Anonymous Questions Staff Edition

Hhhmmm I don’t know the first one.

All the chats with the staff memebersss

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Yay!! :sunflower: :purple_heart:

Usually one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. Most of the time, it’s cappuccino but sometimes I make iced coffee or espresso with milk.

Engaging with other users, sharing likes, dislikes, writing tips, talking about my story and my characters, and getting to know people from all sorts of backgrounds and upbringings. :sunflower:


First Question BlondeGlassesGirl
What do you like most about Ariel?

Second Question BlondeGlassesGirl
What day is your favourite day?



Her hairrrrrrrr!!! And I’m jealous of Eric. If anyone can get me a man like him-

Friday or Saturdayyyy


Third Question WolfGamerGirl37
What was the first game youve played?

My first game was Super Mario Brothers game for Nintendo. I mean the one that came out in the 90’s game. I played Nintendo for a very long time.

Fourth Question WolfGamerGirl37
Which game is your least favourite game? Why?

Minecraft, I hate the game. I will never play it. My reason why is because of the graphics and the whole building part. Sorry, but I’m a graphics snob when it comes to games. The cube look throws me off so I just stay away from the game all together.


Third Question CrazyCaliope
How do you remain civil through drama? Any tips for others?

Fourth Question CrazyCaliope
How are you so amazing. I genuinely want advice. And you better not just be humble and say oOoOoHhH iM rEaLlY nOt



First Question Melancholy
Whats your favorite movie?



As of now, off the forums. :white_heart:

Everything. I can’t really decide. :rofl::white_heart:

Hmm…I wish I could be a better person and give better advice. :thinking::white_heart:


@WolfGamerGirl37, just so you know, Deluge, El, and I are all head mods, and RainbowCat is a mod too.
You may also want to separate the leaders and RP leaders, so that people realise! (wink)


Very true, I did that is haste without thinking about the positions.


I tried to fix it but some weird lag stopped me.


Oh DAMN! I had the first question. I am sooo sorry for the late reply.

Yeah, I will, I promise. I’ve just been really struggling to write and catch up with my forum task list. Sorry. I’m trying, I promise.

Yes, I want to bring them ALL back, I do. Plus, I have new ideas too. I just… I just… the struggle is real. I’m soooo sorry. I’m trying.

Can I answer? Is it Deloogie or bug boy?

Why would I be annoyed by this? I love questions and I sometimes answer them… (smirk)

He may think so but I don’t!

ON forums. I have no life.

Being helpful and appreciating others.

Write in an RP again.

I love this question. Thank you.
Take your time to reply to someone so that you can think about what you say. You don’t have to reply immediately. If you don’t understand what they said, ask them to explain. If you believe they are wrong or don’t understand, don’t tell them this, that can be rude. Just try to explain yourself again. Sometimes I have to step away from the thread/PM for an hour or so, just to have a think about it. But yeah… I hope this helps?!

Okay. Since you don’t want my usual answer. I will be honest.
I really to love myself, as a person, I really do. Though I do have flaws, I don’t want to change myself 'cause that’s what makes me who I am. And I love me. As for my abilities, like what I do, that’s where I don’t have confidence and I don’t think I’m amazing. I think there are so many others who are far better at that skill and deserve that acknowledgement.
Is that the answer you want?

Question for the people asking:

Why do I have so many questions?!


They really like you!


Eek! … Are we out of questions? Shall I ask some?


We aren’t out yet. I just had to take a moment from going through them. I’m trying to finish one of my threads.


I would say on? I try to always have the tab open but sometimes I either have to leave my computer or just concentrate on something else. :smiley:

It’s awesome to be able to help out this place because I love it. Being part of the staff team is pretty amazing in itself too. :star2:

I don’t know. I want to do sooo many things, there just isn’t enough time. :sob: :exploding_head:

Because of this? :pleading_face:


Second Question TL_DR
Get effed 3000, or the legendary Shanos snap?

Third Question TL_DR
The Flash or Tony Stark?

Please refrain from using major cuss words. This isn’t the Restricted Section. I will just change it if I see one again.


First Question Skywalker
Do you like anime?

Second Question Skywalker
Why or why not



Of what? … oh, wait, no, I’m not.


Yes. You. Are. :heart_eyes:

Except from when you’re trying to marry me to a violent monster with anger issues.