Are You Messy When it Comes to Writing?

wHat?!? yOu wRitE?!?

Alright, I’m going to be honest, writing has become one of my favorite spare-times when I’m not stalking people on forums cough whenever an idea comes to my head. However… I can testify that 85% of these ideas never get finished because I either lose motivation, really just want to skip to the “good parts,” or I’m just all over the place in general. Honestly, my notes, if any, are no where near matching any sort of professionalism, and I find myself just hoping that I remember what I have planned out rather than playing it safe and writing it out.
Which is terrible practice, but I can’t help it at times.

How are you in terms of writing? Are you clean, professional, with everything planned out… or is everything often all over the place leaving the unsolved mystery of how you ever manage to finish any chapters? If the former, how do you plan your story usually? Definitely a discussion and not a call for tips. :thinking:


I do not write things. I’m honestly too scared to try and don’t have a solid idea.

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Same doe

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Um I’m totally messy. Yes. Well, maybe. I’m a pantser meaning I don’t really plan. I plan in my head ig, but I kinda constantly change things so I never make an outline. Outlines are kinda boring for me. I like having new elements to constantly add and figure out. I have a good basis for things in my head but when I’m writing I find myself adding little details that I didn’t have a basis for. Like for example, I randomly decided to add a huge plot element because I had the character walking around and the character was gonna have a confrontation but then I didn’t want that to happen suddenly so I just changed it to the character discovering something huge.
This does occasionally lead to inconsistencies tho. Which, I’m gonna fix later. I just write and write and write, practically ignoring anything I’ve written before, only checking back for names and facts of things that I just need to know to continue on with the plot.
Other times I just become very disinterested in the plot and then end up stepping back from it and end up working on something else, only for that to lead me later to think about certain plot points that I want to do, then I realize that that was why I was stuck or something- because I hadn’t gotten a certain part figured out yet.
Anyway, yep, I’m a messy writer lol. I try to reach a certain word count each time I write but that’s basically the only organized thing about this.

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Every writer has messy notes! Just depends on what technique you go with.

I can agree with this in my own writing. It just depends on how much is going on around me.

Well, I try to plan out some parts when I write. Though most of the time I write when I have the mood to write. My writing can be all over the place since I will write parts at different times.

A mixture of all over the place and planned out at the same time. @CrazyCaliope definitely knows this when she has seen the outlines I make. Oh, my drive is a mess most of the time. I have to write in spurts otherwise I burn out which will hinder my progress in my stories.

I tend to do a broad outline versus a very detailed outline. The only time I go into full detail is if I make an essay or short story for school or entries for contests. Most of the time I outline the characters usually. I have been trying to write down names so that I can keep up with them.


I really don’t plan my stories, and it’s a massive mess :sweat_smile:

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One word: YES.

Since I am a fantasy writer, I just take notes of details, world systems, etc. and then my drafts will be the worst that there is. Prolly the only thing that keeps them together is the story idea, lel.


All over the place.

Haha, not even close. I just go with the flow (when I have ideas, anyways)

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I plan everything but it’s always really messy :eyes:

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The term “organized chaos” can be used in reference to everything I do…

I am very messy sometimes when’s it comes to writing (although I’m finding myself planning and outlining things more now) but it’s an organized mess. Every where has its place in a broad category while being really messy but I know where everything goes and how it works.

TL;DR : I have a style of organization that seems messy to the outside eye but not to me


Uh, I try to be clean by writing out each chapter in Google Docs. I’d say I’ve done a very good job. I’m learning to organize with time.

Google frickin docs is a god send. I 9.9/10 use it to plan out everything I wriite. So much so I write descriptions of the story I write before actually writing it.

Also for tips, I got you covered :wink:

Use a website or app like Pixlr, (Pixlr is free) to make story covers. Trust me. It will give you inspiration, and help you be motivated to write.

Here’s an example of an upcoming (ink) story im currently writing:


i like to think that im actually pretty good at sorting but like when i write i can be easily distracted and just yap…and yap… that sounds like something brooke would say about me lol @Littlefeets i know you didnt say it but im hurt

“when i write i can be easily distracted”
case and point


i am naturally a bit chaotic myself but im also a *fixes glasses * math wiz so i love symmetry and how everything always works out so like ik how to like do shiz when i plan


Very messy

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Yes, I’m messy. I’m messy when it comes to most things. But I’m also good at focusing when I really want something but I’ve always just had writing as a chill hobby and write impulsively. I enjoy it very much though and I tend to daydream a lot about different stories.

Yeah, I’d say my writing is quite messy. I usually write at like midnight, so I’ll wake up looking at my script like “What the heck happened here?”. My notes are either bullet points that I forget until the next month, or random dialogue that I can find my characters saying that I offload on the Notes app before I head to bed. It’s really difficult for me to really sit down and write because I am so easily distracted.

I know the important, “good parts” of my story and when (roughly) they’ll happen, + the beginning, middle, and end of my story… which is probably good enough, I suppose.


I currently only write for rps but I would say I’m just a bit messy. I always write down what first comes to my mind, simple ideas and at the end I try to putt it all together so it makes sense.

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Well, since I never really plan any of my stories, the ideas that I come up with while talking to someone about it can seem really messy :joy: And I barely ever finish stories unless they are short stories because I lose motivation, so I do seem like a pretty messy writer compared to others

i make outlines, so i’m super messy with it. i write down whatever pops into my head as i plan. i plan as i write so there’s a lot of tweaking every here and there

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yes, being neat can restrict your creativity in my opinion :eyes:

I like to plot out ideas and sketch stuff out to get my creativity flowing

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