"Black People Can't be Racist"

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This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves ever. I’ve seen this on Twitter and Instagram before people saying “Black people can’t be racist”.

As a fellow (half) black person, I would like to point out that this statement racist in itself. It’s just plain wrong. I’ve seen so many black people be racist.

Why can black people be racist? Let’s unpack.

Definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized

The worlds “typically” are slanted, because racism usually affects minorities/POC, but that doesn’t mean always. White people can be victims of racism. Black people can be racist towards white people, or people of other race, or even towards their own race. (if you’ve ever watched Doctor Phil)

Thus, this is a dumb statement which paints the sender as a racist. In short, don’t say any race can’t be racist/victims of racism or you yourself will be assumed as a racist. All races can be racist. All races can be victims of racism. Racism isn’t specific to any race.

Thoughts below? I’m curious to hear your opinion!



Blacks can be racist against whites, Asians and other races. Also colorism.

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Yeah I agree with this. I don’t get why people would say Black people aren’t racist, like we aren’t the only people you can be racist to bruh

Like just because you’re Black doesn’t mean you can say stuff like all Chinese people deserve to die since they brought COVID over or whatever smh

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I’m white though, so I know nothing

Black people can be racist.


I think when people say that black people can’t be racist they mean that white people’s racism towards black people will never be measured by a black person’s racism towards a person of a diferent race.(im white so my opinion is really not valid on this)


I think the better way to put what people say when they claim that black people cant be racist is that black peoples racism isn’t going to have the same institutional effects as white peoples racism

What irks me the most about this is that even if they were like “white people have too much power to experience racism”, which is wrong, they ignore the whole inter-minority racism. Like, if a black American started saying prejudiced things about native Americans, would that not be racism?

Black people are not responsible for institutional racism, but they can do individual racist things


Every race can be racist even towards the people in their own race :eyes:




cough Gay homophobes

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Gay people can be homophobic


I mean… they can be transphobic, but I have yet to meet a gay homophobe

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that’s kind of counterintuitive

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Saying a certain race can’t be racist is a racist statement in and of itself because it assumes a group of people can’t behave a certain way because of their skin color

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have you met that black person on Dr Phil that hates black people and claims she’s white

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exactly, any one can be racist

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https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/homophobes-might-be-hidden-homosexuals/ They’re afraid they’ll be bullied for it, so they take it out on the very community they’re a part of.


dafuq- that might be the dumbest thing, you’re discriminating against yourself

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Yep…believe me now? I’ve seen articles where conversion therapists came out as gay.

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