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Shorts Series: The Pudding Incident- 2013

Okay Look. LOOK. Over the years Daniel Parker has done some really… really… really…really, really, really, Re - Al - Ly, réally, realllllllyy stupid things. I mean… who hasn’t right? Okay fine. Daniels done MORE than his fair share. MOREEEE wayyyyy more. But look. At certain points in his life - he really thought he had a reason for them. Take 6th grade. Daniel had been going to Cerulean Middle school for a year. Elementary was… interesting… but now was the time for Daniel to take over the school with his best friend and cousin by his side. And honestly, Dan was quickly becoming feared. By his teachers and students who all underestimated him in elementary school. But now? Now he had power. So much power that Daniel had convinced the principal of the school to give Dan SIX lockers and refit them so it could be his hangout with a tech set up. How did he convince the principal to let him practically destroy 6 lockers? Well… let’s just say… the principal was married to a woman named Leslie and she was not the person Dan had found explicit text messages sent to during the first week.

In any case - Dan had found his thing. Being nice didn’t work and honestly, he didn’t want to be nice. He was angry… at himself, at the world. So he was… him. It had been two weeks into school and Dan was revealed by even the eighth graders who he heard were excited to go to high school to get away from him. In any case, do you want to know what he did love? Well - he loved his cousin Jess, and his best friend Jezebel. And another thing? He also loved pudding Tuesday. There was something about a chocolate pudding that could melt any iced soul and Dan’s was one of them.

So someone could imagine the frustration when Dan go to the cafeteria and all the chocolate puddings were TAKEN. "Who took the last one? Dan asked the lunch lady, annoyed at his luck and even more annoyed at the person who dare take his pudding. Dan had done a favor for the lunch lady in the past so without a second, she simply pointed at a girl and moved on to the next student.

With a huff, Dan walked to the girl surrounded by her friends and looked her in the eye. Valerie Wood was…albeit a cute girl, definitely not his type. Do you know what his type was? NON PUDDING STEALERS. In any case, meeting her at eye level, he pointed to her untouched pudding and said "Hey that was mine,

Distracted from her friends, Val looked at Daniel with confusion. "You know, Daniel, there’s something called waiting in line and just getting your own pudding right?

Dan huffed once again, rolling his eyes. "You know that’s my pudding right?

"You know you’re off your rocker right? she retorted, her friends saying “OHHHhhhhHh” Like, god, shut up friends.

“Am not” Dan groaned.

“Wow great comeback.” she stated in a similar fashion.

“Just give me my bloody pudding” he added.

Though what he didn’t expect was for her to give him a challenging look, open said pudding and take a large bite out of it. "So now what?

Balls - Dan would admit she had that. But what she also had was a new enemy. Giving her a frustrated look, Dan told her she’d forever regret this day before moving towards his table where Jez, Mikel, Dorian, Elodie, Andy, and Jess were waiting for him. Currently Dorian and Jess were arguing about something or another as Elo tried to break it up. Andy was messing around with Mikel. And Jez was giving him a ‘stop being stupid’ look after seeing what went down at the other table. Did he get pudding? Yes, Jez gave him hers - Jess said she loved her pudding too much to give it up. But either way, Valerie Wood would rue the day she decided to take Daniel parker’s pudding.

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Jezebel Mallory Sloane

The day Jezebel found Jordan in the park, she couldn’t say that she knew what she was supposed to think, or say, because she really didn’t. What she did know, was that she couldn’t just stand by and let Jordan stay there the way he was. She sat down next to him, looking at his bruised face, and it wasn’t long before she stood up to take his hand. It was as if her actions were by instinct. There was no thought behind the decision, she just did it. She led Jordan to her home, knowing if her grandparents or mom found him there, they would flip out. It was better to ask for forgiveness than permission, especially knowing they would never say yes. Knowing how they would feel about the situation didn’t change a thing in Jezebel’s mind. Helping Jordan was the right thing to do, there was no question about it.

She didn’t need to know what happened to lead to her finding him in the park, but over time they became closer as he stayed in her attic, and eventually told her what happened. Something which made her more sure than ever that bringing him home with her was the right thing to do.

It was a Saturday morning, her grandparents had surgeries scheduled that morning, and her mom had left early, so how could Jezebel have expected for her mom to suddenly come back home looking for her phone? Normally, this wouldn’t have been too hard to manage, but Jordan was in the shower. Not only was he in the shower, but her mom was heading for that very same bathroom. Luckily, Jordan had left the bathroom door unlocked, but her mother would be right outside the door herself any second. That left the panicking Jezebel only one option. Fully dressed herself, holding Jordan’s clothes so her mother wouldn’t see them, she had to get in the shower with Jordan, with only the time to whisper a quick apology beforehand. Jezebel was still surprised by the situation herself, so she had to put her hand over Jordan’s mouth to keep him from saying anything from being caught completely off guard.

As expected, Jezebel’s mother came right into the bathroom, not even waiting for a response from Jezebel. “I know mom. I’m looking into it.”

“If you don’t do anything soon Jezebel, there won’t be any opportunities left. These internships don’t grow on trees, and won’t be around forever. You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?”

Jezebel bit her lip as she listened to her mom’s words as she grabbed her phone. “No mom… I wouldn’t want to miss out on a connection to set me up for my future…” It didn’t matter what Jezebel wanted, if she even liked the internship her mother encouraged. Her mother wanted her to do it, and just maybe if she did a good job with it, her mother would be proud. “Now please mom, I’m in the shower. Can you get out and let me finish in here? Please.”

“Good, if you don’t think ahead and do everything you can to gain that influence, you won’t get anywhere, and I know you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. And alright I’ll go. I have to get going anyway.”

Jezebel let out a breath she had been holding as she heard her mother’s footsteps leaving the bathroom. Any moment, her mother would once again be out of the house, and hopefully wouldn’t make an unexpected return again.



Work It Reunion - 2039

4 years… that’s how long it had been since Jordan had been in the same room as Sadie Monroe for longer than 10 minutes. Well… not counting the Netflix reunion that he and Sadie and a few other cast members had a few days earlier that no one told them about but it wasn’t bad… honestly… it worked out for the better. It was almost… good for them.

Jordan still remembered getting on that call and then just feeling that utter shock when he saw Sadie was there too… sure… they had done the movie together. It shouldn’t be… shocking… but… they had also been married for 5 years. It was just… hard. Hard because he still cared.


“So Jordan; how was it working with your wife as the main love interest… sorry… we should say ex-wife shouldn’t we… what happened if you don’t mind us asking, with all of that anyways”

Jordan should have expected it - a question directed at Sadie and him. Netflix was not being subtle at all and it was easily seen as most questions were directed at Sadie and him.

“Honestly I loved working with Sadie. Being together during the movie aside - she’s an absolutely fabulous actress and singer. I mean, damn, have you heard her new music. Please, if you guys haven’t had a chance to check it out - go stream it. I know I’ve probably listened to it so many times. But back to your question, Sadie is one of the kindest and most professional people I know. She knows when to have fun and when to get serious and I guess she always kept me in check because I was goofing off 99% of the time. But yeah, it was a great movie and I think you can kind of see how much fun we had through the final product. To answer your second question… you know… people just grow apart. I know both me and Sadie have addressed this in other interviews but we still really care about each other and our kids. But if you don’t mind, can we stick to the movie?”

End of Flashback

One interview and here they were - talking again. It had been a long time since the two said more than a few things on text or DM but now they all decided to have dinner together with the cast and stream the movie again. Most of the cast were coming in person - hosted at Jordan’s house. A few were zooming in and all of them were going to live stream the whole thing. But did that make Jordan any less nervous? No.

At the moment, people had already begun filing in. Liza had arrived and had already started making jokes and Keiynan was dancing with a few of the crew learning some of the old moves again. Honestly, it was… good. And then he heard the knock on the door.

Heading towards the door, Jordan took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure it was her but there was this… feeling in his chest. Opening the door - that “feeling” was correct when he saw Sadie standing in front of him, as pretty as the day he has met her. “Hey I… it’s so good… you look… wow”

Did he just say “you look wow?” what the hell was wrong with him. The two started talking over each other and a soft laugh met his lips and he moved out of the way awkwardly, letting her into his house - one that she… surprisingly hadn’t been in over the past few years. "So how was the trip over… I hope the weather was okay . OH FOR HELLS SAKE JORDAN, you did not just talk about the damn weather. What the absolute hell was wrong with him?



Flabbergasted. Was that the word? Probably… honestly maybe the only word that described how he felt in that moment that Jezebel stood in the sower with him, her hand on his lips as she talked to her mom. A talk which… honestly surprised him more than Jez jumping into the shower. Jordan knew he had a bad relationship with his dad but this… this was different. There was something in the way Jez’ mother talked to her that reminded Jordan of his dad but at the same time… didn’t. It was… strange. Jordan could see it in Jezebel’s eyes that this was something she didn’t want so how could her mother, after raising her, not see it. Though, with Jordan’s own past, he wasn’t one to judge the rating on bad parents.

Jordan couldn’t help but smile when he saw her breath of relief, and for another few moments, he just stayed in there - in awe by the girl. To the point that he quite literally forgot that he was standing there in front of her absolutely naked. “Internship?” Jordan asked, bringing her attention back to him which… clearly was a mistake because the moment her eyes met his - Jordan blushed. And you know, usually, he’d be able to hide said blush if he wasn’t ABSOLUTELY NAKED. It took him a second to realize what had happened when she looked at him and blushed as well and immediately he turned around so his… well you know wasn’t showing. "Righ-right…uh… so… this is… yeah…um… great shower pressure in here… I really love how the water… yeah . Jordan let out, mentally hitting himself and his inability to say or form any actual words.

Hearing something, he turned around, his hand coving his… well you know… as he looked back at her. "I… um… did you say something?



Any chance of Sadie forming a complete question was lost when Riker suddenly picked her up and her feet were, in fact, off the floor, making her soon realise she wasn’t built for attempting to settle a drunk man. “I think the last thing you need…” Sadie started quietly, looking down at the empty bottles he had quickly gone through, after him asking where the other half of his order went. “… is more alcohol,” Sadie continued, though her uncertainty on whether or not Riker actually processed that was confirmed when he immediately after suggested dancing. She raised her eyebrows, but before she had a chance to respond, there he was, stood right in front of her, aimlessly moving along to the music. In this situation, Sadie’s growing love for dancing was not reflected in her rigid response to Riker’s instigation.

Sadie was being thrown onto this emotional rollercoaster with Riker, watching as he went from one extreme to the other, now sat on the couch with his thoughts back on the reason for being in this state. Sadie stayed quiet to not disrupt his train of thought he was verbally displaying, only shaking her head in disagreement with his theories, while his sadness began to replicate inside her. Slowly, Sadie lowered herself down to be sat next to him on the couch, worrying that a sudden fast movement would swerve Riker’s mood again. As she did, Riker suddenly changed his questioning to be more specific to her.

“No, Riker, I…- Jordan- it’s-” Sadie couldn’t even begin to answer that question, especially not with him in this state, but that loss for words contradicted what was going on in her mind. She closed her eyes to cover the tears she hadn’t realised had begun to form. Was this the place that Jordan had been in? Had Riker been in Sadie’s current position? Sadie continued with a shaky voice, stabilising the broken phrases she gave him before. “She loves you, she does, nothing… nothing could ever change that,” Sadie started, unable to ignore how her words applied to other situations. She put a hand on Riker’s, her eyes finding his. hoping that at least some of this was getting through to the intoxicated Riker. “You didn’t do anything wrong, you are the best father and husband that anyone could ask for, please never think otherwise.”

@.benitz786 Riker Taylor & Jordan Williams


Dominic Weston-Lucier

“Papa, when’s Daddy coming home?” Clara asked, sitting up in her bed and stopping Dom before he could close the door. “Soon, sweetie,” He answered, “He’ll be here when you wake up.” Satisfied with the answer she received, Clara lay back down and closed her eyes. He closed the door, saying good night to Amanda next and checking in on Jacob, who had already been asleep for hours, before going downstairs to finish cleaning the dishes from dinner. He had been watching the kids on his own while Maverick was away at a game.

He loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and wiped down the table, finding himself amazed at the amount of mess the children were able to make from a simple chicken dinner. After sweeping the floor, he turned the kitchen lights off, going downstairs to his studio, leaving the door to the stairs open just in case one of the kids called for him. He had a few commissions to finish before the end of the week and he figured that he should at least do something productive while he waited for his husband to return.

He changed into his painting clothes, an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that were covered in paint from projects he had done in the past, and pulled out the colours he needed to finish his current painting. He turned on his stereo, selecting a song, but keeping the volume low to make sure he wouldn’t wake the kids. He picked up his palette and started to paint, soon becoming lost in his work. After an unknown amount of time had passed, the sound of the door opening cut through his focus and he set down his brush and palette, walking to the bottom of the basement stairs. “Mav?” He called up the stairs.

@Littlefeets - Maverick


She should have known that a Work It interview would have included Jordan Williams’ attendance. No, Sadie hadn’t at all been told, but she should have expected it. However, as her laptop screen with the Zoom call started dividing as more people joined, she almost forgot to hide her complete surprise when Jordan’s face joined the rest, and Sadie could see his mutual, but disguised, feeling.

Of course, the interviewer had to take advantage of this situation, all their questions being targeted towards Jordan and Sadie. And if they weren’t at them, they would be asking the rest of their castmates what it was like working with the ‘recently separated lovers’. While most questions had been subtle, soon the explicit questions came, and they first singled out Jordan asking what happened between them and how it was working together. As they had for the majority of the call, Sadie’s eyes floated to his screen where they stayed locked for the remainder of his answer.

Sadie condensed the smile that instinctively came from Jordan’s voice. Maybe for a moment she forgot the past four years and forgot that this was an interview with people watching them. A little fantasy she wanted so badly to be real. But that was brought to an abrupt stop by Jordan directing a question back to the interviewer, asking for the questions to stay movie-based, to which she gave a subtle nod in agreement. The words he said during his answer replaying in her head, as they would for months after. “Yes, of course, thank you for that answer,” They replied, an ounce of amusement over their face, before practically disregarding his request. “So, similarly, Sadie, how was it working with Jordan, and what do you think of him now?”

“Jordan, he’s…” Sadie paused for a moment, lost in her thoughts. How had he made that look so easy? Maybe it came so easily to him because he was over it all, and there was no emotional attachment to the answer. No, he definitely was over it all - how could she think he wouldn’t be? Her eyes hovered over his square on her screen, his face through a webcam giving no answers for her, how do you make eye contact with someone over a group call? He was probably just looking at the interviewer like she should be since they were looking at her waiting for an answer.

“Well, I, uh, I think it’s no secret that Jordan Williams is one… spectacular human being,” After worrying about how she was going to tackle this question, she found that as soon as she began, the words came out effortlessly, her eyes switching down to the keyboard making her forget the group of people watching her for an answer - and then the thousands watching after. “He’s the most talented person in every way possible, and he just continues to be more so as years go on. During- and outside of- the movie he taught me… pretty much everything I know and above all else he has the kindest soul, and he’s such a radiant light of a person,” She paused for a moment. Did she get too lost in the answer? Sadie knew she had unintentionally fed into the obsessive fanbase, giving them something to dissect and infer. What even was the question? The movie - focus on the movie. “I know for most people in the cast, it was like our first movie roles ever, but I think I speak for everyone when I say he easily made us feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. So, yeah, I guess it goes without saying that he was the best person to work with.”

It probably would have been logical for Sadie to join the cast reunion via zoom, as she knew a few had. Reduce the chance of fan rumours and assumptions from them… just standing together. Save any overthinking from her, knowing she would rewatch the live video too many times after. But, here she was, standing in at the front door of Jordan’s house. Jordan’s house, one that wasn’t theirs. She stood there for too long, wondering what kind of a life he had made behind that door without her. Was she about to see it? Sadie couldn’t have expected any different, this was her decision, one that she had made years ago. One that she had definitely, absolutely, completely gotten over. Then why was there so much hesitation in knocking the door?

When she finally did, her heart thumped as loud as the footsteps she could hear approaching the door. Though it could easily be one of their castmates answering the door: it was him, it was, she knew it was. But she had no control over her face lighting up when the door opened to reveal Jordan. It immediately felt a lot different to the Zoom call days earlier because this time… there he was, standing right in front of her, in real life, with no ambiguity of whether or not he was looking at her. He was right there.

No matter how long it had been, being around Jordan always instantly brought her back to being that seventeen-year-old girl, pitifully awkward and completely enamoured by the dancer who saved her from falling on her face in front of the entire senior year the day they met, from Emily Dalton who tried to make her life hell, from dying the night that still crept up and overtook her thoughts sometimes. Jordan was the foundation in her life for so long, and seeing him now made her wonder how it hadn’t been that way for the last four years.

“Jordan, hi, hello- hey, how are yo-… hey,” She closed her eyes as she painfully evaluated what she had just said. ‘Hi’ she realised was too casual, but then ‘hello’ felt too formal, so ‘hey’ felt like a steady middle ground… but what was it considered when you just say all of them at once? How many are considered too many greetings? Because Sadie definitely surpassed that unofficial number. As much as she wanted to take a second try at… speaking, Jordan had begun to have a go for himself, though his results came similar to hers.

Despite that being literally what she was here for, Sadie was slightly surprised as he stood back for her to come in. Maybe a small irrational part of her had expected a bitter reaction to seeing her, steam coming out of the ears from seeing the girl who ruined the family they had made. But, shock, that had not been the case. And now she was… walking into his house, something that fell from being normality for her. “Yeah, yeah it was good, it was- yeah, there was the sun- the sun was out, yeah,” She cringed at herself - a simple ‘good’ would have surpassed just fine, but now he knew the great details of it being sunny, when he definitely hadn’t been too invested in when asking. “How have you, uh- how have you been?” She asked, knowing she had to ask him a question back and finding success in actually composing somewhat of a cohesive sentence. However quickly realising that it may be a loaded question considering the history.

@.benitz786 Jordan Williams




For the life of him - Riker didn’t know what he had done wrong. But he knew… he noticed the change in Elodie. Perhaps… even the kids had. Honestly… Riker didn’t even have a specific moment that he could place when this started… maybe… perhaps it was when she was pregnant again with Lexie. All Riker knew was it was as if one day everything was okay and the next… she wasn’t… Elodie just wasn’t her. Perhaps this was inevitable. Riker thought love was real… but look at Jordan and Sadie. If they couldn’t make it work why was he willing to fool himself into thinking he and Elodie would.

Riker simply kept replaying Elodie’s words in his mind. The way she looked when she told him she needed a break… that she couldn’t do it anymore. Do what? Their family? And then… she mentioned that he was the only person she slept with so did that mean she wanted more? She needed more? Was he a bad person for not seeing it - for not giving her space.

So as Sadie told him he didn’t need more alcohol, he heard her but he… he did. He just… wanted all the pain he felt to be gone. Thank god his kids weren’t home to see him like this. Look… Elodie and Riker weren’t perfect. Who the hell was? They had fights… disagreements. But what made their love work was that they were always there for each other. It didn’t matter how hard things became. Elodie was his wife… his best friend… his person and in a moment she had basically revealed she didn’t want it anymore and that… that killed him. Because if Riker was being honest, he didn’t know how to be Riker without her anymore.

Asking Sadie about Jordan was… all he knew he could do. And perhaps it would push him deeper into a spiral. Looking over at his friend… one that had only grown closer over the last few years, he didn’t expect her to be crying. "But I guess love doesn’t mean she’ll come back… I mean… god Jordan loved you. And… I’m sorry Sadie I just…I don’t… I didn’t want to bring… you into it… we should just… be happy and… " Riker was at a loss for words as she put her hand on his. Intoxicated or not, the thought of Elo leaving him sobered him quickly even if he… didn’t want to be sober. “I don’t… I don’t even know what to believe anymore Sadie it feels like the last 20 years of my life have been a lie and I don’t even…I don’t even know what she’s doing. Is she sleeping with other people? Is that why she told me she was upset that I was her only one. I don’t… I just need…” He didn’t wait for her to say anything before grabbing his drink and taking a few longer drinks, tears filling his eyes as he put the liquid down.

"You and Jordan… me and Elo… guess love doesn’t exist huh?


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Jezebel Mallory Sloane

Jezebel’s relationship with her mother wasn’t a positive one. The entire dynamic for Jezebel’s life at home wasn’t positive. Sure, it could have been worse in so many ways. She had a mother in her life, she had her grandparents helping raise her, she didn’t have to be left wanting for things, but she was still left wanting. Wishing for her mother’s approval, wishing to not feel like a failure and disappointment for simply existing. No matter how much she did to please her mother, to be everything she wanted Jezebel to be, there Jezebel was, just wanting to feel loved. However, she always pushed it down inside, how she felt she would never be enough. Daniel was her best friend, so he saw some of it. There were the moments where him, or even Jessica, would catch Jezebel in a moment where she couldn’t hide how she felt about her Homelife, or times where she needed someone to vent to about it, but really nobody completely knew. If someone else was around, her mother kept a filter on what she said, not saying the things that would always hurt Jezebel most. This time though, was different. For once, someone else had a front row seat to see Jezebel’s life at home, the way her mother made her feel. Jezebel would bend over backwards to do anything for her mom, even if it wasn’t something she wanted, because its what her mother expected, and she had to try to meet her expectations. If she met them, maybe it could lead to feeling her mother’s love. Not meeting them, like always, only brought the feeling of being a disappointment, a fight at worst. Not even trying to do everything to please her mother? That would be even worse…

It was when Jordan asked about the internship that her attention returned fully to the present situation, not the situation Jordan was just witness to. “Yeah… something my mom wants me to do…” Jezebel said as she brought her eyes to meet his. Though, that’s when he had started blushing, and things began to become more awkward. Completely unintentionally, out of pure instinct of being face to face with someone, her eyes drifted away from eye level only further adding to the full realization of what her mind was processing. Jordan was in the shower, she was the one completely out of place being fully dressed, while Jordan on the other hand was completely naked. Not just a no shirt and pants situation, but completely naked, not covered anywhere in any way. She couldn’t have hidden her own blush if she had tried, as Jordan then turned around. “I… my mom’s probably gone by now…” Jezebel didn’t know what to say, what could she really? She was still stunned in general by the whole situation, as Jordan turned back around to look at her, this time covering himself as best he could. “I… I should go…” Jezebel awkwardly said before cautiously stepping back out of the shower. “I’m sorry… enjoy the… uh… water pressure?” she added, feeling even more awkward and embarrassed over the whole series of events.




Shorts Series: Date Night Awkwardness - 2020

A soft gasp escaped her lips as Jess woke up from the dream… nightmare? Whatever the hell it was. After a second of staring at her ceiling… attempting to re-evaluate what the hell just happened - the only thing, she found herself being was frustrated. Frustrated with… the dream that left her… you know…, frustrated that she was in Beryl in the first place, frustrated at Kai for not sleeping with her already, and fcking frustrated at Dorian for being a constant arse.

Her eyes moved towards the time and sighed finding that it was only 10. After not sleeping for 4 days… seemed she had slept most of the day away. In any case - she needed… god she needed to get out. First a cold shower and then… she needed to get out.

“Okay so you’re telling me you’ve never been to a comedy club?” Jess asked, walking hand in hand with Kai who, after a call, decided to come out with her to (probably) stop her from randomly going somewhere at 11 at night by herself. There was a soft smile on her face as the two grabbed a seat - listening to the act as Jess ordered a drink. Perhaps it was even all going well… until of course, Jess heard a familiar voice at a nearby table laughing with what seemed like his date. Yep… Dorian DeLougrhey had apparently decided to go on a date in the same place Jess was in. You know… Dorain… the dude who used to be Jess’ best friend and now only talked to her through rude Instagram comments. Also the man she had a sex dream about but let’s not talk about that…

Though in retrospect… this comedy club was one that Jess had gone to with Dorian before - partly why she knew it was good. A soft sigh left her lips though she tried to ignore it and just enjoy the show. And honestly, she was doing pretty well. Dorian hadn’t realized she was here and Jess what having a pretty good time with Kai.

"I’m going to go grab another drink do you want anything? Jess asked Kai before making her way towards the bar and smiling towards the bartender. Though when the man made his way over, Jess didn’t have a chance to say anything before someone cut her off - clearly ordering for himself. “Do you bloody mind?” Jess asked, though when she caught eyes with Dorian - a frustrated sigh left her lips. “Great it’s you,” Jess rolled her eyes. "You know there’s a thing called waiting until the person in front of you is done before you order? Or were manners something you never learned?

Perhaps Jess was being ruder than she usually would be but may I remind you - she was still frustrated with the man - in more ways than one. She could see the look on his face turning from shock to annoyance as he said something along the lines of if she was ‘following him’ now. After a laugh, Jess looked back at the bartender to order her drink before turning back towards him “Sorry to break it to you, love, but I’m actually on a date. Something you seem to be well versed in. How is… cheerleader number 16 by the way?”


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Maverick Weston-Lucier

Maverick never liked being away from Dom and the kids, but there were times that coaching his team meant he had to be away from them. Maverick always looked forward to seeing them once he was home, but this time… this time was different. It was a different feeling to come home, when he felt the way he did. It wasn’t a new feeling, Maverick knew he had been feeling this way for a long time, but he had been doing everything he could to ignore it. When he came home from games, he thought about the kids, but not Dom… Maverick cared about Dom, deeply. He did love him, he was family, but Maverick wasn’t completely in love with him. It wasn’t the type of love where you can’t bear the thought of not having them in your life. When it began to change, Maverick didn’t know, but he did know the feeling wasn’t new. He just couldn’t deny it anymore. Maverick walked over near the top of the stairs to the basement when he heard Dom’s voice. “Yeah… its me.” At that moment, there were two options for Maverick, check in on the kids and just go to bed, or talk to his husband, and Maverick didn’t know what to do. He knew things couldn’t stay the same, but there was still that part of him that didn’t want the conversation that he knew was inevitable.

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Dominic Weston-Lucier

After hearing his husband’s voice, Dom walked up the stairs, smiling once he saw him. “Hi honey.” He greeted him, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him. As he pulled away, he could sense that there was something off about Maverick, but, mostly out of sheer denial over a larger issue, chalked it up to him being tired.

“Have you eaten?” He asked, looking over his shoulder as he walked past his husband and towards the kitchen. As much as he wanted to ask what was bothering him, he knew that doing so would probably open up a much bigger discussion. One that he wasn’t sure he was ready to have. “The kids and I had chicken for dinner and there wasn’t much left, but I’m sure I could find something in the fridge for you.” He said as he entered the kitchen, turning around to face Maverick.

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Everyone has seen those movies where the guy sees the girl and time stops, right? Well… that is truly the only way to describe how Jordan felt at this particular moment. Looking at Sadie, Jordan couldn’t help but let his mind waver back to the interview where she… sung his praises? Though he honestly had never expected it. After all, Jordan couldn’t blame Sadie for hating him… he was the one to ruin their relationship and now he would forever live with those consequences and sadly, so would his kids. But that’s the thing - mistakes happen… things change… but losing yourself in them doesn’t fix anything. And hoenstly… for such a long time, Jordan found himself in a bad place after their breakup. There’s no concise way to truly describe the heartbreak Jordan went though after losing Sadie. For weeks he didn’t even leave his hotel room… yeah hotel room because that’s where he went after everything. He didn’t pick up anyone’s call, he just… he was alive but he was dead inside. He felt… hopeless. For weeks he hoped… prayed… dreamed that maybe he’d get lucky. Maybe she’d come back after their break but weeks turned into months which turned into years and Jordan found himself faced with the reality that things like that… don’t always come true. No matter how much you wish they could.

That didn’t mean he held any bad feelings towards Sadie. Hell… rather Jordan still supported her in anyway he could. Supported her music… her tv… watched her appearances. Jordan lived close enough that when his kids were at his house, that their school lives wouldn’t be affected because that was the last thing he wanted. And they… went on. Kept going forward and really… .that’s all anyone can ask for can’t they. Perhaps Jordan had lost his love… but she would forever be his friend… at least, he would always consider one.

As he stood in front of her at this moment, however… his mind was racing. This was honestly… the first time they had been in the same room for longer than a few awkward moments of dropping their children off. But it was… good? Maybe? Perhaps it was a stepping stone into a new era of their relationship - one in which they could be friends again? True friends, that is. Jordan knew that Riker had found that with Sadie and he was happy for him but part of him always wanted it too.

Watching her struggle through her words as well, Jordan couldn’t help but smile - his famous smile that people said lit up any room. But really… it was just a smile when he was around people he loved. A sigh left his mouth when she told him about the… sun? and honestly it was pitiful that all they could talk about was the weather. “What’s wrong with us?” Jordan laughed after a few seconds. They truthfully moved from people who could talk about anything and everything, no matter how irrelevant the topic, to… this. "Let’s just… skip the pleasantries I… it’s just really good to see you again Sadie, Jordan expressed, a soft smile on his lips as he pulled her in for a soft hug - something he did with most of his friends but this felt… different. Jordan was keenly aware of the way she felt against his hands. - the nostalgia of it all making him happy and sad at the same time… the way she smelled of vanilla and lavender, the way her breath hitched when she was surprised - likely by the way Jordan had pulled her in for a hug.

After a few seconds… maybe a few seconds too long, Jordan let go - smiling gently as he scratched the back of his head. “I’ve been… good. You know - I never understood what people would say If their answer to ‘how have you been’ is something like ‘terrible’. Does anybody really say anything after I’m good?” Jordan laughed, nudging her slightly and finding himself almost falling in his old routine with her… though, there was still a stiffness between them. Jordan was about to say anything else when he heard Liza scream “MOVE IT WILLIAMS” as she pushed past him to hug Sadie, earning a laugh from Jordan. "I’m hurt Koshy - I didn’t get that much love when you saw me, he stated as she shooed him off and Jordan sighed.

"Sadie, can I get anything for you to drink before we start the movie? Jordan asked, moving towards the bar that Jordan had in his house, though it was only really for guests since Jordan hadn’t drunk a drop of liquor since that night at the campfire all those years earlier.



What Jordan would do to be able to read minds. It seemed as if, even though Jezebel was… well in a shower with him, she was miles away from where he was and it almost made him curious to what was going through her beautiful head. Okay Jordan… let’s stop thinking about Jezebel being beautiful when you are standing in front of her naked and can’t hide… well… anything. God… Jordan never in a million years would have expected to be naked in a shower with his crush…well… in this particular scenario but here they were.

With his question about the internship, it seemed he brought her back as she answered his question and Jordan couldn’t help but notice that the water was soaking her clothes from head to toe. But he really couldn’t… formulate any words. How could he… especially when he saw her head bend down which is what caused him to turn around. Jordan stood like that for a moment, his butt probably in full view of her until he realized what else he was showing her… which were probably the unhealed marks on his back from when his father hit him. Immediately, Jordan turned around again - rather having her see his front than his back and he found her saying that her mom was probably gone. “Yeah… I think… ye…yeah,” Jordan whispered as she continued with that she should go. It was her sentiment of enjoy the water pressure due to his idiotic remark earlier that made him mentally want to hit himself. "I… yeah it’s… really… I will. Jez… watch your fee… In the midst of his sentiment, he noticed Jezebel’s foot getting caught in the rug and immediately grabbed her hand to pull her back - the moment causing him to stumble out of the shower and press her against the wall to protect both of them from falling.

So yes… there Jordan was. Naked. Pressed against a wet Jezebel on the wall. And immediately Jordan felt the tinge in his cheek as his face turned red. Though the worst part was when he heard the door opening… again…

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Shorts Series: GROCERY SHOPPING - 2033

"Jess I’m going to head to the gym and I’ll stop by the grocery store afterwards, do you want anything?”

Shay was cuddled with her momma, laughing as Spongitty bob was running around with his friend Patrik the star. She loved this, loved watching shows with her mommy. Despite this, when she saw her daddy, Shay couldn’t help but walk over to her dad, hugging his legs as she yelled “Me too meee toooo,” . Recently, Shay’s mom and dad told her she was a big sitter and she loved her little sitter but her parents were giving Zoe more attention than her and it made her sad. She didn’t know what her momma was saying but soon enough her dad picked her up, kissed her, and was walking her outside after putting her favorite pink flower shoes on.

She held on to her dad until he opened the back seat of his car and started strapping her into her car seat which made her frown. “I wanna si…sit with you daddy,” she told the man as she pointed to the empty seat where mommy usually sat. She watched as her dad smiled softly before shaking his head. “Sorry sweetheart. Your mommy apparently has forever dibs on that seat and we wouldn’t want to make your mom sad would we?”

At that, Shay shook her head. She loved her mom and she didn’t ever want to make her sad so she would happily sit here if mommy would be happy. Shay let her dad close the door and smiled as he went to the front and started doing some magic that made the metal box move. However, Shay’s favorite part was when he’d play disney music and she could sing along. Her favorite right now was Moana 2 .

Soon enough, the two had arrived at a big palace of food and though she just wanted to run around, she found her dad had put her in a cart so she couldn’t. But this way she was almost as tall as her dad and it made her happy because she could talk to him without looking at his legs. And talking she did. If there was one thing Shay was, it was talkative. She asked her dad everything from "What’s your favorite color papa? to “Where did Zoe come from?” but for some reason, dad told her he’d tell her about the second one later. In any case, her father took her around the store - showing her what he was buying until he looked at his phone and sighed, giving her a look as he muttered "I swear your momma is bonkers. Look how many things she wants us to get? showing her a list on the phone to which Shay bounced when she saw cake and cookies on that very list.

And that’s exactly what they did. Dad played little games with her to find the item and Shay got points every time she found something and dad got points whenever he found something and she WON. Soon, she had an ice cream in her hand that her dad got for her as a prize and they drove back home, Shay happily entering the house with her dessert in her hands as Daddy went to mommy and Zoe.

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Shorts Series: You lost your kid dori - 2035

Shay’s favorite thing in the ENTIRE world after her parents and little sister was DOGS. Holding her dad’s hand, Shay walked the big walkway of the mall with her father, begging to go see the little doggies in the pet store. Zoe was on his shoulders and mommy wasn’t with them because she wasn’t feeling well. Mom said something about Shay’s little brother being needy and so Shay yelled at mommy’s stomach for her brother to stop but still she stayed home. Dad told her they could go look at the little doggies later after a few stores but she wanted to go look nowwwww. sigh Life was hard as a 4-year-old.

"Oh my god are you Dorian DeLoughrey? We’re like, your biggest fans. Can we get a photo? Shay looked up and found two very pretty girls approaching her dad and gushing as people often did when Shay was with her dad. She heard her 2-year-old sister say “No” as Zoe hugged their dad’s head tighter, leading everyone to laugh but Shay understood where Zoe was coming from. Every time the two were with their dad, people always bothered them and then he stopped paying attention to them. It was not fair :frowning: . Especially when one or two people recognized him, multiple others started lining up and asking for photos. But this time, Shay found her dad letting go of her hand so he could take the photo with Zoe in it (likely because she wasn’t coming off their dads shoulders anytime soon} - and honestly, Shay found her chance to go look for the doggies. Daddy wouldn’t mind after all. “Daddy I’m gonna go see doggies,” Shay told her father - though didn’t realize that he hadn’t heard her in his conversation with the girls, and later, as expected, a few other people who lined up to get photos with him. So soon, Shay let her father taking photos and talking to people and made her way towards where she thought the doggie store was. But surprise surprise - she was wrong. Shay felt like she had been walking for hours - stumbling alone through the big mall looking for one place with the doggies. And sooner than later, Shay had gotten so turned around that she didn’t even know where her dad was - and that’s when she got scared.

Approaching a random stranger, Shay pulled on the girl’s leg "Hi have you seen my daddy? she asked though the girl simply shook her head and walked away. Shay asked more than one person and either they ignored her, didn’t see her, or didn’t know and she was…well… she did the only thing she knew how to do. She went to the corner and started crying for her dad. Tears filled her eyes as the fear that she may never see her papa or her momma or Zoe ever again. Though when she overheard a kid near her tell their parents about seeing the doggies, her tears stopped and she followed them and found herself near the CUTEST little doggies. Shay soon forgot all about being lost as she walked inside the little play pen and started running around as a little puppy chased her, laughter meeting her lips when the dog caught up and linked her face.

Shay didn’t know how long she was playing, all she knew was that she soon found someone grabbing her and pulling her into their chest. Looking up, she found her Dad holding her tightly - kissing her forehead as Zoe seemed to be crying her name. "Shay don’t… ever… do that again. she heard her father say as he continued to hug her not letting go. “I’m sorry daddy,” . Despite the events of the day, her father still let her play with the doggie alongside Zoe before going home.



Shorts Series: She do be getting lost often - 2032

Shay smiled as she looked at her mom who looked like a princess in her dress, wrapping her arms around her legs with a smile. Shay also looked like a princess - or so her mommy told her. And GUESS what? Today they were going to a ball like in the stories her mom and dad would tell her with real princes and princesses. Suffice to say, Shay was ecstatic bouncing up and down in the big black car they were in. Mommy was holding baby Zoe in her hands and Shay was in her dad’s arms as the four made their way inside and it was SOoooooO pretty. It was everything Shay would have ever imagined - girls in pretty dresses like her momma were dancing and Shay wanted to dance too.

Which is exactly why she asked her parents who told her to stay where they could see her. And she did okay. Well… shay thought she did but when she looked up - she couldn’t find her parents. There were too many people around her and she found them bumping into her as she tried to look for her mom and dad. But alas, she was too small and this place was too big. She found her eyes brimming with the start of tears and soon they fell as she made a soft sound, sitting on the floor not knowing what to do.

“Hey, is everything okay?”

Shay looked up from her tears at a man who sat next to her on the floor - not caring who was near them. “I don’t… I don… momma…and papa,” Shay got out between her sobs and the man frowned before, bringing his eyes to meet hers and wiping her tears. “Hey it’s okay don’t cry. I’ll help you find them. Can you tell me what their names are. What’s your mom’s name?”

Though Shay was still had tears coming down her eyes, she was slowly calming down with the man’s voice. “Momma but… sometimes… I call her mommy.” Shay muttered, catching her breath as he looked confused. "And I’m going to guess your dad’s name is ‘daddy’?

“How did you know? Do you… know them?” Her tears had completely stopped at this point - happy that someone might know her mom and dad. Though she frowned when he shook his head to tell her he didn’t but he’d help her find them. Shay let him pick her up and smiled as he walked her around the room. Everywhere he walked, people seem to move aside like he was important or something and there were two scary-looking men following him as he walked. As they walked, Kai made sure she saw everyone who was around them, asking if she saw them or not and Shay shook her head. But also, as they walked - he asked her questions about her. If she was having fun - how her dress was pretty and if she liked it. Honestly, she was having fun with the man. What surprised her was when one of the scary looking men came up behind and said "Prince Malachi, you don’t have time for this… we can find a staff to look for her parents though Shay immediately held on to him tighter, not wanting to go with the scary man. She saw Kai putting his hand up at the man behind him before ignoring him and continuing to talk to Shay.

“Are you a prince? My daddy’s a prince toooo. And my mommy’s a princess. Are yo…you sure you don’t know them?”





Jezebel Mallory Sloane

Nothing about that morning had seemed to go as expected in any way, so why should Jezebel have expected that to change as she stepped out of the shower. Somehow, she managed to get her foot caught in the rug, and Jordan tried to help keep her from falling, which only resulted in the pair being pressed against each other, with Jezebel against the wall. Though, thats when things got worse… Why her mom was there, who knows, but the reason didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Jezebel’s mother saw them. Jezebel was soaking wet, Jordan’s clothes that Jezebel had grabbed and taken into the shower with her to hide from her mom were on the ground at their feet, then there Jordan was in front of her, completely naked. Everything made the situation look worse than it was. “Jezebel!” her mom yelled before walking into the bathroom towards the pair. “You.” she said, looking to Jordan. “Put some damn clothes on and get out of my house.”
“Mom, we weren’t doing anything… I can explain…
Jezebel’s mom didn’t care about the explanation, and Jezebel could tell just from her mother’s expression. Nothing she could say would make a difference. The most she could do was to shoot an apologetic look in Jordan’s direction. “Jezebel Mallory. I thought you knew better than this, but I guess I was wrong. Stay away from this boy, clearly he’s no good for you.”