Are you comfortable with meeting new people?

For me, it depends on:

  • How I am meeting them. I’m definitely not comfortable with walking up to someone I don’t know and striking up a conversation. That’s too awkward for me.
  • How the other person responds to me. If we vibe, and if I feel comfortable being myself, then I can talk for hours with someone I just met. If not, then I’ll probably feel both awkward and irritated. Also, if I’m showing someone basic kindness, but they think I’m hitting on them, that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • Why I am meeting them? Is it a professional setting, like a job interview? Is it a new course I’m taking, new job, or am I being introduced to new friends? Whenever someone tells me they want to “fix me up” with a guy, I always get a nervous, sick feeling, because I don’t like feeling obligated to like someone just because I was introduced to that person through a mutual friend. So, no blind dates for me.

Bottom line: If the other person makes me feel comfortable, then I feel comfortable meeting new people. If not, then no.

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NO. Not even a little bit. I avoid meeting new people like my life depends on it



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not at all :heart:

Especially not with masks, I can’t hear a single soul without them like it’s only gotten worse for me :sneezing_face: