Anti-Abortion Laws/ Abortion Ban

**Warning: this does mention stories of rape and these are my opinions (i’m pro-choice). **


So if you haven’t heard about the recent controversy concerning the near bans on abortion in places like Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri and Ohio then let me talk about them. Recently many southern states have voted for near total bans on abortion, for example in Alabama abortion is illegal with no exceptions for rape or incest and only if the woman’s life was in danger. Trigger warning! in Ohio there was an 11 year old girl who was raped by a 26 year old man and got pregnant thanks to these laws this 11 year old girl will have to carry out her pregnancy, because in Ohio you are not allowed to have an abortion after six weeks (which is often when women first find out they are pregnant) and also the laws in Ohio prevent you from traveling outside of the country to get an abortion is illegal and you would be charged with murder. Down below i’m going to give you a list of the laws in each particular state. Also keep in mind that these laws have no been passed yet so people are still allowed in those countries to have abortions. (I’m not quite sure in the case of the 11 year old girl though).

Alabama: must have an abortion unless there are fatal anomalies to the fetus and it will not be able to survive outside of the womb. There no exceptions for rape or incest. Preforming an abortion could result from 10 to life in prison. If a woman were to miscarry she would have to be interrogated to see if she was having an abortion. Women however are exempt from criminal and civil liability for having an abortion.

Missouri Can not have an abortion even in the case of rape or incest. There is an exception if the woman or child’s life is in danger and doctors will face up to 15 years in prison for preforming after the 8 week time period. A woman is exempt from being criminally liable (she isn’t going to get jail time) for having an abortion.

Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi: abortions are banned once their is a fetal heartbeat (which can start as early as six weeks) there is an exception if there are medical issues involved or again if the mother/child’s life is in danger, but often no exceptions for rape or incest.

Georgia: abortions banned once there is a fetal heartbeat, there is an exception if there are medical issues involved in the mother or babies life causing them to die but often no exceptions for rape and incest, if a woman was to miscarry she would be put into interrogation to see if someone gave her an abortion. She would not be criminalized

(North Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee are all considering these laws as well)
(Some of this was found from the New York Times, i just don’t have the link, i’m really sorry about that)

What is Abortion?
The official definition for abortion (at least according to Mariam Webster Dictionary): the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the [embryo]

There are multiple types of abortions these include:
Suction abortions and D&E (Dilation and Evactuation). I would visit Planned Parenthood or click on this link to look into them more: What happens during an abortion? (Planned Parenthood)

Obviously fee free to do more research and if you want me to clear anything else up please let me know. I would avoid looking at opinionated websites or Wikipedia and avoiding politicians and looking at websites like Planned Parenthood or ones that or more scientific.

So what do YOU think about the abortion bans are you pro-choice or pro-life? Etc

Other articles that might be interesting/important; Buzzfeed , New York Times , Slate , ThinkProgress


pro life.


Ok, so here’s why I’m pro-choice:
Not everyone can even afford to carry the baby- doctor visits are expensive! Yeah, they made a mistake but some people just don’t have that kind of money!
Then, when they can’t take care of the child, the put it through the foster care system, which is already kind of bad. The baby will grow up, and most likely get back into the cycle of abuse, and have a baby too early, and then put it in the foster system…
And people that have babies at teens often aren’t educated about sex, they might not know that they might get a baby through it, or just be mis-informed about it, so yeah, they made a mistake, but it isn’t as if they knew what would happen or thought about it.
I think it should be the person’s choice.
If this was me, I probably wouldn’t abort, but if I couldn’t afford the doctor’s visits I might have had to, because I would get hurt in the process if I couldn’t afford doctor’s visits and the bills from the hospital from delivering the baby.


You really think that women who were raped shouldn’t be allowed to get an abortion? I personally don’t think i would ever be ready for kids especially not for some right now. It’s extremely hard to get an abortion and as i recommended before look at planned Parenthood, getting an abortion is NOT killing babies. As well as the fact that i respect women who would never get abortions because it’s against their beliefs but just as i would never tell them to get an abortion I don’t think it’s right to tell women who DO choose to get an abortion that it’s wrong or shameful. Getting abortion is never someone’s first choice and it’s an extremely hard decision but it’s someone’s choice and should be respected.


Complete nonsense. Pro-life is a fallacious name for the politicians who make these laws. They don’t care about kids, really.

A woman should be free to choose what happens with her own body, it’s not murder. The logistics are simple. Women will get abortions if they’ve been a victim of assault and an unwanted pregnancy, making it legal makes it safe. Forcing them to take that pregnancy to term is barbaric


Agree completely. Like they don’t care about what happens once it’s born, they don’t give a fck when that baby grows up in a world where they have a high likely hood of their school getting shot up, facing discrimination and if they are put in a foster care system, a life of abuse and neglect. Also abortions will never stop happening, by banning abortions they are just getting rid of SAFE ABORTIONS, not abortions overall.


Slashes to education funds, no more money going towards child protection services, making it more and more difficult to get access to contraception, increasing stigma towards sex and women who have had sex in general.

These politicians don’t care about life. They care about controlling women


I mean, for the 11 year old girl- technically you could say that by having the baby it would endanger her life and the baby’s because 11 year olds bodies’ can’t handle going through a pregnancy like that.
The baby will also most likely either die or have some sort of disorder because the parents couldn’t afford the food you are supposed to eat on your pregnancy, the pills, and didn’t know what not to do on their pregnancy overall. The baby would probably have a disorder, then have to go through the foster care system where they probably would not be taken care of, leading to abuse and neglect. No, they probably don’t have a bright future.


Just like they think that getting an abortion is murder yet when a white policeman shoots an innocent black man it’s fine. Or how a fetus is loved but real children are being put in cages. But you know, logic right


Yes! She has less than a 30% chance of living but i’m not really sure what the fuck is going on in Ohio since from what I’ve heard she isn’t allowed to get an abortion,


I live in one of these areas. I love living here, but I’m just so scared for the future. And much more angry lol.

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This kind of discrimination is probably happening everywhere, not all of it makes the new tho.


no, it probably happened there too, but it’s not you can look it up.

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it was a man named Van Dyke, so I was just wondering cause it was similar to what happened where I am.

i read the article ;/

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i’m not really sure. But to be honest, it still happened and she’s most likely not even going to make it through the pregnancy or to live for that matter.

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Technically she could get an abortion then, because it is endangering her health and the baby’s

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She also has to deal with the judgement of society, they just see a pregnant 11 year old girl.