Art Mystery Boxes

Hi there. I’m gonna be posting a random art box, kinda a prompt, every week. You are free to make them whenever you want it’s just to hopefully inspire people to make some art when they don’t have any inspiration.

Without further ado, this is the first mystery box:

You are allowed to:

  • Use air brushes only
  • Use every shade of grey, bright red and black and white
  • It needs to have a mysterious/scary vibe to it

Good luck, I will be making and posting it myself!


Cool idea. Wish I had an airbrush.

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If you don’t have it you are allowed to use something else!

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OMG, I’m in!
Will do after Online School!!

The perfect ingredients for a vampire ghost party :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:

Bump, I’m sad no one did the first box. Are we interested in more boxes tho or not?

  • Yes, get us some more boxes
  • I’m not an artist but I like the idea so continue!
  • No, I don’t like the idea of these boxes

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