April Poetry Competition: A Sudden Storm

Welcome to the April Poetry Competition! Let’s get some amazing entries and show some fantastic writing.

The theme for this contest is A Sudden Storm. Hopefully, you’ll come up with some amazing pieces! :cloud_with_rain:

As usual, there will be two weeks from when this is posted to submit your poems. This means that all pieces should be submitted by or on April 24th. At that point, there will be a public vote for the winner which will last for around a day, and then the winner will receive the poetry competition champion badge and their poem can be promoted on Instagram for the forums! I’m given you guys a little more time than usual so that more people have a chance of seeing it! Also, the 24th works better with my schedule.

Because no contest is complete without rules, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can submit up to three pieces for the contest.
  • You cannot submit work that you do not own. This is a violation of the forum guidelines, and we do have people watching for copyright infringement.
  • Your work must fit the theme in some way, although you are allowed to openly interpret the theme.
  • Please put your poem in block quotes so I know if it’s a submission or not (to do this simply put a “>” before your text

  • Please tag me when you’ve submitted something


Do you want to be reminded to join? :eyes:

  • On the 5th
  • On the 8th
  • On the 11th
  • On the 14th
  • On the 17th
  • On the 20th
  • On the 23rd

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A sudden storm, I mutter
How I hate the way you make the kids cry, hide and scream,
Invading their mind day and through the night, What a fright you are. You are more creepy, terrific and light.
Bad rains flood the clad fields of April,
And the flowers with the kids scream when you’re around. I despise the way you make the kids scream and run.
I despise the scare you give
Thinking of the storm makes the kids stay up.
Their fear for you is great. Now I must away with all my chest
I hate storms.

The sudden storm made the brown-skinned girl blood run cold.
She was outside the house, knocking on the door to go inside as soon as possible.
She knocked and knocked but no one came to open the door.
“Naya” she called out for her sister.
She got no response.
She was scared as she heard a loud thunder.
She sat down near the entrance and cried her eyes out.
Hopefully, someone will hear.
But she knew that was a hopeful thought, as no one will hear because of the storm.

Pay attention to the storm,
The storm is the most catastrophic filling of all.
Are you scared by how ruinous it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the flood so harmful? Pay attention to the blast,
The blast is the most chilly explosion of all.
Never forget the unfriendly and cool blast. Precipitation is, in its way, the heaviest clouds of chemical process.
precipitation is confused. a precipitation is hirsute,
a precipitation is woolly-headed, however. Just like a nearby line, is the storm.
Does the storm make you shiver?
does it? Should it?


entry 1:

What happens when the storm starts?
When we drown
When we die
What happens when the storm starts?
Will it ever stop

What happens now the thunder’s crashing?
Deafen the crowd
Silence the world
What happens now the thunder’s crashing?
The storm has begun

What happens now the lightning’s striking?
Pick them off
End them all
What happens now the lightning’s striking?
It will never stop

What happens now the rain is falling?
Flood the lands
Heal the earth
What happens now the rain is falling?
The end of a plague

What happens now darkness has fallen?
The people hide
The children cry
What happens now darkness has fallen?
We wait for sunrise


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