Best fashion choice you’ve made for yourself?

Best fashion choice you’ve made for yourself? Are there certain aesthetics you’ve changed to within your outfits that you seem to really enjoy? Different accessories? Hairstyles? Why do you think they were the best so far?

Personally, I don’t have a specific aesthetic my fashion is labelled as because it’s like a mix of goth, emo, and like also grunge? Honestly, definitely my forever fashion because it’s the first aesthetics or just types of clothing that really made me comfortable and feel more expressive of my own self.

What about you? @BeautyEssentials

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To wear hats.

Wearing all black :eyes:

High waisted jeans

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I learned a few makeup techniques that have helped enhance my features, such as using brow gel to define my brows, and using an eye shadow transition shade, then eye primer to make my eye shadow look more pigmented.

I wear hoop earrings a lot, and I think they look good on me… well, any type of circle earrings, pretty much.

For sureeee lmfao.

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