Black Lives Matter!

Evidently. I swear to God, it seems like Black people are always sticking their neck out for other POCs and then when it gets down to it, the other POCs aren’t there to back them up.

Although with the George Floyd protests, there have been a very diverse amount of people protesting which has been very good to see.


You can post it on here, if you want to. I already told you I think it’s a really good idea, and it’d be good to get a wider perspective on it. Besides, if anybody thinks there’s something wrong or offensive with it, they’ll tell you. Nobody’s gonna rip you to shreds, I don’t think.


You can post it on here. There’s nothing wrong with the idea and if anybody crosses the line between criticism and outright harassment, I personally will make sure they’re flagged.

Here goes nothing

So here is what I had in my mind:

I was really touched by George Floyd’s death (I hope I’m pronouncing his name correctly) and basically with how some people nowadays treat African-Americans. Today an idea came to my mind. I like making movies, I believe that it’s the best way to showcase your feelings about a certain situation. So, as you may have guessed I wanted to create a short film. Now… I’m not sure if in the end, I’ll do it. Hopefully, I will (or maybe someone else inspired by this will, which would also be amazing). Okay so now onto the script:
(also sorry if it doesn’t make any sense)

So now this is where it gets tricky because I really want it to be tolerant and open-minded. It’s a fresh idea so it might change… but:
Generally, I wanted to create or buy some white and black toys (they don’t have to be shaped like humans - I’m still debating on that). A child plays with both, white and black toys. But then the parent appears in the scene. He takes all the black toys. He may even destroy some of them, leaving the child’s room filled with only white toys. Now I wanted the child to sneak out of the room and repair the destroyed toys. Then it will put them all together. The film will be black-and-white but in the end, it will become colorful and all the toys will be actually colorful too. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea… I just don’t want it to be offensive
And then at the end of the film, this text is going to appear:
With this film, I wanted to show the problem of prejudice and racism that is still common all over the world.
The last events showed that we need to fight for black people and their rights because they are still treated worse than the “white race”.
We have NO right to harm, threaten, or kill African-Americans.
Everyone is valuable because of their personality, culture, AND WHO THEY ARE.
We are all colorful inside.
Don’t judge people because they were born with different skin color than yours.
Spread love, not hate.

Basically what I wanted to say is that our skin color and culture matters but we also have unique colorful personalities. That’s why we can’t judge someone poorly based on how they look like…


Do you know what I find ironic? The people condemning the riots are the same people saying they need to protect their guns just in case they need to rise up against a tyrannical government :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Also, this is definitely not against guidelines! We only ask that you use credible news sources and make sure to let us know if you find out that anything you said is wrong!


Also there are clearly some plants. I was watching a great video about how when riots happen and the police turn violent, it usually happens after someone throws a rock or something at the police…

…but we don’t know who threw the rock. We don’t know if they did it to give the police a reason to retaliate


I was just about to say this isn’t against guidelines, please, speak up!

You’re not attacking anyone so you have our support :smile:


Oh, and apart from the small businesses with small hard-working people who the system in America gives 0 fishes about, you aren’t going to find me caring about property damage. Freaking capitalists deserve it. OH NO. THEY BURNED DOWN A TARGET. NOW TARGET IS GONNA TAKE A 1% LOSS IN PROFITS :scream::scream::scream::scream:


The ShanniiWrites Forums stand with Black Lives Matter


Hell yeah we do



i love this forum


Usually I’m the kind of person against any kind of violence but we don’t know who started the riots and the protesters are getting blamed and now things have gone insane. So yeah I stand with the riots. I stand with #Black Lives Matter.



This isn’t just limited to elections! You can still do some of these things to support BLM and raise awareness for Pridefall as well!

Yeah the only thing I can really do rn since my parents don’t really let me donate to these sorts of things is sign petitions, so later I think I’m gonna find some stuff to sign. Due to the whole virus I don’t really want to leave my house, nor do my parents since they think it’s gonna get worse so…
They support these kinds of things but we’re kind of tight on money rn so we probably wouldn’t be able to donate much anyway.


The thing Trump said proves he cares more about a bunch of rich people’s property than the lives of his own people. He’d shoot people over looting? Yeah it proves that BLM is seriously needed. He thinks that black lives matter less than Target losing its inventory


Something about this recent case of murder (1st DEGREE MURDER, by the way) has brought out the radical in me.

Like as a black woman growing up in NYC, I’ve seen cops mistreat people before, especially black people, like me. And in my school? It’s oddly women of color (who also happen to be… black) who are mistreated after/during a fight… I normally stay on the sidelines or tend not to voice my opinions about this kinda stuff, but honestly? F—k cops. I’m tired of racism, cops getting away with murder, an unfair justice system… I’m so damn tired of it. I’ve had just about enough.

It is a constant cycle of the police killing an innocent black person, people getting angry, BLM tweets and then no punishment. Every time I see a police car or an officer my anxiety levels skyrocket because I’m so f—king scared that I’m gonna get racially profiled or even shot just for being black. Especially where I am right now. I shouldn’t be scared of walking outside and living my life because of my skin color. I should trust the people who protect us, but knowing that the police force is an inherently racist system (early KKK members were actually police officers… and slave-catchers when the Fugitive Slave Law/slavery was legal), that’s what terrifies me. See the way they broke into Breonna Taylor’s house and killed her? I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t wanna live my life in fear. And I certainly don’t want my family members/loved ones to be hurt or killed by those goddamn racist pigs.

Every time I hear about a case of “police brutality”, I get infuriated. And that fury has built up more and more and more… and now… I’m sick of it. Sick of cops murdering innocent black people for doing simple f—king things. Wearing a hoodie. Having fun at a bachelor party. Taking out a hairbrush or a cell phone. Selling loose cigarettes. Holding a “forged” $20 bill that turned out to be f–king real. Why the hell would you suffocate a man by putting your knee on his neck for 8 minutes?! What the f—k did he do to deserve that? Oh wait, because he’s black.

Because of our skin color, and not the content of our character, cops are free to kill us.

It’s either you’re for “police brutality” (murder) or against it. Your call.


That’s what I have noticed too. People are instigating the violence which doesn’t seem like they want to be violent. It’s a very strange time right now.


I said something about this yesterday on my SC.


This is why you’re an angel :relieved: