets :weary: But mostly, the reason is that I am not able to move on… maybe if my finals get over and I go away from this stupid place with stupid memories and start a new “chapter”, maybe I would finally be able to forgive the past and move on.

Just so you know, today you guys would have been around 15 years old. Me and my sis had a cream biscuit treat today and visited your favourite hole in the park to mourn in silence. Yeahhh, not the very best way to have a funeral party. Falleen, you must have expected something glamorous like a disco ball. I know. I am sorry for not living up to your expectations :cowboy_hat_face:

And as you see that I am crying and laughing hysterically and sneezing alternately while writing this whole thing (people would say that I ran away from a mental asylum but Idc)… I miss you guys. Seriously. I wish you didn’t have to die so soon… this letter doesn’t even sound remotely sad or pitiful but I know that’s how you guys would have liked it because sad things annoy you a lot.



Everyone tries to prove his theories wrong but everyone fails. That proves how great as a scientist he was :star_struck:

reading some of these letters gives me chills. are there anymore letters anyone would like to make? some of the letters are beautiful and worth reading @Discussions


Letter # 9

  • I loved you so much <3

Letter #10

This letter is written to Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played Black Panther.

Rest in power, King T’Challa.

A Marvel fanatic,

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Letter #11

Hi Mr. Trebeck,
I always loved watching “Jeopardy!” with my family and trying to figure out the answers. When I learned you had Pancreatic Cancer, I knew you would die, it was just a matter of time. Call me a pessimist, but both people I know who had cancer didn’t make it, so can you blame me for being cynical about your diagnosis? It was amazing of you to still host while going through treatment, because Chemo can absolutely wreck the body. You were an absolutely amazing person, and an inspiration to me. Thank you, Alex. We love you. I’m glad to share your name.

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@phlegmatic any new ones?

Yes, in fact!