Blair Witch Project (game)

I’m gonna start by saying I don’t like the Blair witch project movie so I never had high hopes for the game. After watching multiple videos of it and talking to a friend I realised it was a bit boring, well at least to me :sweat_smile: the dog was rad though.

What did you guys think?


I mean I liked the original Blair Witch :eyes:


I thought you didn’t like found footage :joy:

I don’t hate it, just not my thing.

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I thought it was the best found footage could possibly be, but the medium did hold it back :joy:

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The game looks really interesting! It also has a whole lot of really high reviews from companies and a fairly high steam rating. The graphics also look really nice, from what I can tell. I might get it and play it if it goes on sale…

Have you played the Blair Witch game? What did you think of it?
Would you play the Blair Witch game?
Do you like horror games?
Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it?


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