Blue Royalty: New Blood

When Athena had said they would never do what Elijah had done, Luna had winked and giggled. Yes, you heard me right winked and giggled. “Of course not darling, you’re better and hotter than Elijah was. Elijah was just” Luna paused trying to remember the reason she even liked Elijah in the first place- oh right. Elijah had a weird personality and for whatever reason that had made Luna gain a crush on him. He was funny and Luna thought he was nice as well, but she guesses not. “Elijah was just a phase. And a jerk.” She giggled as she said the last part running a finger through her hair.

Have you ever been fully naked with someone inside a jacuzzi? Have you ever been pressed closed to the person you were naked in a jacuzzi with? Well Luna hasn’t, well at least not until now. The fact Luna wasn’t even sober enough to processes what was happening is just- sigh Athena had complimented the sparkles in Luna’s eyes and usually Luna would say blush look away and say thank you while having doubts in her head but this wasn’t usual Luna was it? Luna let out a giggle, tucking strands of her hair behind. “I wished I had a hair tie.” She said coming closer to Athena, "So I can put my hair in a ponytail and you can see my eyes clearly. Luna giggled, “And also so I can see yours.” Luna winked.

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The stiff body language and subtle eye roll that Clara showed as soon as she realized that Karen was talking to her was something she knew all too well. She was always somehow surrounded by people like this and would take the hint and move on somewhere else, but Clara for some reason bothered her the most. Before she starts small talk, she figured it would be best to let something off her chest that happened months ago. Besides in order to get used to the fire she had to feel burned first. “You know, i’ve actually never really spoken to you…well after the Ives situation…I’m seriously sorry about that.” Yes that. The Valentines situation that she had probably already forgotten about. Karen’s posture straightened to show that she was truly sorry and not joking.

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“She’d actually take you up on that, just because.” Leon admitted, laughing and rubbing his temple. He noticed the immediate change in Hyun-Ae’s expression when he mentioned his mother-in-law. Before he could question her about it, she continued to speak and he nodded when she asked him if he remembered someone his uncle had told him about years ago. “Jinjja?” He reacted when she revealed that the person her father had been talking about in that story was Myung-Hee.

That’s what he said.

What he was thinking was ‘sh-t’.

He was well aware of the resentment his wife’s family held towards the company that fired her mother and the manager of her former group, which was apparently his uncle. They’d even forbidden Yeong-Mi’s brother from auditioning for that company when he was beginning his career as an idol. “Think you could maybe not tell your dad that?” He asked her. He knew that he couldn’t keep this from him forever but he knew that he would rather Dae-ho hear it from him.

He nodded as she advised him to give it time. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He agreed, even though ‘giving it time’ was the last thing that Leon wanted to do. He didn’t like giving things time. To him, all it did was allow for things to worse and he really didn’t want to think about all the ways this situation with Persephone could go wrong. “Anything new and exciting in your life?” He asked her, clearly attempting to change the topic.

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Jinjja? - Really?

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“Who’s asking?” Adonis answered, which made Destiny sneer with a scoff. Of course he would say something like that first because he most likely wanted to hide the true number. Then he decided to compare his relationships with the Montoya’s, an obvious deflection since they have huge relationship problems that the whole school could see. Destiny rolled her eyes and unknowingly splashed some water in Adonis’s direction.

“Oh yeeah…the Montoya’s, nice try comparing yourself to them. Everyone knows they’re a hot mess right now. That still doesn’t answer the questioon I asked.” She could hear herself slurring a little, but it wasn’t that bad. She could handle it. Normally she would get really annoyed about how he was never honest in his answers and why she would never get into a relationship with him. Then think about how she didn’t want to go down that road again with another guy. Probably at this time she would start getting annoyed and rude with Adonis. Right now she was drunk which made her happier and clueless, so when Adonis told her to come closer she decided to do something “fun” (uh oh)

You know that “fun” game when the friend holds the other friend in the water so that when they flail their arms it would look funny? Well Destiny decided that it would be funny to do exactly that to Adonis as soon as she got close to him.

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Adonis chuckled at Destiny’s comments, “And I’m asking you why do you want to know so badly? Besides.” Adonis moved closer to Destiny bopping her nose, “It’s not like you would remember what I say anyways.” He teased, “Even if you keep denying it, I can see you’re really drunk Destiny.” Adonis said tucking a strand of her hair behind her forehead. Adonis chuckled at her reaction before he paused and looked at her. Destiny was truly wow, she was very gorgeous.

Look, right now Adonis was really confused about his feelings for Destiny and had decided to blame it all on the few (very few drinks) he had dranked because he didn’t think he was ready to confront those feelings just yet and from what he knew about destiny, destiny also wouldn’t be ready to confront anything, if she returned his possible feelings. Adonis didn’t want to put her in that situation because it would also be putting him in that situation and unlike his username suggest Adonis didn’t really know how to deal with relationships. He has only been in one or two serious romantic relationships his whole life and as you guessed it was fcked. Truth to be told, the reason for those relationships not working out was that Adonis was really never truly interested and only went out with them out of friendliness, but that was a topic for another time.

Destiny had for some fcking reason decided to dunk his head in the water and once Adonis got up he didn’t know how to react. Well he did, in his mind he was currently deciding between anger, shock, betrayal, laugh it off or two of this reactions. “Destiny what the fck was that?”


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“YOU FCKING ASSH0LE” Ricky screamed watching his dad’s car drive away with Annie in the back. What the actual fck was wrong with his father? No seriously, who the fck does that? ON PROM NIGHT. Honestly, thank god he wasn’t related to this sh!t show of a family. With a grown, Ricky walked towards his convertible getting in and driving at speeds far higher than he should have, up until, of course, he had arrived at the station a few minutes after his dad.

Well… most people could guess how that bs ended - with him arguing with the officer in front to let Annie out but nooo she was still being processed. Ricky was on the other side of this situation enough times to know that meant nothing - most police officers would question people without them knowing that they HAD THE RIGHT TO STAY SILENT. Here’s hoping Annie was smart enough… well… to not say anything. “Fck you, I’m calling a lawyer.” Ricky snarked at the woman, and grabbed a seat in the waiting room as he did just that… and then the worst part… waiting.

It had been a whole fcking hour, one hour of him calling a lawyer and them telling him they’d be there in a few hours. One hour of him being bored to death and disgusted by police station coffee. And, finally, one hour of Ricky finally catching up on what the hell was going on with the blue royalty post… and well… none of it was good.

The lines Ricky kept reading:

What the fck did that mean? How was that even true? Ricky knew he was adopted - he found that sht out a while ago and it fcking turned the entirety of his world up side down. But Diego? It had to be a lie. It had to - Blue Royalty was just fcking around to mess with them. Ricky knew he was adopted, he double checked. Diego - nope. Can’t be. It’s bull sht… right?

Also - there was this part in the post that pssed Ricky off.

Suffice to say, Quinn better fcking run, because if Ricky ever saw him - that man wouldn’t make it out alive.

What the actual fck was going on?

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Malachi Azure

Kai had so many regrets, his life was filled with them. He had spent his entire life trying to do the right thing, but it seemed as if nothing would ever be enough. That is, if his efforts to do the right thing didn’t backfire on him. For the entirety of his teenage years, he put himself through hell, put up every wall he could, just to hide the real him, all to do what felt like he had to in order to help the people that mattered to him. That’s where the snowball effect started. For years, he kept the real him locked away inside, only to go through so much pain, to fail in every possible way when it came to anything he cared about, anything that let the walls crack and facade fade. He couldn’t make up for the mistakes he made, but nothing seemed to be enough to keep from making more. He didn’t know how to keep living with all of the regrets. At this point, Kai was begging to not add yet another weight on his shoulders, to have one thing in his life that he could do right and be enough for. If Kai was being honest, he knew that everyone was better off without him. No matter how hard he tried, it didn’t seem like it was possible to be everything he needed to be, not for everyone. Everything he did went wrong, and Kai knew there was no way to recover. Meeting his daughters, it was selfish, but he needed it. It didn’t matter if they even knew who he was, he just wanted to meet them, to know he saw them knowing who they really were.

The whole situation was frustrating. He didn’t know how to feel about any of it. Anger, disappointment, sadness, guilt, and so much more. Some of it, towards himself and his own actions, some for everyone involved, and the rest simply in general, towards the universe for his life turning out this way. He didn’t even know what to say to Jess in response to her words, but he didn’t have much chance to respond anyway as that was when a slight vibration began. Nearby objects started to rattle, and there was only one reason why. Earthquake. It didn’t matter what was between them anymore, the first priority in that instant was to make sure Jess was safe. As much as Scarlet was on his mind, it wasn’t necessarily safe to go run and find her. It was better to find her once it was over. For that moment, his focus was on Jess and helping make sure she was safe.

Certain that Jess was alright, and knowing where to go to find the children he had never known about, Kai made his way to the person he most wanted to make sure was alright. She saw him first, and once he saw her he bent down to her level as she ran into his arms. “Daddy” she said with a slight sniffle. Kai held his little girl in a tight hug, not wanting to let go of her. He lightly kissed the top of her head. “I’m here, it’s alright. You’re ok, I’m ok. We’re both ok. I love you.” He kept her close, hearing her slightly muffled response, before pulling away just enough to wipe a few tears from her cheeks. “I love you too, daddy.” After a few minutes, he looked at his little girl, sure that she was doing better. “There’s somewhere I have to go, some people I have to check on, do you think you’re big enough to stay here without me for a little while?” Kai didn’t want to leave his daughter, but at the same time he didn’t want to bring her out there just after that earthquake when things could be chaotic, and finding his other daughters was something best done alone. He didn’t want her out there if things got messy, but he knew she would be safe there. When she gave a slight nod, he knew she would be fine. “I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Cerulean high senior prom, certainly not somewhere Kai expected to find himself again, especially not after 20 years. Though, it was far from the most surprising part of the situation. He turned down a hallway, only to come face to face with someone he never imagined to find. For a couple seconds they stood there, staring at each other, equally shocked, but then she turned to run back the way she came. Kai hurried to catch up with her. “Cas…” he began, but she stopped in her tracks, turning towards him with a cold stare.

“Don’t you f^^king dare.”

“Wait, we all thought…” he tried, shocked to find her there, not sure what to say.

“You thought I was dead. And let me guess, you were worried about me. Well you can all just go f^^k off.”

“But…” she barely let him get a single word in.

“Just stop f**king lying to me, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of you, and sick of everyone else.” Kai had hardly begun to open his mouth in protest when she snapped. There was no hiding the fire in her eyes, she was angry, and there was nothing he could do. “Shut the f^^k up.” Kai hardly had a second to process her movement, and he didn’t realize what was coming until it hit him. “It” being her fist making contact with the left side of his face and jaw. Pain radiated from the impact, and despite her size, there was no denying she had a solid right hook. “Say one more word, and you won’t like where I aim next.” She paused, just for a mere second to see that he understood. “Now leave me the f^^k alone. Forget you saw me, and stay out of my life. Better yet, forget I even exist, and get the f^^k out of here.” She glared at him, as if waiting for him to respond or try to stop her, before she turned, quickly making her way out of the hall.

All Kai could do was watch as she left him standing there. How the hell she was there, he had no idea. He never imagined finding her in Beryl, especially not like this. It was a surprise, but even that wasn’t enough to push him away from the priority at hand.

He had to find Paige Pierce, and Annie Williams. As soon as he knew they were in Beryl, at prom, Kai knew he had to look and see if Blue Royalty had said anything about them, which was how he knew that Kiara was Annie. Paige and Annie, daughters of Anna Pierce, though who their father was, would be something not even Blue Royalty knew. All that mattered, was that Kai knew who they were, he just had to find them.

The senior prom appeared to still be reeling from the aftermath of the earthquake and everything before, but Kai stopped when he overheard a part of a conversation. They were talking about Annie. She had been arrested.

Every minute seemed to take things further from anything Kai could have predicted going into the night. It was only a matter of time before he found himself walking into the police station. He wasn’t going to let them just keep her there, but soon came the question of his connection to her. He knew she didn’t know him, and he knew she had a family, and someone who was undeniably a good man for a father even, but all Kai could answer was, “I’m her father.”


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Was Quinn causing a disturbance? Yes, yes he was. Did he know that he was likely making things worse for himself in the long run? Maybe. At least on some level he knew what he was doing was wrong. Was he still going for it anyway? He sure as hell was. So much in his life may as well have been a dumpster fire, and Quinn just wanted to see everyone burn right alongside him. He was angry, and the one person he had always been able to count on to bring him back down to earth, wasn’t there. He knew if his sister were there when he did something like that she would have been the first person to march up on that stage, grab him by the collar, and drag him off stage. She would yell at him, call him an a^^, and tell him needed to shut his mouth, but she wasn’t there.

A teacher tried to grab the microphone from him, but Quinn wasn’t having it. It took security showing up to finally get Quinn off the stage. Though, even that wasn’t by choice. The grown men had to grab Quinn and force him off stage, only to be disciplined by the dean. Why the hell did he have to be there at senior prom? Did he really have nothing better in his life than to spend the evening watching teenagers? They weren’t children, they shouldn’t have to have that kind of supervision, but clearly it was another reason for prom to be a bust. Quinn knew he was about to be thrown out. He expected it from the moment he began his little speech.

What he hadn’t expected, however, was that Amelia Taylor-DeLoughrey herself would take it upon herself to try and come to his rescue. He didn’t need rescuing. They could have thrown him out, and Quinn wouldn’t have cared. He was over prom. Quinn kept his mouth shut as he turned and started walking away, only to be followed by Amie. He didn’t stop until after he reached the hallway and felt her grab his arm to pull him back, saying how Finch wouldn’t want him being this way. “Well Finch isn’t f^^king here, is she? And why the f^^k do you even care?”


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“…I’m her husband”

Play - Parachute by Kyndal

Flashback - 2036


Jordan’s eyes glazed over, seeing the girl in front of him. He froze; what… what the hell was he even supposed to say? He wasn’t… it was 11 PM on a Friday night… he just… didn’t expect to see her. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise - they both lived in Beryl… well… usually. Jordan traveled quite a bit but since the divorce, he had been… more of a homebody than anything else. And… from what he read about Jezebel, she traveled for her company with Parker Industries. So this… running into each other… he just… didn’t expect it. Not that she hadn’t been on his mind… with his life turning out the way it did, all he had was the ability to reminisce and the memory of her often joined him. “I…I… I… god I’m so sorry, I was just stuck in my head.” Jordan let out after a few seconds of staring.

It didn’t take a genius to realize what she was staring at - Jordan didn’t exactly look like himself. There were dark circles under his eyes after days… weeks… hell, months of barely sleeping. Well… could anyone blame him for that one? Sleep was just hard for the past year or so. Back to his appearance, there was a rugged, unkept beard that Jordan had no energy to shave. And his clothes… well… at least it was cold so he could hide the fact that he was basically wearing pajamas out - a large coat adorning his appearance.

“Hey…Jordan. It’s okay… honestly don’t worry about it. Were you just headed out?”

He felt his heart quickening at just… hearing her voice for the first time in years… in person, that is. He had seen interviews with her talking to news reporters about where her company was headed. Jordan could never hide the smile that met his lips seeing her so… in control. Jezebel Parker knew who she was, and she looked happy. Not to mention, her smile only grew whenever she was with her boyfriend - an actor from what he remembered. Look… Jordan watched a lot of TV okay… not much else to do when you confine yourself at home.

“Ye…yeah. Just a late night coffee run, I… couldn’t sleep.”

“That makes two of us. I have a PR issue I need to deal with. You know Daniel and his crazy stunts.”

“What?? Daniel? I can’t imagine him ever getting into trouble,” Jordan replied, a small smile making its way to his lips as he joked with her… feeling almost natural in the response despite the nervousness he felt about standing in front of her.

“Sureeee you don’t. It’s honestly an every-week occurrence. I actually thought I was going to have a break this week, and then he gave a random intern at Kimmel a Parker Phone that’s not supposed to be released for another year and a half… At least he didn’t blow the interview up, probably because Valerie was doing an interview after him, but now I have to deal with dozens of investors asking why we released the phone early, and… this is too much information, isn’t it? I doubt you want to know about…”

“No…no please go ahead. I never mind hearing about Dan messing up.” A chuckle left Jordan’s lips at how comfortable she got… talking about all of this with…him. Maybe it was one of the things he loved most about her - the way she could talk to him about anything. Even… if their situation was… different than before.

“Do you want to go inside? It’s a little cold out here and they have a really good hot chocolate… on me for bumping into you.”

“You… sure I don’t want to bother…”

“Trust me, you’re not bothering me Tink…Jez… Jezebel Sorry… I’m not sure what…”

“If anyone’s allowed to call me Tink, I would say you are.”

Flash Forward 2 Months


Jordan ran to the other side of the room, throwing a decorative pillow in Jezebel’s direction. “I’m starting to like this look, I think… yeah I think I’m good Jez.”

“You look like a hobo. We’re shaving the beard Jordan. Anyways, you lost the bet, meaning we shave it off.”

“HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? As a great friend, I wanted to trust Daniel and say that he wouldn’t make fun of Dorian on live television…”

“Clearly you put your trust in the wrong person, now. Sit down in the damn chair and let me shave it off.”


“No buts, sit down.”

A joking frown met his lips and after an exaggerated sigh, Jordan walked to the bathroom and sat down in the seat that Jez had set up. It had been like this for the past few weeks… them becoming… friends again. One conversation in a coffee shop that lasted… way longer than it was supposed to… like… they were up until the sun came up. They did, of course, get thrown out of the coffee shop at 1, which ended up with Jordan inviting Jez to his place to work some more since she still had to finish up her work and his place was closer… and her… making fun of his place being a mess… which it was because he had no motivation to clean up but… but it was good. It led to Jez leaving for work and then showing up again in the afternoon to help fix the place up which ended up in them having a little dance battle as they cleaned up. It felt… good… for the first time in months, Jordan felt normal.

After that day, the two of them just started hanging out more often. Jordan missed her… he really freaking missed her. There was such a long time that Jezebel felt like the person who knew him the best and though that time was gone, a part of him understood that she still knew him better than most people… and he missed that feeling.

Over the past few weeks, Jordan had felt better than he had in a… really really long time. He felt happy again… even if it was just to have a… friend… back in his life.

“I’m closing my eyes,”

“You do whatever you want to do, but this beard is coming off Jords. And after this, I’ll finally convince you to release a new song.” With that, He felt Jezebel gently put shaving cream on his chin, and involuntarily he felt himself hold his breath. Not really due to the anticipation of the blade… but more the feeling her touch gave him: the slight flutter in his chest. Though, it was a flutter he had been ignoring since the day he saw her - after all… she had a boyfriend and she was happy. This was just… she was just a really good friend.

“The beard can come off, but I don’t know about the rest of that sentence, Tink” he responded after a second, feeling the blade gently on his skin.

“Come on Jordan, how long am I going to have to keep begging you? You have hundreds of songs scattered in that living room. Trust me, I’ve seen them and I’ve heard them, they’re amazing. You can’t just keep selling them to other artists without getting any credit.”

“I just… I can’t do it right now Jez. It’s not the right time.”

“… fine. I won’t push, but I will convince you sooner or later.”

To that, Jordan didn’t say anything. He just… didn’t have the heart to say anything. A few days ago, Sadie had released a new song Sue Me and it was amazing… but it brought the spotlight back onto Jordan to release a song in response. The last thing Jordan wanted was to add fuel to the fire - it wasn’t his place. This was Sadie’s time to shine, and Jordan would support her from afar as much as he could.

“Okayyy open your eyes,”

With that, Jordan’s eyes opened finding a clean shaved… him… looking back at him in the mirror. He looked… well… like himself again - and honestly, he was starting to feel like it too.

Fast Forward 4 months


Opening the door to Jezebel’s house, Jordan walked towards the kitchen immediately. The two of them coming over to each other’s house nearly… every day had become common place over the past few months… though it was usually when the kids were gone meaning that Laurel was currently in school. It wasn’t really for… any bad reason - it was simply an agreement that Jordan and Jezebel had made to keep their kids out of their friendship for now… especially when it was now Jordan’s turn with his kids and it just seemed like something not worth messing with. Plus, Jez had revealed that Laurel was having a hard time with male figures since her dad hadn’t called for a few months due to being on a photography trip in Africa without much internet connection in general.

For now, it seemed, Jordan and Jezebel’s friendship was just for them and, on that note, Jezebel Parker was currently sick - hence the soup. Grabbing a bowl, Jordan moved the sup from his container into hers before walking upstairs to where Jezebel was… what could be best described as half awake.

“Hey… don’t come near me… you’ll get sick too.”

“Tink, I’ll be fine. I don’t think anything could make me as sick as your coconut dessert made me - so this doesn’t even hit the top ten. Now come on, I brought soup.”

With that, Jordan took a seat on the edge of her bed, grabbing the warm bowl and blowing on the spoon before bringing it to her mouth. What? Jez was sick. It wasn’t… anything else… no… right? “So, is this better or worse than the time you had chicken pox when you were 11? Annnd you had to spend the next few days with Dan complaining about every little thing because he had it too?”

He heard a weak laugh from Jez before she took another bite “Better… because Dan kep…kept asking me to scratch his back before ordering his maids to scratch when I said no.”

Jordan chuckled before giving her another few bites, before placing the bowl on the night stand when she shook her head.

“Well at least it isn’t that bad… I brought something.” And with that, Jordan grabbed a scrap book that had “JEZ AND JORDS” in misplaced letters. It was something the two of them made when they were children - technically Jez made when Jordan wasn’t feeling his best. His dad had sent him to school and told him to stop being a whimp which ended up with him sitting in the back of the class sniffling every few seconds because of his runny nose. The class was working on scrap books that day and Jordan was… well… not. He was a little too busy watching everyone while laying his head down before Jez took a seat next to him and started making one for him.

It was a small gesture, but it was something he really appreciated and… well… since then, the two of them just kept adding to the scrap book… even when they started dating. Adding pictures, memories, and whatever else they wanted to.

“Want to go down memory lane?”

“You still have that?”

“I never had the heart to get rid of it… it reminded me of… you.”

Fast Forward 2 months

Laughter filled Jez’ house among the music as the two danced to Jordan’s new song - one that he only had the heart to write with Jezebel’s encouragement. It hadn’t been released yet but he… wanted to show Jez first. Spinning his… friend, Jordan brought Jez back towards him - his left hand on her waist and the other in her hand as the music finally came to an end. His heart was racing with the dancing… or maybe it was racing because he was near her. And that’s when… well… Jordan felt this urge to close the distancr. Time felt like it stilled as he looked into her eyes, and all he knew was he needed her… wanted her. He found himself slowly bending towards her, and he found her doing the same… but both of them were brought out of the trance with the ringing of her door bell.

Jordan cleared his throat as he took a step back . “I…I thanks… um… for listening to the song.”

“Yeah…yeah of course Jordan. It was… it’s great you need to release it. Let me… go get that.”

He watched as Jezebel walked to the door, and the minute the door opened, he found Jezebel off her feet. A man walked inside, grabbing Jezebel and instantly spinning her around with the words “Hey babe. Miss me?” . It took Jordan a second to realize who had just walked in… but with the flowers in hand and… way he soon kissed her… it didn’t take a genius to realize. With his heart dropping, Jordan walked towards Jez’ computer grabbing the flash drive with the song. With that, Jordan walked towards where Jez and Chase were catching up - so entranced in each other that they probably didn’t even realize he was there. Grabbing his jacket, Jordan made his way towards the exit. “Hey… you must be Jordan?”

“Hey… yeah… sorry I didn’t introduce myself I didn’t want to be a bother. I was actually just on my way out… Jez…Jezebel thanks for the help. I’ll leave you two to catch up.” He didn’t look at her… but with those words, Jordan walked out, a fake smile adorning his lips as he closed the door behind him. Jordan knew he should be happy… but why was it so hard to be?

Fast Forward 3 months

It wasn’t the same… for two people who had been seeing each other nearly every other day… things… changed. After Jezebel’s boyfriend came back, she was busy… and he understood. Jordan found himself reverting back to the way he used to be - staying at home, alone… especially with his kids being with Sadie. The song he wrote stayed unreleased… despite begging from his producer to release it. He remembered the text he had gotten from Jez a few days ago asking about it… and all he could say was that his producer had told him to wait a little longer. What else was he supposed to say? That he was a coward?

Don’t get him wrong, Jordan had spent some time with Jezebel and Chase… and he liked him for her. Chase… made her happy… something he could never do, not with his past. The three of them had just gone out for drinks a few days ago… drinks meaning Jordan told the two of them to drink as much as they wanted since Jordan didn’t drink. Though, he noticed Jezebel had chose not to drink too while Chase apologized for the invite since he didn’t know that Jordan didn’t drink.

Right now, Jordan was doing what he often did: sitting down at his piano, playing a tune as the rain outside added to the ambiance. His eyes were closed… his mind filled with Jezebel as words came out of his lips.

Who knew
I’d be falling like I am with you
Heart’s up in my throat that’s what you do
Love is pretty scary when it’s true

It was a song he recently sold to an artist, and the girl was going to release it in a few hours… but the tune was just… stuck in his head. Until, of course, he found himself distracted by the light knocking outside. Who… the heck was coming to his door in this weather?

Making his way to the door, Jordan opened it – freezing when he saw Jezebel standing there in the rain. “Jez… oh my god… get in here. You’re going to get a cold.” Jordan opened the door wider, but he found her simply staying there, unbothered by the rain as her eyes remained on him. In a somber tone, she finally started talking. “We broke up…. Well, he broke up with me because he asked me if I love him as much as I love you and I couldn’t say yes because… honestly, I don’t think I’ll love anyone as much as I love you, Jordan.”

Once again, Jordan found time slowing, his eyes on Jez as those words left her lips.

“And I know it’s stupid because you don’t love me like that but I don’t think I can…”

Jordan didn’t give her a moment to say anything else, because within an instant, he found himself taking a step forward and his lips on hers.

Present Time

“Hi…” Jordan whispered, looking at his two daughters through the window. For the past few hours, Jordan had been running between sitting with Jezebel who was currently passed out, to sitting with his daughters… to being with his son who was in the NICU. Jordan’s entire body was running on overdrive - with his memory coming back… to learning from the doctor that one of his children was currently in critical condition. It was… a lot… and most of the time, he just wanted to fall apart but he knew he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t let the memory of how he treated Jezebel all these months break him… because if he broke now, he couldn’t be there for them.

“I wish I could hold you… but even though you’re okay, the nurse told me that you’re too small and your mom should be the only one to hold you… and I want your mom to hold you first… she loves you so much.” Jordan knew they couldn’t hear him but… he needed to talk. It was maybe the only thing keeping him sane right now. Daniel had called him an hour ago for updates – despite already knowing everything because it was Daniel. Well… maybe besides the fact that Jordan had his memory back. In any case, Dan would be there as soon as he could so for now, it was just him.

Despite being in his own head, he found his attention now on the nurses that had entered the room making their way straight to his daughters… why… were they taking them. “Mr. Williams… your wife is awake now. Would you like to go see her?”

And there was his answer. His heart started racing, and he didn’t even give the women a chance to speak as he ran all the way through the hospital to where Jezebel was… ran… well… until he reached her door. He had gotten there before the kids had… and part of him was scared to go in. What was he even supposed to say with the way he had treated her? I’m sorry just… didn’t mean as much as he wished it did. All he knew… however… was that he couldn’t just keep standing outside her door.

Knocking, Jordan opened the door and looked at his wife who… well… looked pale – likely in response to hearing that one of their kids were in the NICU. “I…I’m… thank god you’re okay Jez,” the words came out in a whisper as he walked over and made a movement to wrap his arms around her – though stopped when he saw her flinch in response. He wanted to say something… but he didn’t get a chance before one of the nurses walked in with their girls. “These two would love to meet you, mom – if you’re ready to hold them?”

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For the first time in a long time… things were finally good. Well… good should be taken with a grain of salt. Things were good in the sense that Elo and Riker had decided to put everything behind them and just… not talk about it… at least not yet. Riker had told her it wasn’t the right time, and honestly, it wasn’t. The two of them had just made up because their baby girl was in the hospital, and since then, they just hadn’t brought the other issues up. Which… in retrospect, wasn’t terrible. Riker was sleeping in his own room again - his arms around his wife every morning. They talked… they laughed… they played with their baby girl and annoyed their son who was getting to the point of saying “Mooooom, daaaad stoppp it” - which was always a fun age. Things felt normal… besides the large hole in his heart because he was avoiding talking about the elephant in the room. But… what could he say? Things just… kept coming up like… like the way he had to chaperone his teenage daughter’s prom. No… he was NOT avoiding a conversation… totally not… After all - IF HE DIDN’T TERRORIZE HIS CHILDREN, WHO WOULD? And yes, did he drag Andy and Dorian with him to keep him some company - yes yes he did.

It was… honestly a pretty good distraction. I mean, he already started the terrorizing when JP and Diego came to his door to pick up his girls - though sadly, Phoebe told him that he couldn’t… rude. “ALRIGHT BOYS, you ready to mess with the kids?” These were the first words that left his lips when he had both Andy and Dorian in his grasp. Yes, Riker did make all three of them meet in the parking lot so they could strategize. “Okay okay, if anyone kisses my girls - we embarrass them? Got it? ONE TWO THREE SPAN OUT.”

“Riker stop being a kid,”

“Never, Dori. You should join me, it’s soooo much more fun than being an adult. Anyways, have you given any thought to letting me have one of your new kids? I promise I’ll be an amaaaazing dad. I mean, I’ve already had 4 and I’m rockin it.”

“You’re not getting my kids, and if you call this rocking it, you’re out of your mind,”

Riker put his tongue out as he walked away from Dori who soon found himself in conversation with VC, and in his place, Riker was looking for his daughter who SHOULD have been here by now. WHAT WERE YOU DOING PHOEBE AND AMIE? Actually no - Riker was not going to question that. Not his place - he’d done worse things by the time he was 17… trust him… that time at the strip club made him a lot of money but he probably should not have been there on his business ventures. He just wanted to do a little magic mike showing okay :frowning:

Walking towards the stage, a soft smile met Riker’s lips as he recalled himself being at prom so many years earlier. He wasn’t even supposed to be there… but Jordan was coming back to Beryl, and well… it’s not like Riker had much to do besides watching out for his best friend. And… well… he knew Elodie was Jordan’s “date” and for a while he falsely believed that she was the one who had broken his heart at first… but that actually wasn’t the first time that night he had seen Elodie.


SHT SHT SHT HE WAS LATE. Look, it wasn’t Riker’s first time being late to a concert, but this time he could 100% say it wasn’t his fault. Okay… maybe it was a little his fault… but not… fully his fault. OKAY LOOK THAT CHOCOLATE CAKE AT THE AIRPORT LOOKED REALLY GOOD, HE DIDN’T REALIZE THERE WAS GOING TO BE A LOT OF TRAFFIC.

Anyways, he was here. Yes, he was… finally here. Riker’s guitar was strapped to his back as he sped in his motercycle to the prom… getting lost a few times because look, he wasn’t from Beryl okay. Anyways, he’d made it. Placing his helmet on his bike, Riker ran inside - seeing Jordan clearly getting ready to get on stage. Sh!t. “EXCUUUUSEE ME” Riker yelled between the people, though he found his body gently brushing against someone. “SORRRYYY” Riker called out, not looking back until a few seconds later - but when he did look back, he found… god she was gorgeous. She was already turning back so she hadn’t seen him, but… that girl… Riker needed to talk to that girl. There was just something… about her. But right now… he needed to get on stage.

End of Flashback

His heart was racing… why was it racing? Was it racing? Or was it just aching? For a few seconds, Riker stayed still… unsure of what that all meant… and then, a second later, he found himself walking towards the exit with a sense of purpose. He knew he should stay at the prom - he was there to bother his kids, but the reality was that he just wanted to watch out for them.

That, however, didn’t stop him. Soon enough, he found himself driving back - at a speed faster than he should have to go home.


“Is she single?”

The joking words left Riker’s lips, though he wasn’t really paying attention to who Jordan had brought backstage: a girl only known to the band as his date, Elodie DeLoughrey. All he knew was that whoever she was - he needed to keep her away from Jordan. If this was the girl who Jordan had been pining over for years, in Riker’s mind, she was absolutely no good for him.

He was far too distracted in putting his guitar up at the current moment, however, while the rest of his band mates surrounded her, hugged her… whatever else. Once he was done, Riker turned - a goofy smile on his lips as he saw Jordan first. Riker was clearly waiting for a response to his question, but laughter emitted from his lips hearing the “Nope, not for you” that Jordan replied with. “Hey how come I get singled out?” Riker added, though, with these words, Riker finally saw the girl Jordan was standing next to. It was her… the girl he had bumped into… and the girl who seemed to be crowned prom queen… something Riker knew because he had been staring at her as she danced with the king. What? She was kinda on his mind since he bumped into her a few moments earlier. “I am”

He couldn’t help the soft smile that met his lips at her words… she was? No… what were you doing Riker? She’s… the girl who hurt Jordan. Don’t get drawn in… don’t. But how come he couldn’t drop his smile?

End of Flashback

There he was… standing outside his door. How was he supposed to do this? He found his heart racing more than it was before - likely in anticipation of what was going to happen. However, after a second, he couldn’t stop himself. He found himself opening the door - finding Elo sitting in the living room watching TV while Lexie was probably asleep.

“Why… why’d you leave me? Why… I just… I don’t get it. I… what did you mean when you said all of that? Why Elodie?” and he found his eyes tearing up as he looked at his wife.

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Even though she was supposed to be upset with Hera, again, Daiane found a peal of laughter tumbling from her lips. It was funny how easily they were able to take down her defences, even when the defence was up for them. Almost as if Hera, even after all of this time, could always see through them, always see the her she sometimes wanted to hide. “Like you aren’t still serving with this cute lace top and shorts look you’ve got going on,” she replied, eyes dancing. “The slay never stops when you’re Hera Zhou!” Dai added with a light laugh, an easy grin curving her mouth upwards.

Although Dai had resolved to keep silent for Hera’s explanation, she couldn’t help the protests that immediately bubbled up at the mention of her task-based relationship incident. “I–that, that’s different,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. It was still a sore subject, the insult to injury compounded by her earlier interaction with Embry herself, and part of her resented Hera for using it as a comparison. “Like I didn’t really lie, I just didn’t tell the whole truth while you… you, um…” She blinked, before pushing a resigned sigh through her lips. “… Okay maybe it’s a little bit the same,” she reluctantly acquiesced, realizing as she tried to justify her actions the similarities between her own reasoning and Hera’s. She rubbed the back of her neck, trying to subdue the flush of embarrassment creeping up. “But… okay, you told me that you guys broke up because you weren’t compatible, which, yeah, that’s the same as the relationship being toxic, but you also told me that you guys dated only for a month? The month being after our, um, the, ferris wheel thing—” her cheeks were burning at this point, but she soldiered on, “—but, was that, um…” Daiane paused, gathering a grounding fistful of her dress in her palm as she looked up at her prom date. “HerawhenyoukissedmewereyoudatingAri?”

There was nothing about Hera’s mannerisms to indicate that they were lying, so Daiane chose to believe them, though that choice came with its own rain of shame for her initial doubt. Would there come a time in which Daiane would fully trust Hera’s intentions without worrying about being hurt again? She hoped so, but a deep, deep part of her could not let go of the hurt that burrowed itself into her all those years ago. “I believe you, I’m sorry,” she rubbed her arm. “There’s just been a lot of emotions tonight, with Embry and everything and—I just felt a little blindsided.” Guess that’s what Bee must’ve felt like on Valentine’s, she thought to herself, a little suddenly. It caught her by surprise, and she had to forcefully redirect her attention to Hera, who was right next to her, and who was opening themself up and being vulnerable. She waited quietly while they spoke, her heart breaking with every word, then pulled them into a tight hug once they had finished. “Hera…” Silent tears slipped down Dai’s own face, ones she hastily wiped away before Hera could notice. She didn’t want Hera to misinterpret her crying as pity, because truly there was no real reason for her to cry, but anything that hurt Hera hurt her. No matter how Hera tried to conceal it, she knew them well enough to know that they did hurt, and the extent to which they did; it was as if Hera was lying with shards of glass in her, and as Dai tried to take them out, she was inadvertently cutting and impaling herself on the shards. She had her own shards too, and so she had experience with glass, but that didn’t stop it from hurting. “…you know I’m the same, that I don’t like talking about… my dad… and stuff, so I didn’t forget, but, weak? The only thing I forgot was that you don’t see yourself as I see you.” Daiane pulled back from the hug, but she kept her hands on Hera’s shoulders, staring into their eyes, the distance between the pair very limited. “You didn’t ‘let’ anyone do anything to you, okay, it was stolen—ripped away from you. And you rebuilt yourself anyway, even without having those missing pieces, and look at how tall you’re standing now, Her, even with everything and everyone trying to screw you over. You, are the strongest person I know and there’s nothing you could ever say to me that would ever change that.” A pause. “And Gladis can go f*ck herself with a f*cking chainsaw.”

“I want that, too.” Daiane looked up at Hera, a gentle smile slowly curving her lips. “Good,” she said softly, eyes flitting away again. “'Cause I would be very unokay if I ended up losing you again—this time, as a friend. Either way it’d suck for sure, so like let’s not, okay?” As she wasn’t looking their way, the hug caught her by surprise, and by the time she realized what was happening, it was over and Hera was apologizing. Her brows knit together, a scarf of confusion. “No such thing as an unprompted hug,” she said, a smile on her lips as she watched them. Daiane held her arms open, waiting, and it wasn’t long before Hera had fallen back into her hug, the two of them holding tight.

If there was one thing Daiane could do, it was recognize when her own tactic was being thrown back in her face. Hera was not subtle, regardless of what they thought, and this completely random topic change that had absolutely nothing to do with their previous subject had not gone unnoticed, not at all. However, Dai could see that Hera desperately did not want to speak about this other mystery factor in their breakup, and so she let it be, figuring that she should let Hera tell her when she was ready. That was just what they’d been talking about, after all. “Well, how much is a lot?” She asked as she pulled back from the hug. “Is it a lot a lot? And do we trust her date to get her home safely if she’s wasted? 'Cause of course you don’t want to just step in all big sibling-like and ruin her date, but if it’s important for her safety, then I think she would thank you in the end.”


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“God Quinn, can you just get your freaking head out of your ass for one second and think about what you’re saying? Seriously? You can’t… use that excuse to derail your life every time. You can’t keep saying Finch is gone, so it makes all of your bullsht okay. Yes, you’re right, she is gone. Finch is never coming back - but she wouldn’t have wanted you to turn your life into a train wreck. Maybe when she was here, she could help you get out of the sht you get yourself into but she can’t anymore. So you want to know why the fck I care? I care because she would have wanted at least one of us to care about you, Quinn. And clearly, you won’t do that so I have to.” With that, she pushed Quinn’s chest - feeling utter frustration with the boy in front of her. What the hell was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he see that the sht he did hurt more than just himself? Even self-destructive tendencies had casualties - and his were hurting more people than a few.

She was going to say something else… even though realistically it would just flow over his head. However, she found her attention being drawn to her phone a moment later - and hearing a stream of phones in the other room she knew it could only be one thing: Blue Royalty. Giving the man in front of her one last look of utter frustration, Amie pulled out her phone and unsurprisingly, she found a post about… well… the whole Quinn debacle. “See what I mean?” she mumbled, though her heart dropped at a few places during the post. Kaya’s “pill-popping” being one of them…

The other, of course, being one about herself… and her sister… noting something Amie never wanted to get out. The fact that Amelia had taken Phoebe’s SAT exam… sht. She felt her heart racing… knowing that this little fact was going to get… them into… some issues. Immediately, Amie posted a comment - making sure that her stance was clear - the fact that the poster was incorrect. . “You slept with Isabella? What… why would you hurt a ki… you know what? What is the point of even asking you? I thought Ricky was one of your closest friends - why the hell are you pushing every single person who cares about you away? It’s not like you have that many to freaking begin with.” Maybe part of the comment was to keep the attention away from her… but… well… the question was also valid.

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It was funny - once upon a time, Jessica would never look at Malachi Azure the way she looked at him now. However, that time was long ago. Now, she couldn’t imagine looking at him any other way: filled with confusion, frustration, and pain. In a way, she knew he felt the same way about her - the pain likely being stronger than anything else - especially after finding out exactly why she left him. Part of her could still remember the day her sister told her she was pregnant… and those words had followed her until the moment she had told Kai that she couldn’t leave that wedding with him. No matter how much part of her wanted to leave with him that day, the thought of her sister’s pregnancy remained in her head… and she just couldn’t say yes.

She was waiting for a response… some clever fight to get information out of her: after all, if there was something she knew about Kai, it was the fact that he was good at manipulation. However, before he even had the chance, Jessica felt the trembles all around her. Sht. Her mind was instantly on her children, and - if Kai wasn’t in the room pulling her head down under a desk with his arms around her - she probably would have risked it and ran downstairs without a care in the world about her own safety.

The earthquake only lasted a minute… but with her mind on her children that were downstairs alone… it felt like forever. The second it ended, she allowed Kai to help her up - ignoring his questions about if she was okay as she made her way downstairs. The first thing she heard the instant she had made her way to the kitchen was Aidan - who was sobbing in someone’s arms. “Hey hey darling, shh, it’s okay. You’re okay darling… look, you have twooo eyes, and two ears, and a… oh where’d your nose go… did you lose your nose?.” Jess mouthed thank you to the woman who was trying to console him as she got her little boy in her arms. Placing a kiss on Aidan’s cheeks, she rubbed the boy’s back before continuing. “Ohhh there it is, let me just put that on quickly,” Jess muttered, pretending to put his nose back on and kissing it. “See there’s absolutely nothing to cry about… you have everything here,” Jess smiled, watching as her son stopped crying and started touching Jess’ face. “How about you make sure mommy has everything while we go look for your siblings okay?” With her son now calmed down, Jess quickly walked outside - though relief filled her body seeing her husband with his arms wrapped tightly around Ethan and Grayson. Shay and Zoe were sitting next to him, and it looked like Shay was hugging Zoe so she’d stop crying - though clearly, that wasn’t working. Running towards her family, Jess dropped beside Dorian - instantly wrapping her free arm around Zoe and Shay as she looked over at her husband with a confused… though thankful look that he was there. “Is everyone okay?” she looked at him, and clearly, he had the same question as she found his eyes on her with a worried expression. “I’m okay love.” Jess mumbled before looking over at Zoe who was crying the loudest… probably because her dad wasn’t holding her but hey, he was a little preoccupied with both Ethan and Grayson in his arms. “Hey darling, it’s okay,” Jess whispered, moving her hand from around Shay and Zoe so that she could wipe her tears… let’s just say her other arm was occupied by Aidan and he was clearly not going to let go anytime soon. “There’s no need to cry… I know that was scary but you and Shay were just having so much fun dancing and the world wanted to join in and show off its dance moves too. I’m sorry it scared you.” Jess whispered, kissing her daughter’s head.


“Yep, just a little shake here… and a little shake there.” Jess whispered, tickling her daughter so she’d laugh a little, before wrapping her free arm around her to give her a hug. “Are you okay, baby?” Jess whispered, looking at Shay who nodded with a “Y…yes mommy” - and hugged Jess too - though she saw Shay’s eyes watering - clearly being strong for her sister while she could. After a few seconds of hugging her kids, Jess turned back towards Dori before grabbing Ethan out of his arms. The two kids were crying before - probably disrupted by the shaking, but they were quickly quieting down with their Dad’s attention.

With Ethan in her hands, Jess finally found her eyes moving towards Kai with his daughter - though, Jess had only caught the end of their interaction… and with one last look in her direction… he left… leaving his daughter standing there. “Shay, Zoe. Can you two go play with your new friend? Stay out here where I can see you okay? I’ll be right there,” And with that, Jess watched the two kids reluctantly leave their parents towards where Kai’s daughter was standing.

Turning back to face Dorian, Jess saw Aidan had now taken a seat in his dad’s lap, hugging his father. “Are you okay Dori? How… honestly I don’t even care. Thank god you’re here.” Jess whispered, bringing her hand to his cheek.

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Unfortunately it’s Hera again

Their dry humor responded fast. “Thats so true, I love girlbossing.” Then, Hera kept silent, letting Daiane realize how similar their situations were on her own. They didn’t want to rub it in her face.

Of all things, H never would have expected that question from Daiane. “I-“ They paused, trying to think about how to explain. “I don’t want to lie to you, so, yes. Don’t feel bad, though. You have no reason to! And it’s not that I have this compulsive cheating problem by nature, or that you were just one of those girls I used to get what I wanted. I just- whatever.” They deflected again.

“Yeah, I get that. I can’t believe they exposed you for the clinical trial! I ignore a lot of Blue Royalty’s dumb drama but they can’t say anything about you. It’s different. You don’t have to respond, because like you said you don’t like to talk about it, but I just needed to get that off my chest.” They assured her, then processing the end of what she said. “Wait, what?”

Wow. Hera reflected. To have Daiane, the one person she always made her mission to protect and keep safe, tell her that again, after all of those years. It was like rain in a desert. Rain who’s absence had stopped bothering them after it had been gone for so long, rain that they could not lose again. Because Hera has heard that stuff from doctors getting paid to be nice to them, their parents who have to love them in order to not make her somehow more traumatized, but from Daiane. Daiane who owed her nothing, Anne who she kissed on the Ferris wheel but was still their friend after all the hardships. Anne who knew all of her weaknesses was the one person who could call her strong.

“Thank you. That truly means so much to me…” They wanted to call her something cute, but couldn’t. The person shrugged it off, pulling themself closer to her and then looking into her eyes again. Just one look into those pools and they were drowning. Abruptly, the breeze swiped Anne’s little loose hair strand into her face , Hera wanting to get rid of it so they could look at her again. The person tucked the piece behind her ear and chuckled lightly, not really bothered by the intimacy.

Later, she teased, “Not for you, goofball.” as Anne welcomed her back into the hug.

H didn’t know what to believe when Dai actually went along with their distraction. Had that actually worked? One side of her thought, Hell yeah it did, it was easy. since Hera’s point was pretty mundane and not completely unexpected, but the other also knew that was no a smooth transition at all. Plus, Dai was the queen of effortlessly changing the subject to something irrelevant and random. And it takes one to know one. Although, they weren’t just gonna expose themself in case she actually didn’t notice.

“I don’t think it was that bad, but I’m still worried about her. She’s with her lil boyfriend, Eligma Morgan again. Plus his other lil boyfriend! And it turns out he was being fake to her the whole time!! Probably because he wanted to check having a threesome off of his bucket list or something stupid. But Sammy wouldn’t. Wellll…” Hera eyed Dai, who also knew their sister well enough to know she was definitely capable. “Sammy wouldn’t with Elijah. I hope.” They swallowed, starting to get a bit more nervous as Daiane stared at her as she spoke. “And then there’s Persephone who you know all about ¡similarly to everyone! because she just got up there and explained her most nightmarish of problems to the entire school and I have to help her solve them or at least I should but I also don’t know her? But she’s my sister. But- Why didn’t you fight when I said we were over?” The question slipped out.

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Hyun-Ae grinned. “I’ll definitely text her about getting tips. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” She said, rubbing her hands together and doing a villain laugh. Leon reacted with surprise when she told him about the issue with Yeong-Mi’s mom. “Trust me. I’d rather eat kimchi than tell him. You know how much I hate kimchi.” She said, face screwed up in disgust. She nodded when he said he’d give it time. “I know you want it over with, but confronting her will make it worse.” He then changed the subject, which Hyun-As was more than happy with. “Well, prom was…eventful. During the earthquake, I went full survival mode and dragged my date under a table. Well, better than debris falling on us. Before the earthquake, things were going well. I-I definitely have a crush.” She admitted, cheeks flaming. This was embarrassing. Hyun-Ae had never had a crush before, as her head was always stuck in a book. She was clueless, and didn’t like that one bit. Maybe she could find books at the library.
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As Richard realized how late it was, and he checked his phone, he saw a missed phone call from his mother. Instead of calling her he sent her a message saying he was all right and that he was going to pack now. Elijah left and Richard wanted to follow him but he remebered he needed a few things from his room. However, Elijah left pretty quickly which was reasonable enough, but he forgot he was the one to drive the others, so even if Richard and Sammy realized Elijah started his car they would never reach him in time since it was only a matter of seconds before he was gone. A lot of things on his mind made it cluttered and in his brain fog and dealing with these emotions, it escaped his mind that he was the one to drive them here. Richard packed and called his father to tell him of the surprising outcome of him having to pick him up from a hotel. As he left with all his things, his clothes now back on him, his hair fixed, his phone in his pocket and his coffee in him, he saw Sammy standing outside alone and thought it would be nice to offer a ride to her. He approached her and said “Hey … erm … Sammy, do you maybe need a ride? My dad’s picking me up and he wouldn’t mind driving you as well. Just give him the address and bob’s your uncle.” He offered her a cigarette before she aswered, he held a pack with two of them sticking out so she could take either one. There were a few cigarettes missing so there was some room for the lighter which, of course, was jammed in there. “Fancy a fag?” He asked, forgetting he isn’t home where that question would sound normal.

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It was an inevitable sight to see, Annie Williams in a prison cell. Well, a holding cell. Same difference, it wasn’t any less confining and alone. But maybe she should get used to it in here; people had no reason not to blame her for Finch’s death. Minimal motivation to look for evidence against her - because what a waste of effort that would be, how long before she actually did do something to bring her back here? She trusted herself as little as everyone else; so the simple answer probably would be not long.

Only a few hours into being sat in the holding cell and her mind was already spiralling. Though she thought of Finch, while she would initially be laughing her @ss off at the sight of Annie here, she probably would be doing anything to get her out. She didn’t deserve a friend like Finch. ”I’m sorry,” She said quietly to the visualised Finch in her head, as if she was sat in the cell with her. For a moment she wasn’t alone. ”I could have stopped it, I’m sorry, it is my fault,” Her eyes closed. ”If you can… hear me? My dad, I think there’s a part of him that died, that I killed, that maybe will never come back, that remembered me, and Jezebel as his wife, and everything now,” Annie took a long inhale and exhale to barricade a breakdown. ”Tell him to come back, we all need him to come back, I do,” Her voice still quiet, now becoming shaky. ”And if he can’t… will you tell him that I’m sorry?” Both hands raised to cover her face, confirming to herself that maybe in her head would be the only way to communicate again with the Jordan she knew. Maybe he was just as gone to her as Finch.

It wasn’t much long after Annie’s one-sided conversation that an officer came to open her holding cell. The words ”You’re father’s here, let’s go,” were ones that she did not expect, and to hear them made her sit up immediately. Finch, you work fast. Though if he really was here, Annie had to prepare herself for a big cut off by him, and for this time to perhaps be the last time she saw him, if that’s what he understandably wanted. But at least she’ll be able to say sorry through the medium of speech rather than just thought. Fvck, she was actually going to be able to do it.

Clearly all necessary paperwork had been done to get her bailed out, as Annie was led straight back to the station, and the officer left as she entered. But she looked back at the door the officer had just closed, was her father behind it? It came to her surprise that Paige had come as well as Ricky, though in that moment they weren’t her focus as there were more important things she needed to do. Despite the attempted interactions from the two, Annie pulled away. ”Where’s- ?” She interrupted herself when she noticed that the third person in the room had been looking at her in a way that hinted he wasn’t a stranger. ”Who’s this?” There was too long of a pause for it to have been anything other than what she was thinking. She looked at Paige. Surely. Not. Back at the stranger. Apparently. So.

Some sense of humour Finch had up there. This is not the father she was asking for.

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After Elijah had left, Sammy felt broken in two. Their situation tied her tongue and then turned it inside out knowing that although he had hurt her, he also had to leave. For some reason, she was also beginning to realize that she had not been remotely surprised to find out he hated her guts. It just made her mad. Maybe it was the fact that hearing the truth over and over again as a mere suggestion was torment, but accepting it was worse. Picture perfect Sam who was adopted but practically as a baby, had parents who were always busy but provided her with all she wanted and more, loved- but from a distance. None of her struggles really meant anything to people because at the end of the day she looked picture perfect.

Truthfully, they didn’t really bother her either. She learned to deal with her problems in a healthy manner. The girl was very fortunate, lucky even. To be taken in by such a wonderful family, to see the world up close -and not be punished for it-, to smile outside of the pictures, too. But there was one thing she resented. It made her boring. Since she everything set out in front of her, Sammy’s only responsibility was to go with it’s flow. She was “so chillllll.” Always the ocean, never the sun above it, not the moon. Not even a star! But he made her feel like something.

“He was the only person who really saw me.” Sammy didn’t bother to answer his question, filled with a quiet grief. She didn’t want to go home, anyway. Oh wait, he said something, didn’t he? That’s what he said. “Sorry, and it’s okay. My parents are coming to pick me up later.” The girl said dryly, responding out of responsibility. Later, she accepted his cig, just assuming what he meant. It seemed pretty common sense. She took a drag, looking up and away to blow the smoke. To much surprise, no coughs. “Thank you.”



Daiane’s face fell as Hera spoke, a little sigh pushing through her mouth. Even as Hera tried to reassure her, she couldn’t help the sinking feeling in her chest. They insisted that she wasn’t just another girl they cheated with, but, well, if it looks like sh-t, and smells like sh-t… you don’t need to taste it to know it’s sh-t. Although Dai is a very affectionate person, her affection always meant something; her hugs were strongholds of comfort or greetings that said, “hi you! I love you!” and her kisses were professions or reminders of her love and adoration. So, for Hera to kiss her, a tiny part of her had thought that it must have had some meaning to them… but it seemed like the only meaning was that Hera wanted to escape her relationship, and didn’t mind using Daiane to accomplish that. That hurt more than she had wanted to admit, like an aching pang deep in her chest. “‘You just’ what?” She asked quietly, wanting to understand and wanting to be told that it wasn’t what it seemed like. “You kissed me to get back at your ex? To feel better? What—I don’t, get it, Hera. …I thought you—” Dai paused, regarding them with dim eyes. “Nevermind.” Daiane hugged herself, rubbing her arms as if from a newly felt cold.

Dai knew she couldn’t ignore things forever, but, hell, would she sure like to. There it was again, the mention of the clinical trial. It was true that she didn’t want to talk about it, but a large part of her felt like she owed that much to Hera. They had been so honest with her up until now; maybe it was her turn to be a little vulnerable. “The trial…” She closed her eyes firmly, fighting against the tears that already begun knocking at her eyelids. Dai wanted to say something, but her words were needles in her mouth when they were usually rivers, and all she could feel was a piercing agony. What could she even say? The tears had already begun to stream before she opened her eyes, her vision watery. “I didn’t–” A sob broke past her lips. “I just wanted my dad, I just wanted my dad, I just—” Her head fell into her hands, her cries becoming wracks that shook her whole body.

Later, when her tears had all dried up, she reminded Hera of who they really were—not who they thought they were. “Anytime,” she murmured, a little smile pulling at the corner of her lips. Dai slowly removed her hands from their shoulders, but they didn’t move back; just the opposite, in fact—they seemed to move closer. Her breath caught in her throat as Hera reached towards her, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. The intimacy was startling to her, and she shifted, avoiding Hera’s gaze as a blush seared her cheeks.

She welcomed the rambling change of topic, bouncing off of Hera as they went on. “Hera, how much of this is actual, rational worry and how much of it is your protective big sibling worry? Cause Sammy isn’t stupid, so I’m sure she’s got a hold on things, even if we don’t like this ‘Eligma’.” Dai laughed slightly, nudging at Hera. “We don’t like Eligma right? I mean, fakeness is definitely a negative point for him, plus the other boyfriend thing—but maybe they’re in a poly relationship Hera and everything’s totally consensual! If Sammy wants to try something new, she should go for it. Sometimes new is good,” she added, a tad wistfully. “Yeah, Persephone—” Dai started, but was quickly cut off by Hera’s overlapping question, one that caught her utterly by surprise. "Why didn’t you fight when I said we were over?”

“Why didn’t I—what?” Daiane repeated, dumbfounded, any taste of laughter drying up in her mouth. “Fight?” What was with them and their steadfast grip onto the past? Finally, she was beginning to feelcomfortable with them again—and she was glad, as she treasured their friendship—but they always wanted to talk about their past relationship, as if it wasn’t just that—past. They decided to end things, not her, so how come it sounded like they were blaming her for their relationship ending? Here’s what Dai remembered: her heart shattering, ripped from her chest, left to bleed on the floor; the dark pain of being abandoned, deaf to reason; her tears and her pleads and her final goodbye, strong, after which she crumpled and fell and broke. Here’s what she knew now: their patronizing “for your own good”; a promise of change; now this rehashing of past wounds never quite healed. What good did it do? “I was very upset about it, Hera, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Daiane’s word were soft, but their edges were hard, holding an unusual firmness. Bitter thoughts ran amok in her mind, but she held her tongue, hoping Hera would just drop the topic like flaming coals.


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As they both lit their cigarettes, he noticed how sad she was and decided to comment on it. “Why so sullen, Sammy?” then he realized how he just came to this school barely knowing anything about the two people he was just in bed with. But then again, they didn’t know him eaither, and still, even thought they were all in a treesome together, he noticed how there was some tension between Sammy and Elijah and because of it they didn’t bother asking too many questions about Richard. He thought it was great not having to share things about his old life, and because of it he didn’t notice the tension between his two partners until just now. He turned back to Sammy and said “I’m sorry if I’m overstepping, you don’t have to say anything.” He knew himself he doesn’t want to say anything about himself in the past, so why should she feel obliged to do the same. He leaned onto the wall and took a drag of his cigarette. "Damn … " He said, trying to move the concersation to some other topic, so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for her to answer, nor so it would turn into a weird silence. “I bought these fags just now, but I so preffer to roll mine. You know my parents don’t really care for them, of course, but they’ve helped me with … anger and anxiety and to just get things into control. Do they do the same for you?” He asked.