Blue Royalty: New Blood

It hasn’t even been five minutes but Fin was already tired of this bs. How in the world did he think he could keep up with this for a whole month? He obviously wasn’t thinking about that while signing up for it. So now he was left having to figure out how to treat Olivia in a loving way and make it look real. Make sure she believed every word that left his mouth. But… What was he supposed to say to “really”? Or any other question she might have? Obviously another lie. ”Is it that hard to believe?” With a sheepish smile, Finley quietly asked, staying close to her. ”I’m sorry again if this…” He looked around, referring to where he decided to ask her, and everyone staring at them. ”Was too much. But not that,” now pointing at the flowers she was holding, a sweet smile was still on his lips as he met her eyes.
”You deserve it.” That was enough of sweetness from him… Please don’t make him say “I really like you” again. He doesn’t. Time to leave… Get away from this situation. Just… Enough. ”I hope we can… get together sometimes before prom? Think about it as I go to my first class?” His cheeks hurting from forcing a smile for so long, that’s what he left her with.

Now that he was finally… free and back to normal, as soon as he was around students who didn’t witness what happened, Finley let out a loud sigh going to… Well, not class. It’s Valentine’s day, he can skip school. It’s okay. Or… Oh, how fast his plans change. ”Just the girl I was looking for,” if he started this day with so many lies, he could keep going. Blocking Logan’s way, Fin put his hands in his pockets, unamused look on his face. Ah, Logan… What a waste of time and energy it is to be talking to her but he couldn’t miss any opportunity he gets to be nice to her. ”Still got no date to prom? What a shocker.” He can also continue putting on sarcastic smiles. ”I wasn’t surprised when my dad hired me to make someone ask you because it would be a shame to have our football star go to the most important night of the year all alone… Too bad I said no to him.” Did Sam really ask him to do that? Of course not.

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Annie’s brief and unintentional name drop had sparked the query as to whether Ricky had been there to visit her. That’s a real good question, Zek. His interest in the mention drew Annie’s own attention back to the question of why he actually came to the hospital. The fact of the matter didn’t seem important at the time, though in hindsight it was still quite a key fact that remained a mystery. “Not visiting, probably just passing by,” She commented, vaguely. Annie shrugged at his doubtful face. “Don’t look at me like that, what do you mean you don’t regularly visit the hospital for no reason?”

As she was talking, Annie looked down at the new notification on her phone. Immediately her face softened at the content of the message from her mother. “Oh, my God, he’s awake, oh m-” Annie exclaimed quietly through heavy breaths that followed the initial exhale. Thank fvck for that. She continued reading to the second half that told her to come after school, to which a pit began to form in her stomach as she knew this was where her relationship with her father could really break down. Annie had spent the last few weeks visualising Jordan waking up and declaring her an estranged daughter - but it still wouldn’t prepare her enough for when it did happen. “My… dad,” Annie looked up, filling Zek in on what had just been discovered; “Alive and kicking,” She told him.

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Jordan Williams no longer remembered the… strange dream that had met his mind moments earlier. He didn’t remember his mother telling him he needed to wake up… and he certainly didn’t remember being stuck in an alternate reality fabricated by his mind. Besides a few glimpses from his dream, he remembered nothing of that world. On the other hand, rooted in his mind remained a vivid glimpse of a scarf and the feeling he needed to do something but… honestly, besides that, nothing else could be pulled from the nightmare he was just in. That didn’t mean he didn’t remember his real life - of course, he did! He remembered marrying Sadie Williams five years earlier after being engaged in 2023. He remembered the beautiful kids he had: Justin Williams who was born in 2022 and was a hyperactive child since birth, though honestly a joy for the child’s two parents who loved him so much they had decided to look into adoption… and hopefully soon they would be able to adopt a child. And finally, they had a little girl in 2025 who was 3 right now and juuuust about to turn four as she loved telling her dad eveeeerrryy other day for the last few months alongside the fact that Kyra Williams wanted a pink pony for her birthday… which MMAAAYBEEEE Jordan had plans for getting because he simply couldn’t say no. You try saying no to the most perfect kid okay? It’s HARD.

Anyways, that all he remembered… but… what was hazy was how he got… here. Looking down, he found machines connected all over his arms - from the monitor checking his heart rate, to another one checking… well, god knows what. Ray would probably be a helpful individual to have in the room to explain all of that, but right now, the only thing that mattered to Jordan was making sure his kids were alright now that he knew his wife was. Well… at least he hoped she was alright. He found her pulling away from him far sooner than he would have liked, and there was truly no hiding the confusion on his features when she told him No and started explaining that she was Sadie and not Jezebel. Of… course she wasn’t Jezebel. Why would Jordan ever mistake his wife for…her? Even now, his heart dropped hearing Jezebel’s name and he couldn’t stop the recollection of what she had done to him and their… child… but… that was irrelevant.

He watched as Sadie told the nurse to get Jezebel… and the frown on his features deepened. “Sadie? Why would I… I don’t want her here. Jezebel isn’t… she hasn’t been my friend… or anything to me in a long time… I thought we’d talked about that before are you confused? Or… god my head hurts,” Jordan muttered, bringing his hand to his head, unable to finish his thought. “I just… want to see our kids. Are they okay? Please tell me there okay and I didn’t do something to cause… this… oh god… please don’t tell me I missed Kyra’s birthday? She only turns 4 once I don’t… what… happened beautiful?”

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WOAH HOLD THE FRONT DOOR… HOW DID YOU KNOW? Are you one of those witches like Alex Russo from that Wizards show, because if you are. I KNEW THEY EXISTED. And if you just guessed, that’s cool too but please lie to me and tell me it’s the first one because I would loooooooveeee that and then I could say ha to all the people who thought I was kidding when I said witches are probably totally for sure, real and probably, totally, got to school with us" Mateo asked - a joking expression on his features when she said his name. What? Mayyyybeee Matty could see the girl wasn’t feeling comfortable in a room full of delinquents and wanted to make her feel more at home :pleading_face: . Maybe he also believed that there probably were Wizards in the world and he wanted to catch on in action. If anything, this was a two stones-one bird scenario. Wait… two birds-one stone? Nah totally two stones-one bird. Do you know how hard it is for a bird to get rid of two stones? Very hard - so that’s totally the right phrase. Right? OH well, besides the point…

“But yesss, I’m Mateo or Matty… orrr Matt… orrrr Tay like Taylor Swift orrrrr Teo… or Mo… orrrrr Megatrontato which is my preferred nickname, but you can pick what you want to call me, I don’t mind,” Matty added with a soft smile as he looked back at her. She seemed nice… well she was laughing at his statement which he presuuummeed was probably because it was hilllarrious but maybe she was also just trying to be nice which was very nice of her anyways so Matty would, off of initial impressions, give a 11/10 on the nice factor which he enjoyed. “Umm I don’t know, because honestly, I don’t think a roller coaster is stopping anyone from having sex. I’m pretty sure people have even had sex on rollercoasters, but it seems a lillll difficult to do. Props for anyone who figure that out thoughhhh. But I have a knack for strangeee facts. They’re just sooo much fun to memorize. Like did you know that the dude who invented frisbee golf is now a frisbee? No like really, he asked his family to put his remains in a frisbee so now he’s a frisbee and I’ve realized that’s 100% the way I wanna go out too. What about you? Thoughts about being a frisbee when you die? Seems like a cool way to go.”



Maybe Kaspian needed to find a more stable work life balance? Was that what running barefoot for two miles in nothing but swim trunks meant at 7 something in the morning? But damn, was the money good. No one was making the amount Kaspian made for usually no more than two hours of work. Trust him, not even strippers made close to what he made with a smile and a wink. So would this… incident make him reconsider the job he had tomorrow with Mrs. Tanner? No, no it wouldn’t. Being barefoot… shirtless… and probably overall looking like a mess was a small price to pay for what the Kenning soon-to-be-divorcee would pay him for his services. And, yes, Kaspian always did collect = just like he did with that VC girl when dropping off her slightly overpriced ID. Though, it was truly a work of art, so she wouldn’t get caught anytime soon. You welcome, Parker.

Anyways, back to the negative side effects for what he did - sometimes, only sometimes, it would lead to weird allyways where he basically almost kidnapped a girl to avoid getting in a fight which, albeit he could probably win, he wasn’t really feeling the possible reduction in payment. Kaspian let his eyes run over her - a smirk playing upon his lips as she decided to ask him who he was. Sure, she didn’t answer his question, but maybe he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt due to the circumstances of probably scaring her to death. “Kaspian… Kaspian Ishida… otherwise known as the guy who trying very hard not to get into a fight because that idiot thought I was doing unimaginable things to his wife on valentine’s day,” Kaspian responded with his smile not faltering. The girl standing in front of him didn’t look… scared per se. More… confused perhaps? Either way, it was a fun 10 minute break before he had to go back to the real world. “Don’t get me wrong, If I wanted to do unimaginable things to his wife, it probably would have been really easy but I’ve never been into sleeping with people who are already… spoken for,”

She was… entertaining, he had to give her that. Something that became all the more true with her words of letting her walk away and not shorten her lifespan. “Well, stranger who still hasn’t told me her name, if that shortened your lifespan I probably should be thanked. You don’t seem like you get many heart racing scares, and if we’re being honest, what’s the fun in life without a little adventure, or in your case, a near life-shortening experience”

Surprising she was, especially when she asked him if he was okay. Was she really asking him that after what he likely just put her through. Okay stranger, you were underestimated. A small laugh left his lips, “Sorry no… I’m not laughing at you just… I honestly didn’t expect you to ask if I was alright after scaring you. I’m fine, honestly. Let’s just say it’s not the first time something like this has happened… I mean the type of situation… trust me I definitely have not run from someone’s husband after cleaning their wife’s pool more than once. But either way, I’ll live. I’m just going to have to find a way to get back home, change, and maybe go back to school after that if I’m feeling up to it,” Kaspian revealed… being probably more honest then he usually would be. But, what are the chances he’ll ever see this girl again? Slim, so why the hell not.

Are you…" a sigh left his lips as he started this next sentiment, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at her. “Are you okay? Sorry If I scared you… just couldn’t risk you saying something and bringing that dude’s attention over here,” Did he really just apologize? Okay, it’s a realllyy good thing he’ll probably never see this chick again.



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”Wow so mature of you, really, I’d clap but I don’t bloody want to” she said with a very obviously fake smile, rolling her eyes at basically everything he said. It used to actually be nice to be around him, now he knew nothing but to be a salty dck like every breath she took was pure evil. But yeah, I suppose she couldn’t blame him for it, she did hurt him and in a way if the situation was the other way around she wouldn’t react much differently. So go ahead Ricky, stick a knife in her like bloody butcher.

”funny” she muttered at his rabies comment tho she may or may not have agreed with him and got tested for stds there were about two people at c high who were known most to be walking stds, and Elio was one of them so no risks taking there doctor.

But was she clicking buttons to annoy him? You damn bet, so maybe at least she has a good reason to be blacklisted from a building. But she might have not expected the elevator to just stop, turns out it was just a shtty quality elevator which in comparison to the building it was in was a bit ironic. But so be it. ”well it’s your elevator isn’t it, go on, fix it she said, taking a step back and crossing her arms against the wall. ”if you wouldn’t have been a btch in the first place we could have been out of here a long time ago so this one is on you”

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Nodding with a sly smile on his lips was all Zek could do as Annie tried to find a reason for Enrique’s visit. Getting interested in what was happening with that guy was not something Zek thought would ever happen since Ricky was not someone he wanted to be associated with but this… Seeing it was something that had to do with his friend, he couldn’t just ignore it. First he found out she was in the hospital, and now he gets to learn Ricky was so nice to visit her… Maybe she should find someone better to spend her time with… And he is going to tell her that, after playing along. ”I do regularly visit the hospital for no reason at all. Don’t assume things! There was this one time when I just walked in and there was this…“ Of course there were many stories he could come up with on the spot, but that was not important now so he stopped himself from continuing that and laughed lightly. ”You know what? Passing by… How did I not think of that? He was definitely just passing by, walked in for no reason and it just happened that you were there… Half dead, but that’s not the point… What other reason did he have? Passing-“

If Zek wasn’t entertained with her story, he would’ve noticed she wasn’t really paying attention to him, but looking at her phone. ”Wait, what?“ So of course he was a little confused when she started speaking nonsense about waking up and dad and… ”Oooooh… OH!“ That was great news and it was also nice to see Annie… caring about her dad again. Or whatever she was feeling now, Zek wouldn’t know because this was the first time they’d spoken to each other after the wedding. But he could only hope she was good with her dad now… Or she will be because he is, thank God, alive. ”Goooo. You should go there or… Just pass by and accidentally walk in.“ He joked, a sweet smile on his lips. ”Do you want me to come with you? I can come with you? Or you want to go alone… Whatever you want, but that’s… Great news.“

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Elijah started thinking about how he had other brownies stashed in his locker and how those were actually “infected” with other things…and how funny it would be if he switched hers if they were in here. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work because she obviously won’t eat anything he gives her because its considered “poison”, and secondly he didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to sit there and waste his time and thirdly the real reason was she would definitely be a Karen and would attempt to call the police on him.“Darling, I have to ask… Do I look like I give a fck about the teacher’s feeling?” “No, because you’re here in the classroom when it wasn’t even supposed to be open for anyone yet.” Now that he thought about it, how did she even get in here. Ms Gerald probably forgot to lock the door. She was a little ditzy during teaching. But now he was stuck here with…her. “So do you always come here early or do you just want to bother me.” He already had to deal with cleaning up the classroom.


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As they walked through the halls, they arrived at Tsumuji’s locker, “Arty i’m coming, I need to get something out of my locker really quick.” Tsumuji opened her locker and as soon as she did that, books started falling out. Oof it seems like she had packed way to much books inside there and they weren’t arranged properly. Tsumuji would do it herself but it was waaay to much work and it was Valentine’s day :pleading_face: it would take the fun out of valentine’s doing this alone. Remembering that Artemis was here, Tsumuji turned towards her with a soft smile “Do you want to help me with my locker? pretty pleasee” Tsumuji said giving her puppy eyes.


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Valentine’s day

“No, because you’re here in the classroom when it wasn’t even supposed to be open for anyone yet.” Ari giggled at that, “It’s obvious that this is your first time coming early, because this room is always opened” When Ari was late it just made her classy, additionally a Queen was never late, everyone else was simple way to early so Ari has never been late to a place in her life. Moreover, like she said whenever she came late it was classy, but when people like Elijah did the same there was only one word to describe them and that was trashy, they obviously couldn’t afford a car to come early and they were lazy. Yeah yeah, I know what you’re going to say because some of you don’t have reading reading comprehension skills or are dead ‘but the double standards, how is it that when you come late it’s ok?’ like Ari said a queen is never late, and elijah was obviously not a queen/king nor anyone in this school other than her. So really, there was no double standards. “Elizabeth, did you here yourself?” Ari asked as she gave him a side-eye “sO dO yOu aLwAyS cOmE hErE eArLy oR dO yOu jUsT wAnT tO bOtHeR Me, how the fck would I just come here early to bother you when I didn’t even know you’ll be here dumb@ss?” She knew a lot of people could be down downright stupid when they tried shooting comebacks or insulting, and she did expect it from Francis, but wow. “Secondly, do you think that I would come early to school when I could be napping to bother an uglie?” That was the literal definition of reaching for the stars.

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Elijah finished putting the last of the brownies on each table and sat on one of the desks, turning his attention to her. He would rather not give her the attention she oh so desired but it was getting hard because she was constantly BUZZing in his ear. He really hasn’t had many arguments lately so there was a part of him that found this entertaining. A small part. “If you actually heard what I said, I said the classroom was supposed to be closed today because someone had to clean up for punishment, so obviously why would she want someone else in the classroom when someone is cleaning up?” He found it hard to believe that she actually came to school early all the time. Someone like her seemed to want to always have eyes on her when she entered the room. “You can still see me through the door window - whatever. Also, the only dumb@ss here is you for actually wanting to school early.” He said laughing. “And I do actually think you would come to school early just to bother someone.” He looked at her wondering what she was going to say next.


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Of course Katie wanted to hear the whole story but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a little scared. What was she supposed to expect? You know, the chances of him saying how this was something very serious and she’ll have to be under some kind of contract now because this scary dude, who she learned was named Kaspian, was involved with mafia were really high and she didn’t like that. He could totally pass for a mafia dude, have you seen him? She sure has… I mean, just… Look up, Katie. Just be nice to this poor, lost soul, listen to what he has to say and then continue with your day. You might be late for school but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go at all.

At least he wasn’t involved with mafia. That’s a good thing? That’s definitely a good thing if we ignore the real reason for this scene she just had to be a part of. His answer only left her with more questions - if he claimed he didn’t want to do unimaginable things to someone’s wife why was he naked? How did he even get into that situation? It’s just a stranger so it’s not important, unless… He tells her. Pleeeease tell her without her having to ask you because she reallllly was curious now that she could see she was not in danger. But Katie was still a little taken back to have a proper reaction to anything he does. ”Wow,” so for now that was the only thing she could give him. A wow… okay, don’t be boring, you’re fine. ”Nice to meet you in such circumstances, Kaspian. Has anyone told you you’re very creative when it comes to introductions? Because you… sure are,” and very cute. Besides the point… There are many cute students you could totally have a crush on at your new school Katie, this was not the time for that.
Those last words came out quieter, calming down from such a traumatic moment. ”I’m Katherine. Katherine Burton, otherwise known as the simple girl who was just on her way to school… And I shouldn’t be thanking you,” finally a soft smile appeared on her lips when she shook her head and looked away in the direction he came from. ”I do get many heart racing scares, thanks for your concern.” That smile stayed as she looked back at him.

Being speechless is not something that often happens to Katie, but today was just a weird day. Remaining silent began when he started laughing at her? Everything seemed fine, she was finally back to normal… Why was he… What did she do? She just wanted to be nice - Oh… Nothing. He wasn’t laughing at her, okay… That wasn’t the end of it unfortunately. It only continued with his story she was actually hoping she would get and this time she was silent because she, oddly, could relate to that. Not to almost getting with someone’s wife and running away from them part, and not the cleaning pool part but she had to give it to him - good job. Why wasn’t she doing something like that? He must be payed well… Oh, yeah, she wan’t a dude. There was just something… about him.

Now there was a soft frown on her lips when he told her about having to find a way to get back home and then asking her if she was okay. ”I’m fine, it’s fine, really… I’m just glad I’m alive.” Katie quietly added. ”Since you, in a way, kidnapped me, I don’t really owe you anything but I think this the part where I offer you help… But I don’t think I could help you. I could…” reaching to unzip her bag, she continued. ”I don’t know where you live and I don’t… have much on me but you could catch a bus. That’s… all I can really do, and I’m kind of… Late for school.”



Valentine’s day

Ari yawned as he started talking about her not hearing what he had said. Her mind was in a total different world, she was not pretty to listen to his dumb rantings. Talking about pretty, what color should she dye her hair to? Ari was thinking maybe red or light brown, blonde was definitely a no, she didn’t want any banana colored thing on her hair. When it looked like he was done ranting, Ari looked up towards him- she hated how he was a little taller than her, though it was just a little thank the heavens, he was just 5’6. Furthermore, what was he even talking about again? Right, something about the teacher and the door or something, wow he was really passionate about the door being locked and how she came in. “Are you done?” Ari asked raising a brow, “I’m obviously not the one that left the door unopen Adam, so I know this might seem a little to intellectual for you, but ask the teacher?” She said in the most ‘duh’ tone the ever was. “You can still see me through the door window - whatever. Also, the only dumb@ss here is you for actually wanting to school early.” Ari couldn’t help but laugh, what they said about Elizabeth was true, he was a comedian. Ari laughed covering her mouth with her face, and with a smirk looked into his eyes, “Wow your comebacks are honestly the best, i’m literally sobbing now because Elizabeth retorted that fcking stupid comeack.” There were many reasons why at times Ari came early, and obviously someone like Elijah wouldn’t understand and she knew that especially when he looked at her in an unbelieving tone when she said she at times came early. ‘probably thought she liked everyone’s eyes on her when she entered.’ which was true (part of the reason at times she came late) but still, do not perceive her. And I do actually think you would come to school early just to bother someone. Ari rolled her eyes, “Well, surprise surprise I wouldn’t or at least come early to bother someone like you She sneered at the last part. People nowadays were really fooling themselves into thinking Ari would fit into the little box they made for her, well newsflash she doesn’t. Yes, Ari came early to put ‘things’ in the desk of people she hated but no she never came early just to start a fight with anyone or really bother with people like Elijah, that was reserved for afternoons or times when it wasn’t 7 in the fcking morning.

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They stoped by Tsumuji’s locker, and Artemis waited patiently as she opened her locker. Artemis stepped back as books cascaded out of the girl’s locker. She bent down, handing the books to Tsumuji. She had opened her mouth, and she held up a finger. “You don’t need to ask. I’m helping. Do you want them in a certain spot?”
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The frown Jordan gave for the mention of Jezebel was mirrored by Sadie but for a completely different reason. Did she hallucinate the whole wedding or something? No, no, she can’t have - so then was he hallucinating now or something? “They’re okay, Jordan, and of course they are co-” She began, exhaling as at least that was one thing he had remembered and she could properly respond to. Well, that was until the mention of Kyra. As in, a four year old Kyra. “Wha- I-” What was she supposed to say? Sadie exhaled, looking up, dreading the answer to this question as she finally knelt back down beside the hospital bed. “What do you thi-… what year are we in, Jordan?” She slowly asked him, before the answer brought on too many questions and things to say, Sadie had no idea where to even begin.

“Jordan, no, wait, we’re not- you- Kyra’s not- and Jezebel, she’s your–” Before Sadie could finish her sentence, a nurse approached from behind her, stepping in and excusing them both to Jordan before leading her out into the corridor. “Miss Monroe, it seems the head injury has resulted in memory loss; and unfortunately you all have to let him remember everything for himself, as telling him will confuse and may cause high levels of stress which may worsen his condition,” She said, Sadie listening as her own stress levels began to raise. “But I- Jezebel-” She lowered her voice so she didn’t go against what she just told her to do while Jordan remained in earshot. “He has a wife, Ma’am, a pregnant wife who- she’s about to walk in, I- how- what–?” “I’m sorry, you have to let him remember for himself…” Sadie stepped back, a step closer to the room again, a step back in defeat. Because, what was she supposed to do now?

Sadie did all she could do, which was walking back in. It didn’t take long, though, before Jezebel appeared at the door, Sadie looked across at her. “Jezebel, he-” Though her focus was only at Jordan, and so Sadie just stood back and looked down at the ground as she approached him.

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Embry took a deep breath as she listened to Daiane, trying to calm herself down. “Don’t ‘Bee’ me.” She snapped, losing whatever control she had just gained. The nickname was one that she usually loved hearing from Daiane, but right now, hearing it hurt. “Not telling me the whole truth was lying, Daiane. It’s called lying by omission.” She returned, unable to see that she was maybe overreacting and not even realizing how public this dispute was. At the moment, the only people she was aware of were her and the girl standing across from her.

She listened to Daiane insisting that nothing between them was faked and she knew that she was telling the truth about Embry being the one to engage on Halloween. She wasn’t sure what to think of her revealing that she had planned on completely avoiding her that night. “Maybe I was but need I remind you that you were the one who asked to kiss me?” She returned, her glare challenging Daiane. When she asked her question, she wasn’t sure what she was expecting as an answer but hearing her say ‘I don’t know’ hurt. As Daiane kept going, Embry kept fixating on those three words as she listened. “I want to believe you, but I don’t know if I can.”

“I don’t know what to think!” She exclaimed, her anger and frustration finally revealing her internal conflict. She ran her hands through her hair in frustration, looking up and blinking as tearing began to form in her eyes. “I really don’t-” She stopped talking as her voice broke.

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Valentine’s Day, a day simply like all others in Logan’s mind. Sure, it might be different if she were in a serious relationship, but seriously, who has time to jump through all the hoops for it. If a relationship happens and starts to develop naturally on it’s own that’d be fine, but she sure didn’t have the time or energy to go out trying to get into something. Which left Valentine’s Day as just a day where everyone else seemed to go a little crazy. Though, it was a day that brought certain little things to mind, things from long ago, about family members, but none of that really mattered. That morning, she left the apartment, the apartment which she was currently staying in alone, since Ricky decided that he was going to stay with Fin temporarily. Fin of all people, come on Ricky you just had to take it that step further to go be with him? Surely it couldn’t have been a surprise that Logan did not like Fin at all even before that. Whether he would be coming back or not, still wasn’t clear, but either way it was certainly frustrating. She tried bringing up the situation with his family twice, once because he wasn’t thinking it through, and even though Logan knew she was the last person who should talk on that, she could tell that even with the situation, the Montoyas clearly care about Enrique, and he should stop and think about that. The other time, was simply because Diego was constantly bothering her about talking to Ricky and she finally said something because she was tired of the messages from Diego. Nevertheless, for the time being, she had the apartment all to herself while Ricky was staying with Fin.

Speaking of Fin, why the hell was he looking for her while she was on her way to class? This was certainly far from her ideal morning. She had no choice but to stop in her tracks as he blocked her way. “What is it this time Fin? I’m trying to go to class, because you know, not all of us can show up late because our dad is the dean.” She crossed her arms, looking at him. This was such a waste of her time, but it didn’t matter how much of an egotist he was, she did her best to remain civil. Though that was difficult when she wanted nothing more than to knock the smug look he always had right off of his face, and not just in a figurative sense. Wait… Civil, keep things civil, Logan. Don’t let that temper get the best of you. Logan couldn’t entirely hide an eye roll at him commenting about her not having a date to Prom. Prom was still weeks away, so what did it really matter at this point. If she was going to have a date, either someone would ask her by then or she would find someone she wanted to ask. If she didn’t end up with a date, then it wouldn’t be a big deal and she would go solo, just so she wouldn’t look back one day and wonder what prom would have been like. Whether or not Fin’s father had told him to make sure someone went to prom with her didn’t matter, the idea of Fin being responsible for who her date would be was absolutely ridiculous. “At least he didn’t tell you to ask me to be your date. I’m not sure how well you would’ve handled the rejection if you went through with it. And you can tell your father that I am plenty capable of taking care of myself, date or no date. Is there anything else? Or did you just come to tell me that you told your dad you wouldn’t do what he wanted you to do, when it’s my life and I make my own choices?”

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From: Karen
To: Maxon
I really like you

That was the message she sent the day before Valentine’s. With shaky hands she put down her phone. I guess it was time to be more bold? Plus she could always say someone hacked into her account if he responded. And looking through her instagram messages her friend really wanted to date Ives so she decided why not give him a note to date her? But unfortunately when the news broke out about him dating Clara only for points, she felt guilty about that. I mean, what if he actually went on a date with her friend and never told her. These thoughts zipped through her mind as she got ready for school. Ah, Valentine’s day. A day where you can get asked out. Or not like her. She couldn’t remember the last time she did. She definitely daydreamed about someone coming up with an extravagant promposal, or Valentine’s gift for her. Seeing bright, pink balloons stretch across the hallway. Curious faces surrounding her and her prince. And the surprise bubbling up in her body. “A-are you serious? This is for me?”
"Yes! of course!’
but reality would always set in. After driving to school, she tried to look for Clara but couldn’t find her so instead she went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

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Whoever said love is in the air was a liar. It was Valentine’s day and Eryx definitely wasn’t feeling the ‘love in the air’ or at least the romantic type. Meh romantic love was kind of overrated (except if it was his parents of course) he could never really imagine himself falling in love and being so into a person. Telling them daily they were the sun to his moon, the peanut butter to his jelly, the feather to his bird and other cringe stuff like that. it just didn’t seem like him, if people were into that, that was them but that wasn’t Eryx. His parents have always told him that’s his saying this now but when’s his older- nah, sorry to his parents but he has already had his life planned for when he’s older. When he’s older, Eryx just wanted to live a nice life filled with hookups and adventures in his penthouse or mansion with his second cousin; Gaston, his sister (to make sure she has no boyfriends till she’s 30) and a dog or two or even a cat. He didn’t want to have kids, one was enough, his sister or younger brother could continue the ‘main’ Astor family tree if they liked, but Eryx definitely wasn’t.

“Hades! Major fashion disaster” His sister said barging into his room like she owned it. Eryx gave her an annoyed look

“What’s that look for?” His sister asked clutching 3 outfits she brought to her close to her chest.

“Don’t you know how to knock? I could have been changing”

“Are you not smart enough to close the door when you’re changing?” before he could retort, Madeline cut him off with a “Anyways, fashion disaster. Me and my friends are going out to this place for Valentine’s and I don’t know what to wear. Like should I wear this or this or this?” His sister asked showing him 3 different outfits.

Eryx gave her an incredulous look, “Since when do you come to me for fashion advice? Isn’t mother around?”

“Mother says she’s busy and I should ask you.” of course she did, Eryx rolled his eyes.

“Just wear whatever.” his sister frowned “Wear whatever? Do you know that if I wear whatever the shame i’ll be bringing to the family? to my friends?”

“I seriously doubt either of those outfit choices would bring shame to anyone.” He responded in nonchalant tone.

“Just fcking choose” his sister growled annoyed. Eryx rolled his eyes


“Thanks I hate the green so i’m wearing the white.” He swore one of this days- “Happy Valentine’s day bruh” his sister leaned to give him a hug.
“Same to you”

Eryx arrived at school, wearing his usual sunglasses as he stared at the entrance of the school. The school was decorated with heart shaped balloons and confetti’s, how ugly. Eryx thought looking at it. It was Valentine’s day not shoving love wherever he went day + the design was tacky, he would have expected better from a school filled with millionaires and billionaires but he guessed with money doesn’t mean they knew how to design or dress properly- he could clearly see that from the students in his school, except for him of course. His sister disappeared from his side with a wave.

Hearing sounds, Eryx turned around to see what it was. Oh it was Embry with her girlfriend or ex. It looked like they were arguing, after what Daine or whatever her name was again did he bet that was the case. Moreover, just because Emrby was a family friend didn’t really mean he cared, it was none of his business and he knew how to mind his business unlike his cousin and the other girl that was staring. He had better things to do anyways, he thought as he walked away.


Valentine’s Day is usually Lenora Foley’s highlight of the year. Everyone knew that her high school life consisted of being in and out of relationships, and so annually she had always been in one on the day it mattered. However this year wasn’t like the others. An impact of Blue Royalty, as Lenora should have expected, among many other effects the game has had. Her relationship with Elio Esposito was extremely up in the air, and, since the news of a probable pregnancy he caused, Lenora currently had no intention of trying to mend that. Hence, the first single Valentine’s Day.

But regardless of relationship status, Beryl Heights made sure it wasn’t a day to go ignored. The corridors Lenora walked down were filled with every kind of decoration remotely red or pink. Even Blue Royalty, for that matter, managed to write a post with the same romantic theme. Well, kind of. With the Blue Blood win weeks prior and the new post mentioning him now, Elio hadn’t been present in her life, but he certainly had been on Blue Royalty. But she didn’t look too much into whatever he was being accused of doing, “Happy Valentine’s Day, J,” Lenora told him with a smile, after looking up from her phone and seeing him stood by her locker. After a pause she broke into a laugh, “I’m kidding, Happy Birthday,” She said, pulling out a small gift bag for him before slowly looking back up at him. “So, do you have a–?”

Though almost within seconds of approaching JP, her - as well as almost everyone’s - attention was drawn to the person who had just walked into the building. Lenora had physically stop her jaw from dropping when she realised it was real and she wasn’t just imagining Harrison Miller standing metres away from her. Needless to say, her conversation with JP was cut abruptly short. “This fvcking–” She said under her breath, “I’m sorry, I’ll be-” No, she couldn’t finish that for JP who still stood there, Lenora didn’t know how long it was going to take. Lenora made sure the bag for him was in JP’s hand, before immediately advancing towards him, her eyes staying on him the entire time. Lenora pulled him by his shirt into the nearest empty classroom, only letting go when his back had hit the wall of it. “What- how are you here- why are you here?” Lenora exclaimed at him, not even knowing where to begin. Though as soon as the initial shock passed by and she actually looked at him for a moment. Sure, there were some differences in him; a few inches taller and a haircut, but it didn’t disguise the undeniable sense of familiarity - almost nostalgia - he emitted. “Harry, what happened? I thought you were- I don’t even know,” She said to him quietly, her features softening as Lenora couldn’t deny the concern she had built up over time.

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