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Love you sis

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We Stan that

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I also Stan that I get to still RP Sadie and Jordan


ref to The Inner Circle, The A-List in case anyone was there at that time (i think they were by @summerlush and … oh no i forgot)

& also Gossip Girl but that did last a while


I remember that RP, it had so much potential.

i know yes!!! that gave me the idea for this

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qUEENN did everything everyone was thinking

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I may post for Amelia so you get n idea of why she’s doing

A hint

But depends on time and motivation



Someone talk to vc :sneezing_face:

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Or Kaya

I’d take vc so fast if I was rping

My lil hacker baby :sneezing_face:

And I will go down as the person who wouldn’t shut up on said RP

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can we like post the daily weather for the rp
or is that too extra

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@novella :joy:

I say general thread should have that

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Should I post for Amie or wait until I can be active active

  • Yes
  • Nah

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Ahhhhhh I’ve gotta figure out how I’m going to do the tasks for Laurel and Diego….

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I wanna… but I don’t know who would work…

i might type up aj’s post now without the banner and just edit it on later