Any advice on drawing men?

For all my experiences in drawing, I draw females. It has become so frequent that I have not learned one bit on how to draw my own kind. Males :sob:. I am familiar between the difference in the anatomy of the male and female bodies (with some similarities; depending on body type) but to me, I just can’t seem to make a decent male character wihout making them… feminine-like (which can be a problem to some who aren’t meant to be feminine looking) . And I have a lot of male characters, but only have been drawn in simplified doodles.

So with that, I’m calling artists who are familiar to these subjects, and give me advice and feedbacks on how to improve on drawing males. In such, I have given two examples, one is very recent and one is the last time I actually drew for something (the colored one)

Recent One

Colored One


Step one: Jawline.

The male jawline should always be more anglar and squared than a female’s, unless they are supposed to look feminine. They should also have a shorter and slightly wider neck.

Step 2: Pecs.

This is personal, but I always draw at least the outlines of pectoral muscles on my male characters, since that’s a pretty universal feature that’s defined enough to see through most clothes. To draw pecs, simply draw square-shaped boobs that are a bit wider apart that breasts would be. Tilt the squares inward, until they almost line up with a triangle shape with the torso. You can make them smaller of larger to achieve the desired amount of muscle.

Step 3: BIGGER

The hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and torso should all be wider/larger than a female’s, to further highlight the masculine features of the body. Think of a male torso as a triangle, with the shoulders wider than the rest, while a female torso is an hourglass or an upside-down triangle.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much!!

My other problem in drawing males is that I draw curves instinctly :sweat_smile: so when I draw something sharp, it sometimes end in softer curves and such… i think i need heavy training after saying that :rofl:


Men can have curves, but the arc is usually wider and shallower than the curves on a female body. For example, the female torso curves like this:

Dramatic, sudden, fluid all the way through, very noticeable.
A male torso usually curves like this:

Gradual, not as deep, sort of stops and goes into a straight line about halfway in.
I hope that’s not confusing lol…


No, I understand. XD Don’t worry. Thanks for those wise advice :laughing:


I’m bumping this cuz why not, not a lot of people notice my conversations XD :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Any more advice, cuz u know… I learn stuff by YouTube and people with experiences :joy: :joy:

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