Appropriate ways to handle if the character/person you approached doesn't respond for a long time

Tag the person on the thread is okay if they haven’t replied after a week or so.

Message them privately

Talk to the owner on that they want to do if it has been a few weeks. Please don’t try to start drama doing this or messages them privately.


I just message them in the thread like, “@Person, can you respond to “character name” please?”


Hey, I’m just wondering how you guys handle a situation when an RPer doesn’t reply to you? How long do you wait and what do you do, @RPers?


See above comment.

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After a day or two (24 or 48 hourse) I tag them to see if they just forgot to answer. Another day or two after that and I tag them again telling them I’ll be removing my character from that conversation and if that would be ok


I wait for a few hours up till 2 days. After that I ALWAYS make a post that smoothly separates my character from theirs.

I was talking to [name] for a while but noticed that it was getting late. “It’s getting late, we should head back, here, lets talk again sometime” I said and gave her my number before we went our own way.

Time skip
Continue either with someone else or make the post that shows I’m approachable.


I can wait for a long time :star_struck: I waited two months for sunflower.flow to respond oakskdmdo LMAO :joy::joy:

If they don’t reply for a week I’d probably be like “yo you good?” but I always feel bad leaving characters so I just wait :full_moon_with_face:


Same with Chid, I can wait a long time xD but if it’s needed (like BR) then I give like three days or so and if the roleplayer still doesn’t reply (and this is unless I forget :’>) then I ask if they can reply. If it persists, and I really need my character to move, then I’ll just let them know in the chats that I’m leaving their character and making them approachable

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Just adding a couple tags

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Message then in a pm then bug them until they respond. I get a good friendship out of it sometimes. @Ouijaloveletters I’m looking at you girl! we are friends now because we are lazy :see_no_evil::eyes::sweat_smile:


Yes, oops.

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Lazy till the end :relieved::v:t2:

This is a post I made pre my corona cabin fever … I feel like everybody now is going thru something and replying withing 2 days is rare