Autism: We Are Not What You Think

A quick read to discuss how to write characters with Autism. Written by @Ouijaloveletters.


@Bloggers, let’s look at writing characters with Autism and how to go about it

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I hope you guys like it! I kinda wrote a lot.


okay ngl i wasn’t sure if i could speak up about this topic, since i’m not officially diagnosed (one of my psychs said i could be autistic one day, since i show most symptoms, but i’ve been bouncing from psych to psych for a long time now so yeah)

there’s so much to say about autism, it can’t really be condensed into a blog post, so i’d highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about it to talk to multiple autistic people about it
since autism is a spectrum, which means one person alone cannot tell you what autism is or isn’t, or how it’s perceived
also, if you wanna research on how symptoms show, i’d also heavily recommend you to read about “masking” and how (often undiagnosed) autistic people tend to learn to hide their symptoms to pass as neurotypical, ofc it’s given a lot of different results tho

also, i’d like to add to what ouija said here:

In addition, there is a real issue with diagnosis rates between males and females.

i… wouldn’t really say “between males and females” (not only bc it completely ignores the existence of us, people outside the binary) but because it’s between CIS males and… well everyone else
some amab people have the privilege of getting the diagnose as kids, of course, but well… from what i’ve read it’s mostly cis dudes
also, autism diagnoses have a very heavy bias towards white people
i won’t go into it too much bc well institutionalised racism is very much a thing and… it implies SO MUCH
but i wanna emphasise that autism is a white, cis boy diagnose
which leaves POC and afab (and some genderqueer) people… well undiagnosed and untreated


Yeah, I just shared my experience. I gave it my best shot with what I knew.

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yee thanks for sharing your experience ^-^

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Of corse!

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