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That made me laugh so hard

also lies

Still SAD


Yes :sob:


It’s not time for that conversation yet

I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual


I don’t really remember how Jess and Dori were with each other at that point. I think it was just after the point that Jess and Dori were going back to better terms? I just remember that there was an interaction between Jess and Dori, that went well just before a Jess/Kai conversation, which was just before Kai and Jess started sleeping together

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I’m thinking it’s before camping so at this point - Kai’s just dating Jess because of Anna and has no feelings for her


Yes, very ew.
Hurt to write Sloane instead of Parker.

So sad… Her mom just had so much control over her…

She was trying

She doesn’t know what to do, it’s awkward and leaving seems like best option.

She still tried to not let Dan see exactly how bad her relationship with her mom was…

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It’s less than 100 posts for me to reach 4k

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I wonder how long it’ll take me

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whooo knows

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I say 3 days

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90 more to go

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only around 400 posts before I need to stop talking

Seems about right…

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Gotta try to bring my posts up to 4K faster than 3 days.



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y e s

With how much I post? Is it really?

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