Are there any clothing items on Episode that you’d never use?

There are a lot of clothing items on Episode that I don’t really like, but I feel like most of them at least have some purposes.

That said, I doubt I’ll ever have a reason to use the leg hair. I’m also not a fan of the matched leggings and long sleeve tops, since they’re just so much and don’t seem like something people tend to wear :eyes:

These wings also just bother me so much because we have way better wings we could use, so I doubt I’d use them either.

The other main category of stuff I don’t like has just gotta be stuff that clips a ton, I hate how clipping looks :eyes:

@Episodians ~ Are there any clothing items on Episode that you’d never use?


The wings
And any new stuff because i havent written something for sm long and didnt make my character outfits so

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Those ugly red slippers with a bow.

The insane amount of stupid male generic formal pants that leave like a quarter of the calf uncovered. Still trying to figure out their purpose, since they look like s*it, just make them cover the ankles dammit.

These striped black pants. I absolutely love their look, but they layer badly

These suits with the horrible patterns


Oh my god, yeah I remember those, they were the worsttt


I don’t think so, I feel I will use body hair or etc and different outfits. Maybe not the party outfits

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I was about to say these skirts:

Because they are unrealistically short. But I just tried one with a tank top and I realized that it might actually work as a little flared swimwear skirt that you could wear in the pool.

I don’t have much use for this thing:


That I’d never wear? Plenty
That I’d never use? The options are limitless why would I ever draw a line

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Bump! :fist:t4:

@Episodians, are there any clothing items in the portal that you never use?

There are some items I never use because they’re ugly, but there are other items that don’t really fit my story, like a lot of the fantasy items. I might use them if I write a Halloween episode, or something.

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A whole lot…

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