Blue Royalty: New Blood

Phoebe was really rejected twice in just under a minute by the same person who was once fun. If she actually cared she’d be deeply offended by this and put on this whatever act, but she was… Not. Maybe just a tiny bit but only because she knew Raphael. You don’t turn your friend down like this, buddy. ”Yeah…” letting her hands fall down, Phoebe stayed where she was, still looking slightly disappointed. ”Whatever,” letting herself meet his eyes, she mumbled those words as she finally stepped back from him, a forced smile forming on her lips.

Things like that she never really takes personally because in her mind it was the other person’s loss, they were missing out. ”You’re missing out…” See? Forcing yet another chuckle, this was the last chance she would give him to change his mind but she knew it was not worth it… She knew she would still get the same lame excuse and she could understand that. Phoebe would do the same thing if she was in his position hence why she quickly shook her head and looked away from him. ”I guess that’s my sign to go to class or… I don’t know, go find another victim?” What else was there to do? It was Valentine’s day and she wasn’t planning on wasting this day. Is there a better day to find victims? No. Spending this day in a more romantic way would also be nice for a change, she would never say no to that, no matter what she was famous for but… What were the chances of that happening to her? ”And maybe you should go find Diego and tell him how good of a brother you are… He’d be proud.”

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What other outcome were you expecting? Right from the start Finley knew this would go just the way he wanted it to. He also knew what comes with that and that part he was not excited about - being nice to her until prom and being a little gentleman during prom, or just before they get there and everyone sees them coming together… But not everyone was important, what was important was that Mason sees them. That Mason knows what’s going on because that was why Fin got himself into this mess. Does Fin not have something better he could do with his life? Yes and no, but nothing would make him more entertained than this.

”Oh… Phew,” nervously scratching the back of his neck with his free hand as the biggest grin appeared on his lips, Fin acted as if the whole world was lifted off his shoulders. ”I was really hoping someone didn’t beat me to this because I was planning this for a while,” quietly adding, he slowly started approaching her. ”And you just made me happier,” his smile softening, Fin dared to gently place his hand on Olivia and kiss her cheek. There were many times when he had to act this nice to get what he wanted so this was nothing new for him but it still made him feel sorry for himself. ”And this is for you,” his gaze lowered to the bouquet he was holding with different flowers and not just your cliche roses, handing it to her. ”I know we don’t really know each other and I’ve probably done something stupid without thinking about it, but I… like you.”

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Let’s just get one thing clear. Today was simply disgusting: As a day, as a holiday, really, any way you cut it, today just sucked. No seriously… what the fck was the point of Valentine’s day? Commemorating love for someone you barely knew and would would probably betray you at the end? Yeah, no fcking thanks. Valentine’s day was just an appetizer for someone to stab you in the back. Today was truly the worst day of the year, and Enrique Montoya was positive that it was cursed. This was exactly why he was just going to skip that sht and stay home - well… home being the guest bed at Fin’s apartment because Logan was being annoying and bringing up Diego every three seconds. Okay, fine, it was more like two times but still, two times too much. Don’t need your opinion Logan, thank you. Though, what he did need was a few things from his apartment to make his stay at Fin’s a bit more comfortable.

That’s exactly what he was doing as he made his way towards his empty apartment - something he knew since Logan left in the earllllly hours of the day to do track or something. “Scotch? Well don’t mind if I do,” he whispered to himself, pouring a glass as he walked to his bedroom and packed a bag of things. The last thing he grabbed was that full bottle of scotch because, damn, was it smooth and drinking his thoughts away was the perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day.

Enrique was already 6 floors down using the stairs when a curse left his lips realizing he forgot to grab his jacket. After a moment of deliberation, Enrique walked towards the elevator and clicked the up button. Remember his sentiment that Valentine’s day was cursed? Yeah, well, to prove his point, guess who was in the elevator when it opened? No, it wasn’t Lenora. Rather, another one of his exes. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the girl. “You have to be fcking kidding me,” Ricky stated with a frown. No, no. Fck you, if anyone get’s to be in the elevator in HIS highrise, it was him. After a moment of hesitation, Ricky entered the elevator ignoring the words coming out of her mouth only to see his floor was already pressed. For her sake he was hoping she wasn’t coming to see him because that wasn’t going to go well either way.

Again, it was his elevator. So could you blame him for snatching the phone out of her hand and throwing it out of the elevator to where he was. “Fetch, and then take the elevator down and out of the fcking building. Good girl,” Enrique stated, treating her like… well… we don’t use that particular curse around here, but we all know what a female dog is. And then he waited, his hand keeping the Elevator open as he waited for her to exit.

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Wanna know what the outcome of skipping detention was? MORE DETENTION. WHAT THE HELL DEAN KLEIN? NOT FAIR. Like oh my gawd, one detention was enough, Mateo Perez was TIRED and this was bulllllllllll. But hey, at least with morning detention, Mateo could just sleeppppp. Music blasting in his ears and eyes closed as he slumped over the desk - that truly was the best feeling well… second best to sleeping on a bed but oh well.

His mind went back to a few days ago - Laurel and him going to a bar and getting so wasted that they somehow ended up in Vegas. After that day he had heard what happened to her father on like every news outlet, and he realized why she had been so willing to drink in the middle of the day. He didn’t say anything about it… only made sure he was there when she needed him though she kind of shut off after that.

Annnnyways, back to detention. It was sooooOooo soOOo soooo boring and the only interesting thing was these two girls beside him gossiping about how today was sooo amazing because it was… something? Who knew what it was - something about their boyfriends being cute or something. Maybe their birthdays?

His eyes remained closed as he heard someone enter the room - it was a girl’s voice telling the professor who was in charge of them that another professor needed them immediately. The last thing Mateo heard was the Professor asking the girl to stay and watch over the delinquents and then the door once again opened, and closed. Moving his head up, Mateo’s eyes met those of a familiar girl awkwardly standing at the front - likely the one who had just come in. “Sophie right? You know you can sit dowwnnn. I promise us delinquents won’t mistake you for one,” he said with a kind smile. “Sophie did you know that Roller Coasters were made to distract Americans from having sex? It’s soooo weird. Like who was like let’s make this really fast-moving machine so people don’t get naked and do the deed?”



So here’s the thing; while a side business in selling fake ID’s was… profitable. It wasn’t exactly profitable enough to rent an apartment in Beryl, especially with the rich elites that lived here. So… well… let’s just say he had more than one side business, of course. Currently he was completing side business #1102 otherwise known as being the handsome pool boy with his shirt off while a lonely rich woman laid on the pool lounge in a bikini and watched him while her husband was away. For an honest day’s work, he did make a good amount for this side business - even if he didn’t do anything besides actually clean the pool. Tips - absolutely fcking amazing and the best part was the referrals to other rich lonely women who didn’t mind eye candy in their back yard.

“Kris, sweetie… I would hate to burn in this harsh sun, do you mind. I just need to get some sunscreen on my back and it’s just so hard to reach,”

Did he use a fake name? Yes. Did he mind the additional perks with the job? Not really. With a sly smile, the man placed his tools down and walked over to the women as she turned around, took her bikini top off, and well, made everything very assessable to him. You may be wondering, did Kaspian ever engage these women past… with an honest day’s work? Truthfully? No. He had some morals. But if massaging her back meant more tips, he wouldn’t say no.

Ignoring the noises coming from her lips, Kaspian allowed his hands to move up and down - rubbing the sun screen in… well… until he heard something shatter and a very angry, very large man looking at him. Kaspian’s eyes caught a vase and flowers in the man’s hands, and as expected, then commenced the screaming…and then… the chasing. Yes, the big man started chasing HIM. “So Mrs. Kenning should I come back for payment next time…” Kaspian asked with a smile, dodging something that the man threw at him while being angry at his wife. “I guess we’ll talk about it next time then” Kaspian got out barely as he ran for the door, soon being followed by the husband who quite literally chased him for TWO miles. Like sorry Mr. Kenning, it wasn’t HIS fault that you left your wife on Valentine’s day. He was just trying to get paid for cleaining your pool. God damn it.

So damn… Kaspian needed to hide, because clearly this man was not stopping until he got a punch in and surprisingly, Kaspian wasn’t looking forward to punch. With the slight advantage on the older man, Kaspian snuck in the alley way near the coffeeshop he had run too, except slight problem being a girl who clearly was about to start asking questions about him being shirtless, shoeless, and wet was nearby. So what did he do? What any sane person would do of course - he grabbed her, pulled her against him with his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet as he heard the approaching footsteps of the… upset husband. “Where the FCK is he?” The grunt came loudly as the man looked around before running in a different direction. After a few seconds, a sigh left his lips as he finally moved his hand off the girl’s lips.

“Thanks for… well… not biting me. Would have been a little awkward,” Kaspian revealed, running his hands through his hair as he let her turn around - making no attempt to apologize for his actions. It was only when she turned that a sense of familiarity hit him. “I… know you. Wait, you’re that girl at the laundry mat a week ago who dropped her bra next to me and then blushed brighter than a tomato aren’t you? Wait no, she had blue eyes. Who are you again?”



”See you in a few hours,” passing by her coworker, Katie smiled sweetly at him before disappearing into the staff room. Her apron coming off the moment she closed the door with a quiet sigh, hair falling down her back as her hair tie was now around her wrist. This has been one… very short work day and sadly it was really just the beginning. Who goes to work for just one hour before school because they need money? Katie! Working at Zily’s Bakery was the least of her problems, the only thing she didn’t mind which is why she’d often take extra hours but what would come after it was a little bit hard but who was Katie to complain? Changing into her clothes and then going home to finish her chores was fine, but taking a night shift at the other place she works at? Life would be easier without it but when was life easy? Looking at her new classmates maybe life would be perfect if she was similar to them. If she didn’t have to do all of this.

Back to reality - changing into her clothes, Katie finally left the place and headed towards the bus station. You know what else sucked? The fact that she lived out of town so she had to travel and the only bus she could take is leaving every hour so that means if she misses one, she has to wait. For an hour. That’s too much information now, sorry. She wasn’t going home, she was going to her new, lovely school. Talking about that… her bus was supposed to arrive…now. Oh, sht. She just left the bakery and it’s a 5 minute walk to her bus stop. Noooono… Okay, run. IT’S A LITTLE HARD TO RUN IN BOOTS. Mistakes were made… ”NOOO. NO, no,” well there was no point in running because the bus passed right by her and there was not a chance she could make it. So walking and being super late it is… Devastated, Katie squatted down, screaming into her bag. Life is really hard, okay? She wasn’t being dramatic. Thanks to people walking by her, she straightened up with a quiet sorry before getting on this very long journey.

What else could go wrong? Not much, right? Wrong. Someone could just snatch you up and take you to a dark alley way or throw you in the back of a black van, trust her, she’s seen a lot of movies… But those were just… movies. A hot, shirtless guy will never do something like that to her. Soooo…. Why was something similar actually happening? She wasn’t even walking for 2 minutes, trying to find some shortcuts when a guy stopped in front of her. Being a nice person, Katie was a little concerned for the… homeless guy? It didn’t seem like he was fine… He had almost no clothes on, no shoes on but why was he wet? Maybe he tried to sneak into someone’s place and take a shower? Logical answer to that question, isn’t it? Was she supposed to give him some money? Sooo many questions were running through her mind but before she could even open her mouth that now scary dude pulled her to the side and covered her mouth. This is the moment she dies… And she really didn’t want to die in an alley way.

Katie did the only thing any sane person would do - she stayed silent and prayed for a better ending and it seemed like it worked because he soon let go of her after hearing another scary guy disappearing into an unknown direction. If things were different, Katie would occasionally glance down and admire the person standing in front of her but sadly she was too shook to even think about that possibility. ”I… No…” Wait… Someone explain to her what just happened because you can’t just do that to someone and then mention bras and laundry mats and ask who she was. ”Who are you?” She managed to say, stepping away from him with both confusion and fear in her eyes as she clutched her bag closer to herself. ”You know… It was perfectly fine for me to just walk away and not cause you more problems… You didn’t have to shorten my lifespan.”. But after a short moment she just had to check, letting herself subtly… Check him out. Can’t escape it. ”Are you alright?”

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Artemis shook her head. “Nope. The guy just suddenly had the attitude of curdled milk overnight. You’re lucky you’re lactose intolerant. He doesn’t bother you.” She snorted, changing the subject. “So, got any Valentines plans? I’m just going to stuff myself with cheep chocolate, if you want to join. The more, the merrier.”
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She flinched subtly at Embry’s raised voice, taking a small step back. This is why she wanted to talk somewhere more private; this wasn’t a conversation (if it could still be called that) that she wanted to have in front of what felt like the whole student body. “I—no, that’s not what I meant.” Daiane breathed out, some of her growing frustration evident in the exhale. “I haven’t lied—I didn’t mean to lie, at least. I don’t think I was lying, I just didn’t—I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you the whole truth Bee, but this doesn’t change anything about how special Halloween was to me and how special everything with you now is to me.” She was pleading with her by now, she knew, she could hear it in her own voice, but Daiane didn’t care—all she cared about was fixing the wrong she’d made against this girl in front of her.

“It was,” Daiane insisted, watching Embry’s eyes fall away from hers, her own heart falling with her. “It was real. I wouldn’t fake all of that, Bry.” She spoke softly, emotion making her voice thick. You came up to me. I was planning on avoiding you that whole night, and so I definitely wasn’t planning to use you to get points—not that I did that! But it was never ever a goal or an idea in my head.” Embry’s next question caught her off guard, and she faltered, not knowing how to answer. For a brief moment, her face definitely captured that deer-in-headlights feeling. “I…” She hesitated for less than a second, but she knew that it was enough to seem like an eternity of hesitation. “Yes. I think. … I don’t know.” Daiane looked off to the side, catching sight of the familiar face of her ex watching her conversation with Embry—and she was not alone in her curiosity. Dai bit back a sigh, hating how public this felt. “I only know that I did do all of that and I’m really happy I did 'cause it led me back to having you as my girlfriend again. And that’s what matters… right?” She tried to ignore the eyes around them and refocused her attention to Embry, trying to mentally will her to look at her again.

Manipulate you?” She repeated, her voice made louder from the mix of surprise and hurt. “Is that what you think? I would never—god, Embry.” Daiane shook her head, fighting the tears she could feel threatening to spill over. How was this the way that Valentine’s was going?


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You know how Sophie loves weddings? Well, its suffices to say that the Jordan and Jezebel wedding, wasn’t the best day for her… when things started going downhill, it was clear she wasn’t in the best place to go home, so Alex ended up bringing her to a hotel to rest up before taking her home. Let’s just say, it would be worse to take her home to worried parents and a protective, FBI agent, uncle while she’s under the influence of something, than it would be to give an excuse to explain why she wouldn’t be home until the next day. Nightmares and crying in her sleep didn’t exactly make for much rest, but all she could do was tell Alex a little about what was bothering her, including about Dante, her brother.

Though, that’s behind her now. Now, it’s one of Sophie’s favorite days of the year. Valentine’s Day. Come on, how could she not absolutely love a day that celebrates love? Of course, it’s better when you’re dating someone, but even alone Sophie could still appreciate the day, simply for the sake of loving the idea of love. Though, now Sophie had suddenly found herself standing at the front of a room of the kids in morning detention. How did this happen you ask? Well, even her teachers know of her as the sweet little angel who would never intentionally do anything she wasn’t supposed to, so when she was sent to let the teacher watching over the students know that they were needed right then, she was told to stay there with the detention students. All Sophie could do was watch as the teacher left the room, leaving her responsible for the time being. How is one even supposed to act when their somewhere they wouldn’t normally be, as a result of a teacher’s instruction. Especially if they were a bunch who thought, and assumed correctly, that they would just be able to walk all over her. She stood there awkwardly for a moment, shifting her weight slightly and listening to the light click of her heels against the floor, but then her eyes met the gaze of a classmate of hers. He started off by questioning to be sure that her name was Sophie, then saying she could sit down. In response, Sophie gave a sweet, though still slightly shy smile. “Yeah, I’m Sophie. And you’re Mateo?” she questioned in response. Though, as Mateo continued to speak, Sophie’s smile grew with a giggle. “Really? ” Sophie asked, walking closer to sit closer by since he had piqued her curiosity. “How did you find that out? How did someone get that idea in the first place?” she added with a smile.


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Valentine’s Day, yeah sure. Just another overly commercial holiday to overprice bloody chocolate and taunt single people over… well, existing. isn’t that peachy? Well can’t say VC was totally against romance, because she wasn’t, but Valentine’s Day was pretty overrated. Or maybe she was a little biased against a day destined for couples as the smart hot btch that everyone wants to fck but almost nobody actually bloody likes or even tries to get to know. And when they do, she screwed it up. She did it to Enrique, she did it to Mateo, who said she won’t do it to the next guy too? Who says she’d ever have someone to love her but herself? Not that she needed anyone she was very much of a badass independent woman. But yeah sure, happy bloody Valentines idiots.

Remember mentioning Enrique? So, well, apparently he just had to be there and annoy her all over again, as the elevator door opened and she found his smug face in front of her ”Take a chill pill Montoya I’m not here for you” she said as standing at one side of the elevator, coldly distancing herself from him, which was true, she really wasn’t there for him, he was probably the last person she’d want to spend valentines morning with now that he hates her guts. But as the elevator opened again boy had THE AUDACITY to take her phone THROW IT OUT and say FETCH ?!?!?! Does he want to get slapped now or later? Leaning more towards now but okay let’s see. Deep breaths bro, dee breaths. ”You fetch” she replied, crossing her arm sassily as she did the same thing he did to her, taking his phone and throwing it out. ”And next time you refer to me as a dog I’ll bloody bite you, you won’t do it again so fast” she added. Was this w threat? No not really, but if you choose to refer to her as a bloody dog might as well prove you right and bite you, seems a lot like fun if you ask me.

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Oh don’t worry Phoebe he damn well knew he was missing out, but life isn’t fair like that sometimes. Raph stood there as she stepped back, saying something about going to find another victim which was actually really good idea he himself would kinda want to do as well, but he still kinda felt bad for rejecting Phoebe. Thought he would have felt bad either way so might as well go for the less worse one.

”And maybe you should go find Diego and tell him how good of a brother you are… He’d be proud.” pfft yeah sure. Not a good friend and not a good brother, he wanted to be both but he couldn’t, not to any of his siblings and not to his friends, which fcking sucked. But not everyone is born to be happy and accomplished are they? Welcome to the club Raph

”I’ll pass on that idea but finding victims sounds like a really damn good idea” he added, glancing at his phone for a moment and back at the girl ”It is Valentine’s Day after all. Is there a better day to find victims?” he finished with a light smirk

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And the award for surprise of the day goes to… Fin. Like, what? That was SO out of the blue but honestly the whole gesture flattered Olivia quite a bit. Not saying she could say she liked him too because she did not know him at all, seen him around she knew he was in her class and friends with some people she knew around, but other than that she didn’t really get a chance to talk to him before or anything of sort. Plus he was somewhat attractive, not exactly her usual go-to type but he was still attractive in his own way.

”Thank you so much this is amazing” she said with a blushing smile taking the flowers. Not necessarily taking about the flowers rather about the whole thing going on. The effort was apparent in his planning and execution, which was honestly cute, from what she had heard about him he wasn’t really known to be cute, but she was never one to judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe he was actually a nice guy. ”Oh- ” she said in surprise as he claimed to like her and kissed her cheek ”really?” she asked in lowkey confusion mixed with surprise

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Despite their best attempts to ignore the thought and against their better judgement, Athena couldn’t help but find Luna’s stuttering the tiniest bit adorable. “Yeah, you’re right, it has been a while.” They agreed with her. “I haven’t really been anywhere, I just like to keep to myself.” They added with a small shrug as the two of them started walking towards their lockers. When they got to their lockers, the first thing they were couples making out together. Athena rolled their eyes in response as they opened their locker and started putting their books inside of it. “Let’s just say that it’s not my favourite holiday.” They answered when she asked what they thought about Valentine’s day. “My family loves it but it’s a little more complicated for me.” They explained as they closed their locker. “What about you?”

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Of course Ari thought everyone who is even in her sight wanted to date her or be her. For Elijah that was far from true. When she said that he could feel his hair standing up on his neck. Just thinking about it made him want to hurl. Who would even date her anyways? Oh…Hera but they had their own problems so it made sense. But anyone else, how crazy would they have to be. While wondering that for a split second she snatched the brownie out of his hand. Okay that was making him angry, but he still tried to stay calm. "If you made this I don’t trust your cooking and I have no intentions on dying at 18. " bummer jk jk What he was actually offended by was her saying he had germs. How dare you. “Well, I didn’t make these brownies. You actually think I cooked them?” He started laughing. “I’m flattered. Second of all you don’t have to eat them, I’m doing it for the teacher.” He picked up another brownie from the basket he was holding and moved on to the desk beside hers. That’s when she decided to throw her brownie into the garbage. “You’re actually hurting the teachers feelings. She wouldn’t be too happy about that.”

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Yeah SO WHAT if he threw her phone out of the elevator and told her to fetch? Can I remind you who’s elevator they were in? Little guess - it wasn’t the girl currently standing next to him. The man couldn’t help roll his eyes with her I’m not here for you sentiment. After all, she better not have been here for him and since there was only his apartment on the top floor, it wasn’t too hard a guess to know who she was here for. “I don’t give a fck who you’re here for, you’re not allowed in this building… no honestly, once you leave I’m going to give a blacklisted picture of you to the front doormen. So before I call security, just fcking leave because no one in this building wants you here.” Ricky responded in a foul mood. She did have a way of turning any sense of happiness to sht.

Though, what he didn’t… though probably should have expected was her reaching into his back pocket to throw his phone out as well. You have to be fcking kidding him. “Veronica Charlotte, leave the fcking elevator,” he groaned. If he could, he would have just pushed her out but he doesn’t touch girls without permission, even if that girl is the fcking devil incarnate. As she made the biting statement, he found himself rolling his eyes. “Not the first time you’ve bit me, Parker. Though the last time was under more… fun circumstances… I rather not ever repeat that because after fcking Elio, I’m pretty sure you have rabies,”

His hand would have stayed in the sensor of the elevator to keep it open, but you know how after a while, the elevator decides to close anyway’s assuming the block might just be an error in the system. Yeah… well that happened and after losing his leg a few months ago, losing his arm didn’t sound fun. So with that, he found himself bringing his arm into the small space, and his frown deepened being in a tiny area with this… disgusting woman.

“You know what, no fck you,” Enrique said, moving his hand so he could click the next floor so that it would open again and he could kick her out. It honestly would have worked if she didn’t press the fcking stop button which stopped the entire elevator. “I have never met a more annoying person then you,” he told her, pressing the stop button again to start the elevator followed by her pressing the button again. “You’re going to fcking break it,” he started, and LOW AND BEHOLD, the moment he said that, something literally fcking happened and the elevator went black. “What did I fcking say?” he groaned, trying to press every fcking button on the elevator again and realizing that it was honestly going nowhere. Sht.



June 2035: Months before divorce

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𝄞 Babe (Taylor’s Version) - Taylor Swift

Kids. Work It. Album. Sadie’s life had revolved around those three things. Raising the kids; shooting the movie; recording the album. That was it, her whole life. She didn’t need to think about anything else because Kyra had said her first word. It was easy to repress the other things because she had to learn her lines. Learnt them? That’s okay, she had to write lyrics, anyway. What else did she even need to worry about when she was thinking about that? What even was there to worry about?

𝄞 Big mistake, you broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made

Then suddenly she remembered. The progression went quickly from slight crosses of minds to constant overthinking. The kids were going to school, the movie had been released, the album was finished and now Sadie couldn’t avoid or ‘forget’. And now, once again, every time she looked at Jordan, she couldn’t unsee it. The time she never initially gave herself to process what had happened had come as she knew it eventually would. She couldn’t have a conversation with Jordan without thinking about it. Time is supposed to heal, but how can it when the wound was staring her in the face every day?

August 2035: Months before divorce

It was just a kiss but it wasn’t. Yeah, she’s still thinking about it. But listen, it wasn’t just a kiss, with some girl. It was a decade of Sadie convincing herself that she was enough, maybe even - God forbid - more than enough, just for it to all be unravelled half an hour after Jordan crossed paths again with Jezebel. How much could Sadie have really meant if it took that little time? How could she trust Jordan when he did the one thing he knew would break her? No, she can trust him. Stop thinking of him like that. How can she think of her husband like that?

𝄞 Since you admitted it, I can’t unsee it,

She knew she should just talk to Jordan. But there was nothing he could do - would he even do anything? What if he just told her she was right, and the kiss wasn’t a mistake. Or the opposite, and that she was looking too far into it and being ridiculous. He wouldn’t understand. How could she marry someone who wouldn’t understand? What? No, how could she think that the person she married wouldn’t understand? She didn’t want Jordan to be this person she had made him out to be in her mind. He wasn’t that person, and he didn’t deserve someone who would think of him like that. Jezebel wouldn’t think of him like that. Would that image of him even cross her mind? Maybe Jordan deserved her more.

“Have you seen the pictures of Jordan with his new costar?” “Sadie, how do you stay so trusting when Jordan is filming romantic scenes?” "Have you and Jordan- " “Sadie, over here, do you-”

It was just normal paparazzi asking… relatively harmless questions. You know, the expected when walking to a store. Of course she had seen the photos, and of course she trusted Jordan. So then why did these questions sound like taunts? More like: how can you not stay so trusting? As if they knew the thoughts, the doubts in her head. “I’ve seen them, but they don’t mean anything, of course I trust him,” Sadie told the cameras before walking back into the house, despite the further questions. Yeah, she could say whatever she wanted to the paparazzi, but it didn’t stop what was going through her head. Would he rather be with Jezebel, or even that co-star, more?

November 2035: Months before divorce

Some days she became less good at hiding these thoughts - and every so often she got a - “Sadie, are you okay? Hey, look at me, you-” How the fvck did she explain something like this to Jordan? “Yeah, I’m okay. Trust me, it’s okay,” She would tell him almost every time. Holding him hostage for something he did years ago. Jordan didn’t deserve someone who did that, he shouldn’t have to repeat the same almost-convincing speech he gave after it happened every single time she a doubt, just for her to feel the same, days later. He shouldn’t need to explain himself for the rest of his life. It’s not his fault.

𝄞 I hate that, because of you, I can’t love you,

It couldn’t go back to normal. It couldn’t and it killed her. She wished more than anything that she could just drop it, get over it, and just hope she was good enough. But Sadie lost that hope those years ago, and everything felt wrong and tainted. There was no question in the fact that Sadie loved him. But there was question in… everything else.

They only stopped kissing because she got in the way. What if the only reason Jordan had stayed with her was because he was away from Jezebel? Wait, they only stopped dating… because she got in the way. Maybe she’s still in the way? As soon as they saw each other again they did that. Was she stopping people who actually did belong together? Maybe this whole time Sadie had just been in denial of what was facts. Fvck she needed to get out of the way.

December 2035: Divorce

𝄞 We ain’t getting through this one, babe,

“Jordan, I can’t do this.”

There was far more words and disjointed sentences than that said, but that was enough.

December 2039: Jordan and Jezebel’s Wedding

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𝄞 right where you left me - Taylor Swift

Sadie confessed love to Jordan months ago. It was the first thing that felt right in years, and she finally had no uncertainty, she could have confidence and trust in his word if he gave it to her. But he didn’t. She should have expected that after the time she had left that he would move on. But a part of her in that time still thought: wouldn’t it be romantic if he didn’t? Though her answer came in the form on an invitation for the wedding of Jordan and Jezebel. No, he had told her before that, but it only became real when seeing it in ink. Black and white. Jordan and Jezebel were getting married. No question about it.

𝄞 Glass shattered on the white cloth, everybody moved on

As much as she had listened to Speak Now by Taylor Swift, Sadie knew she could only live vicariously through the life of interrupting vows. This was right. She was right, it’s them that deserve each other. She watched as Jezebel stood where she once did and it was okay. It was, they were happy. This is how it should have been Unintentionally, Sadie had a way-too good view of Jordan as he was singing to her. Too well could she see him as he promised to love Jezebel; until death do they part. Who died that cancelled out when he said that about her? No, it didn’t matter, she didn’t matter in this; in fact, she could almost see herself slipping out of his memory as he said all the right and romantic things but this time for Jezebel. The same look in his eyes, but this time Sadie wasn’t in the reflection. She truly hoped for him that this time worked better than the first - even if a small part of her hoped that it didn’t.

𝄞 I stayed there, dust collected on my pinned-up hair

Raise a glass to the newly-weds. That was it, it was done. No objections; she will forever hold her peace. “This is a beautiful wedding, congratulations, I’m really happy for you,” Sadie told Jordan with most sincerity in the short moment they crossed paths. What else are you supposed to say at an ex-husband’s wedding? She cleared her throat before Jordan could say anything, there was really nothing he could say in this. He didn’t need to be weighed down by her breaking heart on the happiest day of his life. “I’m gonna-” - Leave, get out of here, immediately - “I’ll see y- congratulations, again,” She quietly said before brushing past him.

February 2040: Jordan at the hospital

It had been a few weeks now since the accident. Still processing the fact that she almost lost both Annie and Jordan, Sadie hadn’t given much time to process what had actually happened. Her daughter had crashed into Jordan’s house. What was she supposed to do with that? Words failed to fall into place to form a sentence to encapsulate her thoughts. Though it seemed Annie didn’t need Sadie to be holding her accountable - she seemed to be doing a pretty good job on her own. In fact, the only person Sadie believed had failed was herself as it became increasingly obvious the help that Annie needed for her undeniable mental issues which became a priority to Sadie.

What also became a priority for Sadie was Jordan. Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital became a daily occurrence for her. Everyday hoping that news would come that he was awake; but never hearing anything. That was until finally, the doctor she had become well-acquainted with- given the circumstances- came and told her of him being awake. Well, he began to, he was quickly cut off by Sadie walking away and to the room.

Advancing quickly across the hospital room she fell to her knees beside him at the sight of his waking eyes. Nothing between them mattered to her as long as he was okay. She wasn’t sure what to say though. She couldn’t exactly as ‘are you okay?’ Because, what did it look like? Of course he wa-

Her thoughts on what to say were interrupted when suddenly she couldn’t say anything because he was kissing her. Backtrack, one more time: he was kissing her. She gently pulled away from him, looking him in the eyes - there was too much certainty in his eyes. “No, Jordan… it’s me, Sadie, I’m not- Jezebel is, she’s-” Sadie quickly turned to the nurse in the room, hoping to find a solution from her. “Could you please ask Jezebel to come in? Thank you so much,” She said with a smile. “Hey,” Sadie was facing Jordan again, “It’s okay, she’s coming, Jezebel’s coming,” She looked back at the door waiting for her appearance.

@benitz786 Jordan Williams
@Littlefeets Jezebel Williams


Destiny tried to focus on her locker but she found herself still staring at Daiane and Embry’s conversation. She didn’t even realize the frustration that began to settle on her features. When she finally turned around again, someone with a familiar voice walked behind her. “I still can’t believe Daiane did that.” She turned around sort of in surprise to hear Daiane’s name. It was Cleo. “So… long time no see what’s up?”
“Oh… yeah. I’m good.” She quickly glanced at her, then focused back on her locker. Cleo was like a good friend of hers, a sister from another mister, but she always found her to be…a little unloyal. Like that time she crashed into Kaya’s car, she was nowhere to be found after even though she was there before it happened. Since then they stopped talking, so now it was a surprise to see her standing beside her. Two of her folders tumbled out of her locker and hit the floor with a thud. “Oh, crap” She said, bending down to pick it up.



Tsumuji giggled at that joke. “I don’t think that’s the reason he doesn’t bother me. Maybe because i’m his sister’s friend?” That didn’t really make sense, because Artemis was his cousin and closed to his sister- from what she has seen. Thinking about it was really making her dizzy, and do she was glad when Artemis moved to the next topic. “Ooh chocolate, you can’t eat them all by yourself you will get a sweet tooth so i’m joining!” She told her laughing lightly as she held Artemi’s hand and they walked the halls.



Artemis shook her head. “I doubt it. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter.” Artemis laughed. “Don’t you mean stomach ache? I already have a sweet tooth. You’ve seen me nearly stab someone over cake.” She smiled when Tsumuji said she was joining. “Ah. My plan worked!” Artemis took Tsumuji’s hand, letting her lead her into school.
@Kristi - Tsumuji


Luna could understand the part about how they liked to keep to themselves, she really could. Though, nowadays it seems like she has forgotten how to do just that. She feels like she was slowly changing and she hated that, this year seemed to suck more and more and she hasn’t been halfway through it. “It’s definitely better, k-keeping t-to y-yourself i mean.” She told him in agreement to their statement. Luna couldn’t help it, she giggled when Athena rolled their eyes at the couple making out. Well at least not everyone was in a Valentine’s mood “My family loves it but it’s a little more complicated for me.” That intrigued Luna, she wanted to ask how was it complicated but before she could ask they asked another question. “It’s uh complicated too… It’s an ok holiday b-but i’m j-just not feeling it.”