Are you a furry?

So, a furry is, at the bare basics, a person who likes anthropomorphic animals, like Zootopia or Beastars. They can make their own anthro representation of themselves, called a fursona, make art, and even get a suit of their character, called a fursuit.

  • Yes, I’m a furry!
  • I’m not a furry, but I don’t think they’re too weird.
  • Ew, no, I hate furries!

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(This poll is anonymous)


I voted for. “I’m not a furry but I don’t think their weird.”

Until I saw this:



The plot seems really interesting but I can barely watch it, the animation is so choppy and I don’t really like the character design-

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Ahh yes I get what you mean, I think they were trying to make it visually as similar as the book-

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That makes sense, idk then cause I really liked Spiderverse’s book style-

I don’t consider myself as a furry, but I loved Beastars, and Zootopia was a wonderful movie.

I mean every fandom has their more odd /controvesial members , but that doesn’t mean their whole community is that way :woman_shrugging:t2:

Personally speaking I have never really gotten a negative experience with someone who identifies as a furry in the past. In most cases they were just normal people who just happened to like anthropomorphic animals.


Wait… do people identify themselves as a furry or is it just a hobby they have?

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From what I’ve seen being a furry seems kind of similar to joining a random fandom .So you can do things with in the fandom like cosplay,roleplay, make fanart etc… but it’s not required for you to do so in order to self-identify as a furry. :eyes:

But I guess if you want a more accurate answer you’ll actually have to find a furry and just ask them about it. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Deluge is a furry :eyes:


Omg, do you have proof? :sweat_smile:

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If you scroll back enough on the discord you’d find some. :smiley_cat:

Haha, impossible! :rofl:

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Added more tags. (wink)