Are beauty hacks harmful?

I wouldn’t say that they’re inherently harmful but with every good there’s a bad. A lot of beauty hacks are just kinda dumb, for example I saw a DIY make up thing where someone used face paint as foundation as a cheaper alternative even though typically face paint is more expensive than foundation and you can literally just get make up from some very cheap places anyway so it’s not really a hack.

@BeautyEssentials what do you think?


If they’re done wrongly, sure. They can be. Trying a beauty hack for skin or hair that could potentially harm it with first making sure you look after it first, can be harmful, yeah.

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I don’t think all of the hacks out there are harmful but you should always be cautious when trying them and pay close attention to what they use because there are definitely some that use ingredients that shouldn’t be put on the face or near the eyes.

@BeautyEssentials - what’s your opinion on this?

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Some beauty hacks I’ve seen are just stuff people did when there were material shortages during wars and stuff. Like using radish juice in place of blush.

I looked into it, seems that a lot of worst ones involve fire hazards.

Depends on which