Are art scenes necessary?

I love good art scenes in an Episode story, but are they really necessary? In my opinion, they could ruin the story’s quality if the art was bad. But there are other pros and cons of this topic.

Personally, I think that good art scenes are really pleasant to be included in a story, but sometimes it’s a little exhausting - if the art is bad, or if you had customized your mc a lot.

However, I do like art scenes. I feel like they are something unique in the story. Something that is not the typical Episode art. Something that isn’t defined as Classic, INK or Limelight. It’s something different, and it’s very refreshing to have that. Unfortunately though, many authors don’t know how to use art scenes correctly.

First of all, many authors aren’t financially stable, and tend to pick the cheapest prices (if they can’t find something for free) when it comes to asking for a commission. That results in bad quality art! Which is not pleasant, and many people would pick Episode art over it. I don’t blame the authors though. It’s not their fault they can’t afford something better! But still, it’s unpleasant for the people reading their story. I think I once stopped reading a story, because it had way too many art scenes… Which were actually thick and messy lineart drawings - most of the times uncolored or with only base color. The story itself didn’t have many flaws, I enjoyed reading it. But the thing with the art scenes was a really big flaw. I’d prefer the story without art scenes at all! But, thank God, that almost never happens in stories.

I think art scenes are not important to the story, unless they are depicting a scene that cannot be depicted otherwise. But they’re anyway pleasant - I really love good art scenes - unless the art is completely unprofessional. What’s your opinion about this? Are art scenes important to you? If you wrote a story, would you include art scenes?


Nah, they’re not necessary and can often be unnecessary. Hard to be done well in my opinion :wink:


They’re definitely not important to me. I feel so awkward when they look bad, because then it’s super underwhelming. Even with good art, I don’t like to see it for too long, so I’ve never been attached to them.


This topic is really interesting. :grin:

Well, if you had asked me last month, I would say art scene isn’t necessary at all. I had been writing my stories for the past 6 months, and I never had any sort of art scenes in them.
However, I had contradicted myself, and started getting art scenes for my story. And I currently depend on art request (free art).
Art scenes are there to show something that words cant describe (or in my case, there are no Episode animations for it). This is exactly like what you said, and I totally agree with you.
However, if the art scene doesnt make sense to your story, it does take down a notch of your story.
But, I am never against cheap art/ art that doesnt look good. In fact, I totally dont mind for having those sort of art. The artist you reached out (or you can afford) can do so, and all you have to ‘repay’ them is being respectful and accept it. They wouldnt be an artist if their artwork is ugly. And sometimes, even you could get a more expensive art piece, you cant guarantee that the artwork will turn out perfect.
I truly support free art work, and I truly appreciate all the time those artist takes to do them. Thus, I currently do add art scenes and credit them in my stories (I love all of them personally, and some may find it good or bad).

So to sum up, I dont think art scene is necessary. It’s a bonus if its there. And if the reader thinks that the art is bad, think about the sacrifice the artist took to do, and the effort taken by the writer to request/pay them to do.


No. Tbh, I’m not a big fan of art scenes.

I don’t they are necessary, but I often just see them as a welcoming addition to the story. Because if done well it can really enhance the emotion of that scene, but if done wrong it just comes across as awkward.
I think it also heavily depends on the artist as some art scenes don’t have the best quality of art which makes the viewing experience less pleasant.

Kind of I’m more inclined to continue reading a story with great art scenes and average writing than just a story with average writing.

Yes, I do plan on making a visual novel some day, but not on Episode.

In some stories are scenes seem out of place. They aren’t always needed for it to be a great story

for me art scenes depend

do the author draw them, themself. because if so. then I say go for it.

did the story have cc. did the author mention that the story had artscenes before we did the cc preforible before even picking name. I really hate that. I pick a name then get told btw before you cc this story have art scenes.

I would very have liked to know that before so i could have picked a name to fit the MC look

also are the art scenes good. I have seen some really bad once, and yeah I know we cant all be great at art. that is why art is expensive.

I have art scenes in my story, but that is more because I like to draw, not so much that I think it really ads to it

yeah thats another thing, a few times I have been asked to draw an art scene for people, and I have just been wondering, Why? why do you need an art scene in this place and time. it seems so weird to have one there.

Nope, not necessary at all. If it’s done well they can add something to a story but there is nothing necessary about them, like I’ve seen art scenes where the art scene was worse than how the episode characters look, I mean, then it just takes away from the whole story if it’s such a bad quality…


I don’t think they’re necessary at all. I mean, if your an artist and you want to incorporate it into your story then… go off, I guess. But sometimes it feels so distant and out of place if that makes sense. If you want to show off your art - make a cover!!

I’m not a big fan of art scenes… unless it’s something that can’t be shown in a story because there’s no animation for it, or it’s too complicated to direct. Or maybe the author wants to show how they actually imagine the characters because it’s hard to make a character with those particular features.
But in that case, the quality should be good.

Not everything that you spend time on is worthwhile. I only like art scenes when they’re not in the story for too long and they actually look good, otherwise they detract from my experience. I’m not going to appreciate something more just because someone spent time on it, unless it’s someone’s gift to me…


I think art scenes are really useful for parts of the story that cannot be conveyed with the assets provided by Episode, but it isn’t necessary, and honestly excessive art scenes can be dreary at times. However, if the art scenes are used for a purpose, I feel it can add to the story. All in all, it’s more of an “extra” content thing more than a necessity. :eyes:

Nah, not really. A compelling story without art scenes is 100% more likely for me to read on than a not-so-compelling one with loads of professional art and extras.

I’m not sure if mine will have art scenes greater than an edit I’d make for them, but if I really wanted to, I might.

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One thing that really annoys me is when an art scene lasts tooooooo long. Like I spend 1 minute looking at the same art scene because the author needs to narrate every. single. detail. Like what’s the purpose of the art scene? To add a plus that episode and its features can’t add. To make the reader see exactly what the author envisioned for that scene. To make the reader say wow! What a nice picture! Well done to the artist and the author. Not describe what can be seen on the art scene. We have eyes! “He kissed me gently”. Thanks, but I can both see and imagine it. I get you wanna show that art scene you paid so much for, but enough is enough. I prefer art being used for intros/outros, again tho, without overdoing it.