Any dudes out there wanna be interviewed for my story?

So I’m looking for some dudes/guys to interview for this character I’m writing. I think it’ll be more of a conversation with me asking questions than a proper interview but whatever. It’ll basically about the societal roles and stuff enforced on guys. I’m doing this because I’m writing a character that is often used I think and I don’t want to do it wrong or like anybody else does it or enforce negative stereotypes.
The character is this guy named Landon (he’s the love interest and like half the story is probably gonna be in his POV which makes this really important) and he’s basically this commander type figure of this spaceship. I originally wrote him to be this “bad boy” type figure. He’s gotten better but I want his character to be one where he’s sensitive and quiet but because of pressure and society kinda forced to be loud and not himself around his peers. And the whole thing where he’s not supposed to show his emotions and stuff.

So uh yeah… I can like PM you or if we get multiple people we can do a big PM thing where we just have a convo.
Imma just make a poll so it’s easier:

How do you want to be PM’d?
  • Individually (I PM each person separately)
  • In one big fun group

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If you wanna be interviewed/have a convo about this just heart the thread and vote for whichever option on the poll and I’ll get on it! Thanks for whoever wants to do this lol.

or we could do it this way:
I could make a thread and either just have a discussion there or I can do an anonymous form type of thing

Should I just make this into a thread instead?
  • Yes
  • I think a PM is better

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Lol I actually have no use for this thread anymore so um…
@ForumStaff competition to see who closes this first lol.

Closed at OP request. I just don’t know why you were suggesting a competition. (puzzled)