Best video games storylines?

Personally, I love Little MissFortune’s storyline but The Walking Dead is my number one favourite.

Some honourable mentions:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Assasin’s Creed
  • The Last of Us

  • What do you think is the best video games storylines?
  • Why do you think so?
  • Was the storyline even better than the game?

How did I miss this thread?

I would have to say Star Wars: The Old Republic, Wizard101, Pirate101, and World of Warcraft.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - You have 8 classes to choose from on top of which allegiances such as Republic or the Empire choose from. Each class has two types of sub-classes to choose from, which determine your fighting style. Every class has its own unique storyline that fits into the Star Wars Legends canon. You are also allowed to romance certain companions and build a strong friendship with your other companions. Each expansion pack that is release brings you further into the story. It’s so detailed that I love making characters and playing the different storylines. You also have 12 different playable species to choose from. There are so many awesome planets!

Wizard101 - I really love this storyline because you are a wizard from a non-magical world that is one of the few wizards with the power to defeat the dark forces that plague the Spiral. There are multiple worlds that the first storyline encompasses, which all have their own side stories that connect to the main storyline. It’s a wonderful game with a great storyline and community.

Pirate101 - Similar to Wizard101, you are an orphaned fledgling that certain companions from childhood took in. You are a new pirate who is trying to find their way into the worlds of the Spiral. Things go south which you have to dig yourself out of a hole plus stop the invasion of a mechanical army trying to take over the whole spiral. You then have to face foes from each world you travel to on your way to your main enemy. This game has a similar companion story but no romances. You can level up the companions who help you out during battles if they are trained enough.

World of Warcraft - As much as I hate this game, it has one of the best multiple storylines that interconnect with each other than any MMORPG out there. I really love the storylines, but the players drive me f**king nuts, plus a big game mechanical error! I actually wished they would make this game free to play. I would play it again if that ever happens. I actually have been thinking to read the books that are based on the series since the storylines are so good.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Yeah, the storyline actually beats the game mechanics, but that is just because the devs are still tinkering with warzones, flashpoints, and other multi-player areas in the game. If you play solo, then the game is more fun, but you miss out on group events.

Wizard101 - It’s a bit of both the game has had its hard times plus the great times. Some of the events anger the community only because it costs them money. I say the storyline beats the game mechanics, but the mechanics are still on a different level of their own above any game MMORPG out there.

Pirate101 - Sadly, the storyline is actually what beats the mechanics of the game. The reason being is that Kingsisle got too focused on Wizard101, which neglected Pirates101. That is soon to change by the end of this year when the new game company that bought both Wizard101 and Pirates101 will bring both games back to their prime. Kingsisle lost funding which is why the game mechanics technically failed the game. It will be good to see this game make a full comeback by next year, hopefully.

World of Warcraft - Most definitely, the storyline beats the whole game’s mechanics only because they scr*wed up their own quest lines. They killed certain quests that were part of the questlines, making it hard to figure out which quest chains to follow. I ran into this problem on top of the players being jerks to other players due to which side you were on. I like following quest chain guides to play the game correctly, but when you null void certain quests, you make it really hard to figure out where to go in-game.

Do you like any games that fit the questions above?


Final Fantasy 10 probably has the best storyline out of the games I’ve played so and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why because there are so many great elements to it

I really don’t play enough video games to know what’s a good storyline and what isn’t but I think I’d only check out games that have a good storyline

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The vast majority of final fantasy games have a great storyline :eyes:

It’s funny how I wrote this before I finished the game :joy: but tbh I feel like it still stands, I love the storylines of all the FF games I’ve played so far but I feel like 10 is the strongest.

It’s still hard to pinpoint exactly why but I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard at the end of a game before

I’d say Life is Strange, Timelie, and Deltarune
Those are the only ones I actually got emotionally attached to XD
I liked the Walking Dead one but the overall fact that the choices basically meant nothing kinda made most of the walking dead feel less important
Clem is still amazing though