Blue Royalty: 10-Year Time Reunion Questions Thread

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"Hello everyone: we are so excited to welcome here a few seniors from the class of 2020 now returning for their 10-year-reunion. Aren’t reunions exciting? I know Game of Thrones just did a reunion party and god I would have loved to be invited to ask them a few questions. Anyways, this is especially special as many of these individuals haven’t seen each other in years. Can we just have a BIG round of applause for these amazing people? I still can’t believe some of these individuals went to class together. It’s honestly crazy. It’s like learning that Nina Dobrev AND Drake had roots in Degrassi and know each other. Anyways, please welcome…

All the Characters Participating

1. Delilah Hawthorne @novella
2. Sadie Monroe @novella
3. Candice Clarke @benitz786
4. Daniel Parker @benitz786
5. Jordan Williams @benitz786
6. Jessica Pierce @benitz786
7. Riker Taylor @benitz786
8. Dominic Lucier @Caticorn
9. Zion Pestana @Caticorn
10. Jezebel Sloane @Littlefeets
11. Maverick Weston @Littlefeets
12. Reina Ray Monroe @Littlefeets
13. Prince Malachi Azure @Littlefeets
14. Kara Melbourne @Kbail
15. Brandon Marshall @Kbail
16. Dorian DeLoughrey @astxrism
17. Elodie May DeLoughrey @astxrism
18. Mikel Lucas @Madilnel
19. Valerie Wood @CerealKiller
20. Giovanni De Luca @CerealKiller
21. Andy McAllister @CerealKiller
22. Yara Keller @CerealKiller
23. Theodore Alaire @CerealKiller
24. Celeine Alaire @CerealKiller
25. Luciano Ribeiro @unsungcheerio
26. Ruby Danvers @Ouijaloveletters
27. Marie Larson @Ouijaloveletters
28. Henry Mason @Ouijaloveletters
29. Mareena Stokes @angelic
30. Elias Stokes @angelic
31. Madeline Beaumont @Megan -> MAYBE

Now we’re going to move straight to audience questions. Feel free to ask a question to anyone here.

OKAY so how this is going to work. If you want to ask a question about one of these characters, feel free. Just remember to do something like:


Questions for Daniel:

  1. Do you still hate Dorian DeLoughrey?
  2. What’s your relationship with Valerie Wood’s Cousin?
  3. How’s your baby girl?


Note: Make sure to tag the person you are asking. You can do more than one question or question to multiple characters per post just MAKE SURE to always tag who you’re asking and state which character (don’t tag @benitz786 and not say which of my 5 characters you want to ask :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Alright; Have fun asking. Keep track of your own questions and answer at your own pace. Thank you and good night Beryl.



Dan and Kai are having an affair spread the word

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Questions for Delilah:

  1. You really disappeared out of everyone’s life for TEN years. 1. what the hell is wrong with you? 2. why? You had people who actually cared about you and you clearly ruined it. @novella

Questions for Ray: @Littlefeets

  1. Why Ray? Like really? Ray? Out of all the names? Ray? Rodger. Robert. Ryan. Richard. But you chose the name of a 58 year old plumber?

Questions for Marie: @Ouijaloveletters

  1. How did you meet Hannah?
  2. Why is Hannah in a wheelchair (aka what happened?)
  3. When did you meet Hanna?
  4. Favorite Photo of Hannah?
  5. Do you have any kids together?

Questions for Zion: @Caticorn

  1. What ring did you propose to Emily with?
  2. How did you know Emily was the one?
  3. Do you still hate Daniel Parker?
  4. Does Emily hate Daniel Parker?
  5. What did you tell Emily about (school wise)? Who did you tell her to watch out for?

Well, my name growing up was Reina. So Ray was a nickname I had then, and I just kept it. I don’t know if I’ll change it again or not, but it’s a possibility I’ve thought of.


That color makes me think of a 50 year old plumber that smokes as well

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Questions for Ruby @Ouijaloveletters

  1. How are you and Henry doing? Do you think he cheated on you while you were in prison since, you know, he cheated on you 10 years ago?
  2. How was prision?
  3. Do you feel like you deserved it?
  4. What’s your position on messing with fire now?

:joy: :rofl:
The color would’ve been black, but then anybody with the forums on Dark alt would barely be able to see it. But might switch to a different grey though.


DED ahahahhaha

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1. I met Hannah during a tour of England, and we just clicked. She was just so full of life despite her disability, and it was inspiring.
2. Hannah has Cerebral Palsy, which affects the use of her legs.
3. Hmmm…I think I met her about five years ago, give or take a year.
4. My favorite photo of Hannah is probably this one: image
She’d just one a race, and just looked so exuberant. I loved seeing her like that.
5. No, we don’t have any kids. We do have cats, though!


1. Do I think Henry cheated? Honestly, who knows? If he did, he’s learned his lesson. If he hasn’t, good for him.
2. Prison was definitely not what you’d expect from the movies. We minded our own building, and you were fine as long as you didn’t p!ss anyone off. Don’t do what I did. Narrowly avoided getting shanked.
3. F*ck yes, I deserved it. I took the life of one of my peers, and I will never forgive myself.
4. Despite what I did…once a pyro, always a pyro. I’m just a hell of a lot more careful now. Still smoke like a damn chimney.


put [/color] on the end



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Ruby causes titanic 2.0


Oh my god.

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I mean, her mom’s name is Rose…hmmmm

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Oh god

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Relax. That’s not happening. Also, anyone can approach her. She’s going ti be on edge, though. She knows people don’t like her.

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