Aspects of those cliche Prince stories?

So uhh… this is in the “help and advice” section cuz I really need some ideas. Basically, I want to write/am writing one of those cliche prince/Cinderella stories lol. At least at the start. It’s on episode. It’s set in medieval-ish times btw (keep in mind that I’m keeping the time frame really vauge and not gonna go too deep into the world building).

What are some aspects that I should include in my story that you’ve seen done in other stories that involved Princes lol? (Aka, poor girl finds Prince, Cinderella… etc) that you enjoyed or disliked- either one is good lol.

What are some aspects that you think readers that enjoy those kinds of things like in those stories?

I’m not just making a cliche story for the views, but I do want to resemble that at least in the beginning. But I am putting like a painstaking amount of work into this, which is why I’m asking these questions lol. This is the first story I ever wrote when I was young, and it was really terrible and super cliche and I kinda want to mimick that until the twist happens in the story and everything kinda changes.

Also- MC is an actual good person lol, even tho an aspect of those cliche stories is the MC body shaming/sl*t shaming, this MC is a genuine good person and won’t do that. So don’t suggest stuff like that, everything else is on the table!
Yes, there is a “mean” girl and the most handsome prince that literally every girl wants to marry…

Basically, I want the story to seem really cliche and not cliche at the exact same time.

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The girl at first doesn’t know he is the prince and she pukes on him during something.


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I disagree,I cant handle second-hand embarrassment. and many feel the same way.

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